diet with chronic gastritis The most important thing, what must be paidattention in the treatment of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract - compliance with a certain diet (or the right diet). So, in particular, in addition to drug treatment for chronic gastritis gastroenterologists are strongly advised to adhere to a very strict diet. This will help get rid of many unpleasant sensations and will ease the patient's condition. If you carefully follow the prescriptions prescribed by your doctor when making the menu, this will significantly increase the chances of a speedy recovery. First you need to understand what products, and also in what form you can use. And only after this, proceed to compose a menu. After all, in each case there are indications and contraindications. Remember once and for all: diets with chronic gastritis with increased or decreased acidity may differ significantly. Therefore, to act at random is not worth it. By the way, you should not forget about the rules of nutrition in diseases of the digestive tract. So, portions should be small, food - not too cold or hot. At the same time, you should sit at the table at the same time (in order that the secretion of gastric juice occurs at certain times). This will help to avoid discomfort in the intestines, bloating and the formation of painful sensations. chronic gastritis diet

Principles of diet for chronic gastritis

Before all the tests come, and you will be puta specific diagnosis, can take a week and a half. During this period, most doctors recommend adhering to a general menu that includes a certain type of products. The dishes can be steamed, as well as boiled or baked. To reduce the irritation of the walls of the stomach, it is necessary to grind meat or vegetables in a meat grinder or blender beforehand. Various wiped soups (from dietary poultry or beef), vegetables and side dishes that do not contain starch and increase fermentation, will form the basis of any diet. In addition, the menu covers the surrounding walls of the stomach porridge. For example, oatmeal, wheat and barley. Avoid dairy products, which are the cause of the appearance of unpleasant aftertaste and odor from the mouth, the occurrence of heartburn. It is necessary to avoid bread and baking, especially with exacerbations. Most often in the diet are introduced crackers or yesterday's bakery products from white or rye flour. Those who prefer baking their own buns on their own can use protein-free mixtures that are sold in regular supermarkets. With exacerbations and recurrent pains in the stomach, sweets and other excesses must be completely ruled out. Under strict prohibition - all fizzy and sweet drinks. In some cases (with reduced acidity) a small amount of coffee or tea is allowed. Naturally, not very strong. Treatment with chronic gastritis will significantly alleviate the disease and improve the overall condition. To do this, you must follow the rule, which was mentioned above. So, during the day, regardless of the time of year and your employment, there must be at least 4 meals. In a day you need to drink more than 1.5 liters of fluid. In the diet should be 100 grams of protein and fat, about 450 grams of carbohydrates. For the production of animal proteins, low-fat varieties of poultry, such as chicken or turkey, and also lean parts of beef are best suited. At first, they are crushed, so that the food is quickly digested, and then cooked or steamed. By the way, if you or your family members have stomach problems, purchase special equipment. For owners of multivariate, a lot of dishes and recipes have been developed, which can be prepared for chronic gastritis. Low-fat fish can be baked in foil or a special sleeve. It is necessary to avoid smoked and excessively fatty foods that can increase acidity and lead to heartburn or swelling. A strict prohibition on the use of alcohol should be introduced. Alcohol not only leads to the appearance of various diseases of internal organs, but also causes an increased appetite and, as a consequence, overeating.

Approximate menu for patients with chronic gastritis with high acidity

Depending on the period of the course of the disease,nutrition with gastritis with increased acidity may vary. For example, if you get better, you can gradually introduce certain products. Or, on the contrary, when exacerbations are required to comply with a strict diet. Lowering acidity is your first priority. Therefore, it is worth choosing dishes that will positively affect this process. By the way, with intolerance of milk and dairy products, the basis of the diet can be viscous soups or soups, purees, which are prepared with different cereals. As was mentioned above, even during the day, even a normal person should consume at least 1.5 liters of liquid. For breakfast, you can cook porridge on milk or water. Also allowed to eat syrniki, baked in the oven, lazy vareniki from low-fat cottage cheese. Lovers of pasta can taste them with mild cheese. As a liquid should eat unsweetened tea with milk. A couple of hours after the first meal, you must eat. This will help reduce acidity and avoid discomfort in the stomach. Neglect lunch and snack should not in any case. It is worth remembering that the food should not be too cold or hot. Do not forget that liquid food for lunch is preferable. It is better to cook soup puree from vegetables and low-fat chicken. The second dish can consist of porridge, steam cutlets from low-fat fish. For dessert, it is recommended to prepare a berry jelly, which will gently cover the walls of the stomach. Bread is best excluded. As for the afternoon snack, it should be easier. You can cook fruit or vegetable mashed potatoes. Do not forget about dinner, as an evening meal will also help reduce acidity. In the second half of the day you should eat stewed vegetables or scrambled eggs, boiled eggs or steam cutlets. There are many options, the main thing is to show imagination and enthusiasm. Gradually, within several weeks, you can add new products, introduce desserts that do not cause fermentation. If you like sweet, eat pastille or marshmallow. Diet for patients with chronic gastritis excludes the use of grapes, dried fruits, ice cream. The first three or four weeks you will have to follow the advice of "Table 1", the menu of which was composed by dieticians and gastroenterologists. With a decrease in pain, the ration changes, and products approved for use in "Table No. 5" or "Table No. 15" are introduced. It is necessary to comply with all medical recommendations. Permitted to use products with chronic gastritis with high acidity

  • Low-fat varieties of sea or river fish.
  • Fillet of beef, lean lamb, pork and other kinds of meat.
  • Bird (chicken, turkey, quail).
  • Vegetables and fruits with low sugar and starch.
  • Low-fat dairy and sour-milk products: cream, milk, cottage cheese, kefir.
  • Eggs (no more than 2-3 pcs a day), cooked in the form of an omelette or steamed.
  • Macaroni products from durum wheat, as well as protein-free or rice pasta.
  • Cereals (buckwheat, wheat, semolina), sometimes - Fig.

You need a lot of drinking. It is best to use jelly, mineral water without gas, tea with milk. Therapeutic infusions and mineral waters are introduced into the diet after consultation with the doctor. Prohibited foods with chronic gastritis with high acidity

  • Smoked fish, meat.
  • Canned and pickled vegetables.
  • Alcohol and sweet fizzy drinks.
  • Grapes, ice cream, chocolate.
  • Sauces with mayonnaise, ketchup.

nutrition with chronic gastritis

Nutrition for chronic gastritis with low acidity

The basic principle of nutrition is the same as in othertypes of the disease. Must be divided and often eat (from 4 to 6 meals a day). And at one time it is allowed to consume not more than 500 g of products. Under strict prohibition of smoked meat and alcoholic beverages. For the preparation of soups should choose low-fat meat or poultry. After the first boil it is worth draining the water and adding a new one. This will help reduce the fat content of the broth and remove harmful additives. Vegetables before being added to the soup can not be fried and other heat treated. To increase the acidity in the diet is injected more protein. Although with a mild course of the disease and the absence of seizures, you can eat some fried foods. Cutlets (meat or fish), made without breading from flour or biscuits, are allowed. Therapeutic diet for chronic gastritis with low acidity

  • Bakery products from bran or rye flour, baked a few days ago.
  • Low-fat varieties of fish, meat and poultry, steamed, and also baked, boiled or fried.
  • Vegetables: carrots, cabbage, broccoli and others.
  • Dairy and sour-milk products.
  • Fruits, except grapes and unripe berries.
  • All kinds of cereals: buckwheat, rice, oatmeal, wheat and others.
  • Macaroni (as in boiled form, and as casseroles).
  • Eggs.
  • Teas and other drinks (you should drink not too hot, so as not to cause irritation of the walls of the stomach).

Prohibitions for patients with chronic gastritis with low acidity

  • Any kind of alcohol.
  • Cigarettes and narcotic substances.
  • Canned, pickled products, meat and fish balyks, sausages, smoked and smoked sausages.
  • Sweet fizzy drinks and any shop juices.
  • Radish, white cabbage, beets, sorrel, garlic, various spices and spices.
  • Goodies, chocolate, strong coffee, sweet tea.

If you follow proper diet whenchronic gastritis, then after a couple of months you will forget about the pain, nausea, colic and swelling. And in the autumn and spring periods you will not be seasonally aggravated. It is worth remembering that it is the gastroenterologist who can prescribe a diet. After all, only he will determine the "Table" of nutrition, which is suitable for you. This is done after a complete examination, which is carried out at a hospital in a medical institution.