desserts from jelly A real woman can not help being a gourmet. Any of us with pleasure and with pleasure will taste something sweet and with no less pleasure will finish a meal with some kind of dessert. And their dislike for desserts, ladies just cover their own fear of gaining extra pounds, "sinned" with a piece of cake or with a chocolate bar. However, desserts can be quite harmless to the figure and even beneficial to health and beauty. For example, what do you know about the benefits of jelly? The substances contained in it, have a beneficial effect on the condition of the skin, hair and nails. Jelly helps in the prevention of arthritis and in the repair of connective tissue. And also jelly contributes to the removal of toxic substances from the body. So what? Earnestly? Then choose a recipe and prepare a useful, easy and delicious dessert of jelly.

Panna cotta

This Italian dairy jelly dessert becameis very popular in Russian restaurants. For some reason until recently, at home, it was not cooked often. But now any self-respecting mistress knows the recipe for the preparation of the most delicate and delicious dessert, and besides, with pleasure she completes the basic recipe with her own innovations. And if we respect ourselves, we must certainly learn how to cook this delicious dessert. For a classic dessert from Italy, we need the following ingredients:

  • Cream fat content from ten percent - one and a half liters;
  • Vanilla natural (in the pods) - 1 piece;
  • Milk fresh - one and a half glasses
  • Gelatin - 1 packet (10 g);
  • Sugar - for your taste;

Preparation: Prepare gelatin in advance. As a rule, it needs to be soaked in cold water and left for swelling: the amount of water and swelling time is indicated on the package. In the saucepan pour the cream and put sugar in them. When the sugar dissolves, we dissect the vanilla pod along two parts and put it into the sweetened cream. We put all this on the fire and heat it, practically bringing it to a boil. As soon as the cream begins to rise, remove the sauté pan from the heat and leave the cream to be infused with vanilla. While the cream is cooling, dilute the gelatin with milk and heat it on a water bath. It is important not to allow the milk to boil, otherwise gelatin will lose its gelling properties. From the cream we take out the vanilla pod, pour in them milk with gelatin and pour on the molds. Let the milk and cream cool down, and then clean in the refrigerator. It takes about six hours for our dessert to be ready. And it's best to leave the jelly in the fridge for the night. We put the finished jelly on flat plates. That it easily separated from the walls of the mold, we lower it for a few seconds into boiling water. We serve dessert by watering creamy vanilla jelly with caramel or berry syrup. Note: You can prepare a more complex dessert by adding cocoa, coffee, fresh berries and fruits or mashed potatoes to them. dessert jelly

Jelly Oranges

Of course, fresh citrus fruits are good in themselves and inquality of dessert. But we remember the benefits of jelly, and besides, we want to prepare an easy and unusual dessert. So let's make jelly from oranges. Ingredients:

  • Oranges - 2 pieces;
  • Mandarins - 2 pieces;
  • Water - half a glass;
  • Sugar - for your taste;
  • Gelatin - 20 g (2 sachets).

Preparation: Gelatin pour half a glass of cold water and leave to swell (we look at the package for a while). In the meantime, mine and wipe dry fruits. Oranges cut in half and take out the flesh from them. Mandarins simply peeled off the peel - we will need it more. We squeeze the juice from the orange pulp and tangerine lobules and strain it. We put sugar to your taste and mix it properly. Gelatin is heated in a water bath, waiting until it completely dissolves, but we make sure that the water does not boil. Then mix the gelatin with the juice and pour this mixture into the halves of the orange peel, which is previously cleaned from the inside. We remove the jelly in the refrigerator and leave it to freeze. When serving dessert, leave it in orange "cups" or cut into slices. Note: Instead of gelatin, you can use a dry orange jelly, which also needs to be diluted with half a glass of water. Only in this case do not overdo it with sugar - the jelly is already sweet. And so that the liquid-filled halves of the orange peel are not turned over, place them in tea cups, and then clean it in the refrigerator.

Watermelon slices

Dessert similar to the previous one. Only we will cook it not from a watermelon juice, but from a ready fruit jelly. Watermelon is eaten in a natural, so to speak, form. And the amount of ingredients for a dessert depends on the size of the watermelon. Ingredients:

  • Watermelon;
  • Fruit or berry jelly in powder;
  • Bitter chocolate.

Preparation: Take one small watermelon: The smaller the watermelon, the easier it will be to divide the dessert into portions. Carefully wash it, wipe it dry, cut into two halves and take out all the flesh. From the red jelly powder (cherry, strawberry, raspberry) we prepare the solution, being guided by the instruction. Chocolate rubbed into crumbs or shredded into small-small pieces. In the watermelon "cups" we begin to fill in the jelly: pouring the first layer, wait until the jelly grains, and sprinkle it with chocolate chips. Fill one more layer and again wait, when the jelly will harden. Again, sprinkle it with chocolate and so fill the whole half of the watermelon peel. We serve dessert, cutting the jelly watermelon into slices. Note: Important! Bay each layer, put the watermelon in the cold. And if prepared for pouring the jelly quickly freezes, then a little warm it up.

Emerald dessert

Very impressive and not less tasty dish. For its preparation we need the following ingredients:

  • Ready jelly in powder (green color) - 1 sachet;
  • Dry gelatin - 1 tablespoon;
  • Water - half a glass;
  • Kiwi - 1 piece;
  • Grapes (green and pitted) - 1 brush;
  • Cottage cheese or cottage cheese - 150 g.

Preparation: Soak gelatin by taking the amount of water indicated on the package, and leave it to swell. We raise the powdered jelly from the sachet according to the instructions. For dessert we take transparent glasses or kremanki, wash them and wipe them. In each glass we put one or two grapes and fill with green jelly (one third of the height of the glass). Leave the jelly to freeze and begin to make curd. Spread the curd mass in a bowl, preheat the soaked gelatin in a water bath and gently enter it into the curd. While we were engaged in a curd component of dessert, jelly in glasses should be seized. Now we clean the kiwi skin and cut it into circles. Spread one circle on the jelly in each glass and another one third fill the glasses with a gelatinous-curd mass. We send the glasses to the refrigerator, so that the top layer of the jelly is frozen. After the curd jelly hardens, we put on it one grape and one kiwi slice and again pour the remaining green jelly - now to the brim of the wine glasses. Again, clean everything in the refrigerator. When the top layer of jelly is frozen, dessert can be served. Note: For multi-colored layers of jelly in a glass to look more interesting, before pouring the first layer, glasses should be placed at an inclination, placing something hard under the bowl of the glass and resting its foot against the wall. Before pouring the second layer, the glasses can be slightly turned (around their axis) and also acted filling the third layer. jelly dessert

Pineapples in champagne

Dessert for gourmets. And for ladies who prefer champagne to any other hot drinks. Ingredients:

  • Champagne (preferably dry pink) - one and a half cups;
  • Water - a half cup;
  • Gelatin - 1 packet (10 g);
  • Sugar - two thirds of a glass;
  • Zest of one lemon;
  • Crops of canned pineapple;
  • Pistachio.

Preparation: Soak gelatin in cold water, focusing on the directions on the package. While gelatin swells, cook syrup. Pour water into a saucepan, pour out all the sugar there and put the grated lemon zest. Put the dishes on the fire, let the water boil and continue to cook the syrup for another three minutes. The finished syrup is filtered through a fine sieve and we add gelatin, which we pre-press. Stir the mixture until the gelatin is completely dissolved. Then pour the champagne into the syrup and mix it again. In transparent kremanki (or glasses) we put pineapples and fill it with a mixture of champagne and syrup. Leave the jelly to freeze. We serve to the table, sprinkling the top of the jelly with pistachios. Note: The amount of sugar is calculated for dry champagne. You can change this amount depending on the type of champagne or your taste.

Jelly cakes

Excellent dessert for children's festive table. Yes, and for girlish gatherings, it is also quite suitable. However, it is better not to think about the calorie content of this delicacy - but you can sometimes pamper yourself and not quite with dietary delicacies. Ingredients:

  • Short-sleeved buckles;
  • Fresh berries or fruit;
  • Packaging of powdered jelly;
  • Sugar.

Preparation: It is most convenient for this dessert to use ready-made baskets of short-pastry. But if you do not have the opportunity to buy such, then make them yourself. Whip with a mixer a pack of softened butter and a half glass of powdered sugar. Add there the same egg yolk and half a teaspoon of vanillin. Whisk again, and then gradually pour a glass of flour (with a slide), first rubbing the dough with a spoon, and then kneading with your hands. The dough is covered with a food film and leave in the refrigerator for two or three hours. Then bake baskets from it. So, we have baskets. Now we dilute the water with jelly (as indicated on the package) and my berries (raspberries, strawberries, currants, blackberries, gooseberries, etc.). In the baskets we put berry assortment and fill it with jelly. We put it away in the refrigerator. When jelly grasps, we take out the baskets and put the berries on top, dipping them into the remaining liquid jelly. We put the berries on a hill and again put everything in the refrigerator. Note: For convenience, you can leave some of the powdered jelly for later dipping berries. Dissolve it immediately before you can lay berries in a slide. And you can go on an easy path and put the berries directly on the finished shortbread cookies.

Miracle - peach

A very tasty dessert will come from peaches and sour cream curd jelly. Just a heavenly delight! Ingredients:

  • Sour cream - glass;
  • Cottage cheese - 4 packs (total 400 g);
  • Sugar is a glass;
  • Water is a glass;
  • Instant gelatin - 1 packet (10 g);
  • Fresh or canned peaches - 4 pieces;
  • Tile of milk chocolate.

Preparation: We make gelatin with water (according to instructions) and heat it in a water bath. Peaches are mine, free from pits we cut into small pieces. Cottage cheese mix with sour cream, add sugar and thoroughly rub. Then we dilute the gelatin (already dissolved) with a glass of boiled water and pour this mixture into cottage cheese with sour cream. In the form of laid sliced ​​peaches (part of the peaches are left for decoration) and fill them with half of the curd-gelatin mixture. We put it in the freezer so that the jelly "grabs". Chocolate tiles are rubbed on a grater or we make chips from it using a knife. Pour the shavings into the remaining mixture (let's leave it for decoration) and pour it all over the mold on top of the first layer. The finished jelly is taken out of the mold, lowering it for a few seconds into boiling water and turning it over to a flat plate. Sprinkle the remaining chocolate chips and decorate with pieces of peaches. Here, such light and delicious desserts can be made from jelly. By the way, jelly can be prepared, ate to enter gelatin and in freshly squeezed fruit juices, in milk or cream, in sour cream, in coffee (with milk) or in cocoa. Gelatin has no taste in itself. Therefore, with its help you will be able to almost impossible - to make the liquid firm, preserving the taste and aroma of the product. Desserts of jelly can also be flavored, adding vanilla or cinnamon, ginger or lemon zest to them. You can make jelly with rum or cognac, with liqueur or with wine. You can combine the jelly with whipped cream, protein cream, fresh berries or fruits. In a word, experiment! Enjoy your appetite and success in the culinary field. We advise you to read: