What career can expect a girl who woncontest "Miss Body?". Discard the crooked grins and slanting glances - it was such an event that allowed Politech Rudovidova, seventeen years old, to croon "playboy of all Russia" - Dmitry Dibrov. The young beauty was not at all embarrassed either by the format of the contest itself, or by the presence of three ex-spouses in Lovelace. And indeed, what difference does it make how many wives were with the loving Dmitry, if two years after his acquaintance, he offered his beautiful hand and heart to the beautiful woman. At the time of the next wedding, Dibrov knocked fifty, and the young bride - nineteen years.

Oh, the lucky one!

Acquaintance of a happy couple happened in 2007during the contest "Beauty of the Body" - it was there that "Miss Body" and "Mr. Intellect" found each other. The tempted Dmitry, who sat on the jury, was impressed not so much by the appearance of the participant (with the growth of one hundred and seventy-six centimeters the girl's parameters were 88-61-89), how much her purity and innocence. As he says, it was love at first sight, but Polina was too young and did not take the feelings of the famous presenter seriously. Of course, how can you seriously think about marriage at seventeen? But, apparently, the beauty seriously "hooked" Dibrova, because he did not abandon his attempts to conquer the heart of Pauline. As Dmitry later told himself, looking at Polina, he felt that he would be happy to have children from this woman. "What is it to call it, if not love, if from the very first meeting on the subconscious level I wanted from her not only relationships, but also joint children?". According to eyewitnesses, during the contest, Dibrov did not step away from the seventeen-year-old beauty, showered her with bouquets of flowers with intriguing notes, made many small presents. Despite all his efforts, the girl did not dare at such a fleeting wedding and gave consent to marriage only a couple of years later. In 2009, Dibrov and Rewarded became newlyweds, consolidating their union not only with stamps in their passports, but also with the blessing of the church. Polina happily took her husband's surname and refused the career of the model, which she dedicated several years. She no doubt threw a career for the sake of creating a quiet family nest. By the way, Dmitri himself insisted on such a decision, he dreamed of having a calm and loving housewife in his wives, rather than a mad careerist, unable to provide comfort to relatives and friends. Recall that it is for this reason that Dibrov broke up with his previous wife - twenty-three Alexandra. Marriage, which lasted only nine months, fell apart because of the desire of the ex-wife to become an actress (six months after the wedding, Alexander successfully passed the exams in GITIS). Pauline is completely fascinated by her chosen one and does not object to the role of the "slave" in the family. Most likely, she refers to this type of person who is much more pleasant to spend her time in the nursery and in the kitchen than self-assertive, making her way up the career ladder. Moreover, she has already given a happy child a child, which Dima dreamed for several years. "I really want to become a father for the third time and I do not care what sex the baby will be from Paulie: he will be uncommon genetically!", The happy spouse said. Dibrova's wife

Age of happiness is not a hindrance?

Hardly having learned about communication known showman with the youngPolina, the whole mass media just exploded with caustic remarks about Dibrov. It is not so easy to forgive a famous TV presenter the difference in age with the bride in the whole thirty years. Pauline herself does not react to the attacks of journalists and tells that she completely does not notice the age of her husband. She believes that the spouse is much more energetic than many of her peers: with him and at the disco is not boring, and you can play on the computer on the network, and go hiking with friends. However, the yellow press is inexorable, it is unlikely that at least one mention of Dibrov in the printed edition does without the details of his unequal marriage. "Each of his wife is younger than the previous one, if this continues, then the next wife he will take in the kindergarten!" - shouted outraged guardians of order. For a long time nobody has been interested in either the showman's creative plans or his programs on television. The main question that interests reporters is whether Dibrov will stop on this marriage, or will the age difference prevent a young wife from staying with Dmitry for a long time? Indeed, and can a marriage be really happy if the husband is older than the wife for as long as thirty years ?! Is Dibrov sincere in his high feelings, or does he prefer to change wives as they grow up? Famous fashion historian Alexander Vasilyev in one of the TV shows told Dibrov that his marriage to young girls is the result of a shortage of men in our country. "There are so few men in Russia that any more or less promising representative of the stronger sex can, by the age of forty, marry twice at twenty, and by fifty choose a person of seventeen years." Despite such statements, Dibrov himself assures others that he is truly happy for the first time. Annoyed journalists Dmitry repeats: "How much do you explain that thirty years of difference - this is not a hindrance to happiness, but not its basis. I was unhappy with the same age, but Polya gave me real joy. Among my acquaintances, married couples are full of those who exhaust each other nerves every day, despite the fact that they are peers. And in my family - peace and quiet. What can I say, just lucky! "Well, whether this is a marriage for love or another short-lived story, time will tell. They say that with age people become wiser and much more appreciate what fate gives them. Perhaps, silvering Dmitry whiskey, time will make him settle down and appreciate what is next to him - a beautiful wife, a wonderful little son. Let's hope that Dmitri Dibrov's fourth marriage is the last, and that Polina Rewarded is the woman that the well-known TV presenter has been looking for all these years. In the meantime, we wish this family longevity, and happy spouses - love and prosperity. We advise you to read: