Relaxing day on green tea It is difficult to find another one of the samea controversial topic, overgrown with myths and fairy tales, like unloading days on green tea. Information on it is more than enough. And, unfortunately, most of them are not only incorrect, but also dangerous for health. Let's see what the unloading days are, what they are and why we need them.

Types of fasting days

According to the medical classification of unloading days, they are as follows:

  • carbohydrate (sugar, fruit, vegetable);
  • fat (based on sour cream, cream);
  • protein (dairy, curd meats or combined: meat plus vegetables).

Along with this,recipes, organized on the basis of juices, broths, teas. If we talk about the latter kind, then deservedly enjoys a fasting day on green tea. In many respects this is due to the useful properties of this magic drink. So, in China and Japan it has long been believed that tea prolongs life, improves the work of the heart. In general, he is able to heal. The countries of Europe also recognized this drink as extremely useful. The main thing is to know your norm and do not drink liquid every five minutes along with a cake or a cake. Unloading days on green tea

Benefits of green tea

  • The drink excellently invigorates, tones up and gives strength. By the way, it will perfectly replace your coffee;
  • A few cups a day will ensure the prevention of cardiovascular diseases;
  • Antioxidants included in the composition, will increase immunity and prevent early skin aging.

Well, and nutritionists of the world responsibly declare,that a fasting day on green tea is able to help you get rid of extra pounds and, most importantly, keep the weight you need. Four such days (of course, a month) will be enough to feel excellent. Unloading days should be properly aligned and correctly, because only in this case they will be able to properly benefit the body. First, there are several options, each of which has its advantages. What is better to choose? It all depends on your preferences and goals. So, you can use only green tea. Or make small snacks. A couple of handfuls of dried fruits (dried apricots, raisins) or fruits and vegetables can complement the drink. Try this day to get rid of urgent business, household duties and relax as much as possible. Ideally, you will devote the weekend not only to unloading the body, but also thoughts: welcome stretching exercises, meditative practices, or you can just devote time to yourself. The main thing - your body should rest as much as possible. Do not forget that such a day is a decent shake-up for our body, so do not engage in power sports. the right day for green tea

How to use green tea

If you want a day of loadingexclusively benefit, responsibly approach the issue of choosing a drink. Prefer the leaf, preferably packaged directly in Sri Lanka, and also devoid of additional components. Do not buy tea products in bags. Get high-quality bottled water or clean the chlorinated with a filter. Correctly refer to the brewing of tea: the water temperature should be no more than 80 degrees Celsius. If you have purchased a quality drink, then for sure it can be brewed up to three times. The correct sheet will give a taste and each time open with new faces. But do not use the brew for a week. It's easier to stand a day on green tea if you follow the rules clearly. So, for example, you need to consume a large amount of liquid (from one and a half to two liters). Drink should be drunk in small portions and often. Given the amount drunk, you are unlikely to need additional sources of fluid. But, if there is such a need, give preference to quality mineral water without gas. Try to choose it from the pharmacy range. Fans of such tea days of unloading know that a great drink can be brewed on milk, thus increasing its benefits. In this case, you will not be tormented by a constant feeling of hunger. But note that this type of brewing has a strong diuretic effect. Therefore, to avoid dehydration, the next day, use as much ordinary water as possible. Learning how to make tea So, what are the ways to make green tea so that it is as useful as possible? There are several options, as it can be done:

  • The tea is brewed with water and allowed to stand for 20 minutes.
  • The tea is brewed with milk and allowed to stand for up to 15 minutes.
  • The tea is brewed with water, allowed to stand for 10 minutes and then milk is added in the proportion of 50 to 50.

Pay attention to one liter of any liquidyou need a tablespoon of medicinal drink. We are unloading the body correctly Today, it is widely misunderstood that the discharge for the body can be organized by simply limiting the caloric content of the diet. At the same time, products for such a day are selected either by recommendations from the media, or based on personal preferences. Not to mention the fact that many, unable to obtain reliable information, risk their health, following the fuzzy instructions of some abstract person from an unknown forum. Initially, such diets were developed specifically for sick people. Their goal was to alleviate the condition of a person, because with the help of some products you can quickly remove harmful substances from the body. Unloading perfectly stimulates the body's defense systems. The doctors proved that these days there is a positive effect on the metabolism and course of the disease, but only on one condition: they should be arranged in conjunction with a properly selected dietary diet. But today the framework for the use of unloading days has expanded: they are successfully implemented to purify the body of toxins and as a therapy to reduce body weight. Nevertheless, do not forget that completeness is always accompanied not only by disrupted metabolism, but also by various chronic diseases. That is why try to choose the days of discharge to give preference to those that are suitable for you from a medical point of view. Caloric content of all dishes on this wonderful day should not exceed 800 kcal. The higher is permissible only for the weakened patient. How to prepare your body There is no special preparation for a day of rest. But you can reduce the amount of food the day before, and make dinner as light as possible. The same recommendations apply to the first day after unloading. Ideal option will be eating vegetables, fruits, dietary meat (rabbit, turkey, chicken breasts) or low-fat fish. All dishes should be steamed, boiled, or baked in the oven. Food - a fractional and frequent (5-6 times a day). Do not forget about breakfasts and dinners. Correctly conducted unloading days on herbal or green tea allow you to lose up to one kilogram of weight. As a rule, while observing the principles of healthy nutrition, fat deposits are not returned. It is fair to say that in most cases, women do not manage to restrain themselves after a daily hunger strike. If you decide on a fasting day on green tea, then wait for the soonest positive changes. Improving the complexion, getting rid of puffiness, improving self-esteem and self-esteem - believe me, this will be noticed by others. But first you need to understand that you are not torturing your own body, and this is not an obstacle that needs to be overcome. It is necessary to take confident steps towards a healthy body, flowering appearance and a conscious life. Do not wait for Mondays, the first figures of the month or the beginning of the year to change your figure. Let it all happen right now. After choosing the best today, you get the perfect tomorrow.