diffenbachia turn yellow leaves Dieffenbachia is one of the most commonand the most unpretentious houseplants. Generally, diffenbachia is a semi-shrub of tropical forests, which can start new roots from a lodging stem. Therefore, over time, in the diffenbachia, the stem is bare - the lower leaves turn yellow and fall off. In the remaining interstices, air roots are first formed, and when the stem touches the ground, the roots germinate, and a new vertical sprout appears from the internode. In a word, in nature, adult diffenbahia look like octopuses, spreading their tentacles. However, at home, the diffenbahia can yellow and fall off leaves not only in a natural way. Why is this happening? What can cause yellowing of healthy leaves, their drying and falling off? Let's figure it out.

Conditions of detention

First of all, it is necessary for the plant to createfavorable conditions of detention. If he is comfortable, the risk of disease will decrease at times. So, diffenbachia refers to light-loving houseplants. Therefore, the flowerpot should be placed in a bright room or near a window. However, this home plant needs exactly diffused light, since direct sunlight can cause burns to the leaves. But in the winter time diffenbachia will not be hampered by additional lighting. As for the irrigation regime, it should be remembered that diffenbachia is an aboriginal of the tropics, where it is always humid and warm. It is from the lack of moisture in the air that its leaves, yellowing and drying up can suffer. Therefore, it is necessary to water it abundantly throughout the year, but especially during the active period of growth (in summer, in autumn, and in spring). However, the plant should not be flooded, as excessive watering can cause rotting of the roots. In addition, you need to spray the leaves and air around the plant. It is necessary to take into account the love of diffenbachia to fresh air, and its fear of drafts. Therefore, the room in which the pot with the flower is located should be periodically ventilated, protecting the plant from the cold air flows. In the summer, you can move the dienenbachia to an open loggia or to the garden, without forgetting to shade it from direct sunlight. Under such conditions, your diffenbachia will surely feel comfortable. Nevertheless, sometimes even with good care the plant turns yellow. Why is this happening? Let's try to make out the possible reasons why the leaves of the Diffenbachia turn yellow and wither. why does the diffenbachia turn yellow leaves

Costs of care and illness

How would you not try to ensure yourDiffenbachia is a good care, no one is immune from mistakes. Therefore, take into account, first of all, these very mistakes, from which the leaves of the plant turn yellow. So, why do the leaves of the diffenbachia turn yellow?

  • Insufficient watering. If you water the plant from time to time or just moisten the soil a little, then the leaves on the diffenbachia will start to turn yellow. In this case, simply enough and more abundantly water the flower.
  • Uncomfortable temperature. Dieffenbachia is a thermophilic plant, and at low temperatures it can begin to lose leaves, which first begin to turn yellow and dry out at the tips. In this case, you should move it to a warmer place.
  • Excess fertilizers can also provokeyellowing and drying of the leaves on the diffenbachia. If you notice that this happened soon after another feeding, then transplant the plant into a new soil mixture. Otherwise, you will not be able to get rid of the excess of mineral substances.
  • Errors in the transplant. There are two possible gaffes. First, you can burn the roots of the plant, keeping it in a solution of potassium permanganate (as recommended by many florists). Secondly, the plant can react in this way to an unsuitable soil mixture. In the first case, it is necessary to wait for the diffenbachah to recover independently, and in the second - to change the soil in the pot.
  • Dryness of air can also lead to the fact thatthe leaves of the diffenbachia turn yellow and dry out. You can help in only one way: spray the leaves and air around the plant, use an air humidifier or simply put a large container with water next to the flower.
  • The cause of yellowing of the leaves (in addition to errors incare) can become a spider mite. The most unpleasant thing in this disease is that it is practically impossible to notice the pest on the affected leaves at first. Nevertheless, there is one characteristic feature that makes it possible to identify precisely this cause: the leaves turn yellow with a constant frequency - once a week. Having noticed this, try to still detect the pest. Search for mites on green leaves, which are located closer to those that have already turned yellow. The mite will look like a lot of little black dots. To rid the plant of the parasite, the leaves need to be washed with a soap solution or tobacco infusion, and then treated with a suitable insecticide.

    Natural drying of leaves

    Already in the second year of the life of the diffenbachia its leavesbegin to turn yellow and fall off. This is a natural process, and it should alarm you. In any case, it is impossible to combat this and it makes no sense. So this plant is arranged, that eventually its trunk is bare, and the lower leaves fall off. In this case, your task is to return the diffenbahia to a decorative look. How can I do that? Experienced growers recommend that too stretched old plants simply cut off the trunk at a level of ten centimeters above the ground. From hemp, new shoots will soon begin to grow. And the cut off top can be rooted. To do this, the apical section with a part of the trunk is put in a container of water and left for a while. The roots of diffenbachia give very quickly, so you will not have to wait long. The entrenched flower is then planted in a pot of peat soil and cares for the renewed plant by all rules. Note that it is from the apical cuttings that the most powerful and healthy specimens of the diffenbachia develop. And what about the yellowed leaves or their withered edges? If you follow the recommendations of experienced florists, then completely remove the leaves from the plant is not necessary - this will weaken it and cause the rapid aging of the diffenbachia. The dead leaves of the leaves just need to be cut with sharp scissors. And if the leaves are completely yellow and withered, then they should be removed. yellow diffenbachia

    Let's sum up the results

    So, in conclusion, I want to say that inIn most cases, the leaves of the diffenbahia turn yellow with improper care. Therefore, we remind you that you need to put the flower in a well-lit, but protected from sunlight and drafts place. Dieffenbachia must be watered abundantly, but excessively. That is, the soil in the pot must be a little damp at all times. In addition, you should spray the air around the flower or place near it a wide container of water. Well, if the leaves on your dienenbachia turn yellow naturally, then just delete them in time. And let this multicolored tropical miracle, like a palm tree, adorn your house and remain healthy. Good luck!