correct diet for cystitis Inflammatory processes in the bladder, whichaccompanied by frequent urination and a burning sensation in the lower abdomen, in medicine called cystitis. Due to the peculiarities of the structure of one's body, this affliction is more affected by the female population. Cystitis can manifest itself in two forms of flow: acute and chronic. Today in the arsenal of doctors there are a lot of medical cures for cystitis, but no medicine will help a patient if he does not follow a special diet. Following a diet with inflammation of the bladder will help alleviate the condition of the patient. Any products to some extent affect the walls of the bladder. By refusing to exacerbate the disease from products that irritate the affected organ, you will ensure rest and faster recovery. A special diet for cystitis will have a diuretic and antiseptic effect on the body, which is very important for an effective fight against disease-causing pathogens. vegetables with cystitis

Basic requirements for dietary nutrition in cystitis

When cystitis a woman is very important to observea normal diet, in which there will be 3 main meals and a couple of small snacks. Since the urinary system of man is most active in the morning, breakfast and lunch should be 3/4 of the whole daily meal rate. And in the evening and at night, the body should be unloaded, so the supper of a woman suffering from cystitis should consist exclusively of light foods. If the diet is maintained, the load on the kidneys and bladder will be minimal, which is important for successful treatment and quick recovery. All food consumed during illness must be of natural origin. During cystitis, a medical diet should provide sufficient washing of the urinary system and prevent further irritation of the walls of the bladder. The disease will quickly pass if a woman during each day will drink at least 2 liters of fluid (with an increase in body temperature, its volume should be increased to 2.5 liters). With cystitis, it is allowed to drink chloride-calcium mineral water, fruit drinks and fresh fruit juices (except tomato), cranberry and cranberry compotes, weak and unsweetened tea. Eliminate the inflammation of the bladder mucosa kidney tea, herbal infusions based on bearberry or corn stigmas. In addition to copious drinking, the diet of a patient with cystitis should include foods that have a diuretic effect. It can be zucchini, cucumbers, spinach, watermelons, melons, carrots. As the general condition of the patient is eased, dairy products (non-fat kefir, fermented milk), cottage cheese and unsalted cheese, and later - lean meat and fish varieties are allowed to enter the diet. A woman suffering from cystitis can eat porridges cooked on water, mashed potatoes, diet soups. drink plenty of water with cystitis

Prohibited products with inflammation of the bladder, an example of a menu

It is very important to remember that throughoutthe process of treatment for cystitis women categorically can not use any alcoholic beverages, coffee and strong tea. The list of banned products - all spicy, fatty, salty, fried and sour. Among the products that irritate the urinary tract mucosa are tomatoes, celery, radish, radish, garlic, sorrel, onions, cauliflower, lettuce, horseradish, all sour berries and fruits. Mushroom, meat and fish broths during cystitis are also banned. Discard all products in the production of which used dyes, preservatives and other chemicals. They are harmful even for an absolutely healthy person, but what can we say about the organism exhausted by the disease? Sugar substitute honey, it has a beneficial effect on the inflamed bladder. After recovery in the acute form of cystitis, a woman can gradually return to her daily diet. But the chronic form of this ailment requires a long diet, because any product-stimulus can cause a new exacerbation of the disease. In this case, dietary nutrition should accompany a woman a year after the last exacerbation of the disease. About sufficient drinking regime, too, should not be forgotten. Below are the options for what can be a diet for chronic cystitis. Breakfast: mashed potatoes, stewed zucchini, scrambled eggs or eggs, boiled soft-boiled, porridge on milk, cottage cheese with slices of sweet berries, sour-milk drinks, light green tea with honey, sweet juices. Lunch: soups cooked on the water, pasta casseroles, boiled fish and meat, steam cutlets, vegetable ragout (without adding tomato paste or juice), baked potatoes, cereal dishes, cucumber salad and zucchini salads, mousses, kissels, compotes, sweet fruits . Dinner: various variations of casseroles from cottage cheese, sour milk drinks, pasta with seafood and fresh cheese, baked in foil fish, several slices of bran bread, herbal tea with honey. Whatever you like, do not use products from the forbidden category in cooking, do not refill with ketchup, mayonnaise and other spicy sauces, and discard spices. Drink as much liquid as necessary so that the bladder can be emptied every 2 hours. The right diet in conjunction with other measures aimed at fighting chronic cystitis, will allow you to get rid of this unpleasant disease.