cottage cheese diet Cottage cheese is one of the oldest sour-milkproducts. The first mention of it dates from the 1st century BC. Even then he was considered a "valuable dish", which should be on the table, and the rich man and the poor. Modern dietitians fully share this opinion. The main benefit of this product is due to the very high content of protein and calcium that a person needs for the normal formation of teeth, nails, bones and hair. That's why cottage cheese is very useful for children, as well as for pregnant and lactating women. A unique combination of amino acids, vitamins and trace elements make this product almost indispensable for medical and dietary nutrition. Very popular with people who are watching their figure and leading a healthy lifestyle, a cottage cheese diet for weight loss. However, here, too, you need to know the measure. Since this product is very concentrated, nutritionists do not recommend eating it more often than two or three times a week. From cottage cheese it is possible to prepare a lot of tasty and useful dishes. Cheeses, curd cakes, casseroles and vareniki are just a small part of the list. Try, for example, such recipes:

Casserole with bran

To prepare it you will need:

  • 500 gr. low-fat cottage cheese
  • three eggs
  • one large spoonful of oatmeal and wheaten bran
  • vanilla
  • sweetener
  • lemon
  • baking powder

Separate yolks from proteins. Yolks moulder with sugar replacer, vanilla, baking powder and bran. Whisk the whites until thick foam, adding a little lemon juice. Gently mix the yolks, squirrels and cottage cheese and spread them over the molds. Prepare the casserole in a preheated oven for about 30 minutes.

Casserole with apples

You will need:

  • 500 gr. cottage cheese
  • 150 gr. oat-flakes
  • egg
  • five apples

Rub apples on a grater. Mix all the ingredients, adding a little salt and, if desired, a sweetener. Put it in a mold and sprinkle a little of the oatmeal from the top. Put in the oven. After 30-40 minutes, the casserole will be ready. cottage cheese diet

Cottage cheese diets - lose weight with taste

A variety of diets based on cottage cheese alsothere is a great variety - long and express, hard and soft, with the addition of certain products - you just have to choose the one that you like best. However, if you liked the hard curd diet for weight loss, do not forget to consult a doctor beforehand. This is especially true for pregnant women. After all, they are responsible not only for themselves, but for the baby. Cottage cheese and vegetable diet One of the most popular. The course is designed for a full week. The daily ration consists of 300 grams of cottage cheese, 500 grams of vegetables and greens, which can be in unlimited quantities. Vegetables can be taken any, except - as you probably guessed - potatoes. Of course, it is ideal to eat them raw. But if desired, you can cook for a couple, boil or put out without oil. Vegetable salad is better to fill with lemon juice. There should be five or six times a day, alternating cottage cheese with vegetables. The last meal is at six in the evening. It is recommended to drink plenty of fluids. Best is mineral water without gas, green tea without sugar, grapefruit or apple fresh. If you feel that hunger has completely overcome you, then in a day's diet you can enter a small piece of boiled low-fat beef or veal and two small slices of whole grain bread. Dietary casserole is also suitable - of course, a very small piece. If all the requirements are met, the result is minus three to six kilograms. Cottage cheese and fruit No less popular and curd-fruit diet. "Works" is not worse. It has many varieties. You can choose several varieties of fruit, or limit yourself to one - as you like more. And the duration of the course may differ, depending on the menu. For example, the curd-apple diet is designed for seven days. During this time, you can get rid of two or three kilograms. If these numbers "do not save you", then conduct this course once a month, until the moment when you achieve the desired result. It is perfectly permissible to use this menu and just for unloading days. Diet diversity does not differ and is the same for the whole week. You will need:

  • two kilograms of green apples
  • 200 grams of low-fat cottage cheese
  • water without gases or green tea

Eat all of the above should be infive to six receptions. Cottage cheese and banana diet Only four days. Despite a much more diverse menu, the results will be about the same - minus two or three kilograms. The first and third days of the diet. In the morning and in the evening - a small grapefruit and about 120 grams of cottage cheese. In the afternoon - as much cottage cheese and one slice of melon. The second and fourth days of the diet. In the morning - a glass of low-fat milk and a banana. Just do not choose the biggest one. In the afternoon - boiled hard-boiled egg and one more banana. In the evening - 200 grams of low-fat meat and two bananas. Curd and yoghurt diet Already for a long time and firmly holds one of the first places in the ranking of diets for a quick and effective disposal of excess weight. Lovers cottage cheese and yogurt, they assure that the six days allocated for it fly completely unnoticed. The food turns out delicious, and almost does not feel hungry. The results are quite serious - a day "go" up to 500 grams of excess weight. However, it should be said that professional nutritionists are somewhat more skeptical. They believe that insufficient energy value - in the daily ration of only about 700 calories - can lead to fainting and dizziness. Especially it concerns pregnant and lactating women - it is better to abstain from such experiment. In addition, yogurt, as a rule, contains a lot of sugar and starch, which badly affect the skin condition and overall well-being. Therefore, according to doctors, this diet should rather be used as unloading days, rather than a six-day course. In general, whether or not a curd-yogurt diet is right for you is hard to say. It all depends on the amount of excess weight and the state of your health. The menu is the same for all days and very simple. By the way, during these six days you will have time to rest perfectly from "kitchen affairs" - you do not need to cook anything. For the entire course you will need three packs of low-fat cottage cheese and 30 jars of yogurt. It is better to buy natural, without additives. So, for breakfast - two jars of yogurt and three large spoons of cottage cheese. In the afternoon, the same thing - two yogurt and three tablespoons of cottage cheese. In the evening you can eat six tablespoons of cottage cheese, but you can afford only one yogurt. Drink allowed water without gas and green or fruit tea. Of course, sugar should not be added. Kefir and cottage cheese If you are not very fond of yogurt, but, for example, adore kefir, then most likely you will approach another way of losing weight - kefir-cottage cheese diet. Unlike the previous one, it is designed for five days. As a result of its compliance, you should lose four to five kilograms. Daily you can eat no more than 500 grams of 9% cottage cheese and drink about a liter of kefir. The daily rate should be divided into five or six receptions. In addition to kefir, during the day it is allowed to drink two cups of herbal tea. Another important point - after the kefir-cottage cheese diet is completed, you can not abruptly return to your previous diet. From the diet you need to go out gradually, otherwise all the "lost pounds" will very quickly return to their "legitimate" places. It is believed that this diet is suitable for pregnant women, if they have excess weight. However, about the number of products and the terms of "abstinence" from other foods, it is necessary to consult with your doctor. Egg-curd diet As if specially designed for sweet tooth. You do not have to suffer from a lack of habitual taste - it includes honey. This curd diet is calculated for 3 days. And, most likely, the feeling of hunger will not torture you. The diet is well balanced and based on high-protein foods - cottage cheese, eggs, lean fish. However, this diet also has one very big "minus" - it includes raw eggs. So, there is a possibility of "picking up" such an unpleasant and dangerous disease as salmonella. Therefore, before using this technique, it is necessary to properly weigh the pros and cons. And, of course, this option is not suitable for pregnant or lactating mothers. For breakfast, for all three days you need to drink a cup of tea or coffee without sugar and an egg cocktail. In order to cook it you need to take two fresh chicken eggs and beat them together with a teaspoon of honey. First day. In the afternoon - a small slice of low-fat cheese and tea without sugar. In the evening - vegetable soup with toast and any fruit. Soup is cooked on water, not on broth. Second day. For lunch - 100 grams of low-fat cottage cheese, herbal tea and an egg cocktail. Exactly the same as we drank in the morning. For dinner - 100 grams of lean fish, steamed and vegetable salad without dressing. The third day. In the afternoon - a salad of vegetables, toast and 80 grams of cottage cheese. Before going to bed - stewed vegetables with boiled egg. Another "hard" method of combating obesity is oatmeal curd diets. The course is designed for a fairly long period - a full two weeks. According to the supporters of this option, oatmeal curd diet helps to get rid of 6-8 extra pounds. That, you will agree, is not small. Opponents argue that just a few days after completing the course of oatmeal curd diet weight safely returns to the place. Apparently, everything is very individual and depends on the characteristics of the organism and the intensity with which you "attack" on the sweet and tasty, after its end. The menu of oatmeal curd diets is very monotonous. And therefore, for pregnant women, it is unsuitable. For breakfast - one green apple, oatmeal and herbal or green tea. In the afternoon - herbal tea and cottage cheese. For dinner - vegetable salad and again cottage cheese. In general, if you really set out to lose weight, then pick the "right" diet - curd, or any other will not be difficult. Cottage cheese is not the worst option. The only advice - do not buy it "in reserve." This is a perishable product. And if he was lying - even in the refrigerator - more than three days there, it is no longer recommended. Although the syrniki or casserole, he still quite fit. However, probably, you yourself know this very well. We advise you to read: