modern design of apartments The environment can influence liferights. For example, to soothe and rejoice or vice versa - to irritate and excite. The modern interior of the hall, which is part of our surrounding space, is the visiting card of the house, which tells the guests about the status of its owner. Therefore, modern design of the living room is becoming very important today. Everyone sooner or later begins to equip their own homes. And he has to deal with the issues of creating an interior. An ordinary person can only be guided by his own taste and intuition, not always finding the right solution. That such experiments do not become too expensive for you, let's try to reveal to you the secrets of professionals. Especially in the case when it comes to the design of the hall in a small apartment. After all, in a small room, the possibilities are more limited than in a large room. Particularly hard for owners of a one-room apartment. As you understand, the conditions of a one-room apartment dictate their conditions. Room alone! And you need a bedroom and a living room. How to be? But even from this situation, the owners of a one-room apartment may well find the best way out. And the output is simple - in one-room apartment it is necessary to combine functions of a hall and a bedroom in one premise. The task is not easy, but it is quite feasible. As a rule, this can easily be done if a family without children lives in a one-room apartment. Otherwise, you have to tinker.

Fundamental rules

Not all people have the opportunity,apartment, turn to a professional. But many people want to make a modern hall design so that their house becomes not only comfortable but also beautiful. How to make housing so that it lives well and everyone liked both us and the people living with us? There are basic rules for modern living room design that can help you find the right solution. The following simple rules will form the basis for the proper formation of your hall design.

  • The first rule

The dwelling should be made as functional as possible. This rule applies to the hall. Since the room is already a closed space, one must try not to exacerbate this shortcoming by turning your house into an exhibition of digital technology and furniture industry achievements and making yourself an attachment to it. For a basis you should take a postulate that a dwelling exists for you, and not you for it. Therefore, making out the design of the hall, you must adapt it as much as you like. All the components of your home - from the front door, roof and walls to the picture on the wall, a chair and a mug - should serve you as much as possible. This means that your home should, above all, be functional and fully meet your spiritual and physiological needs. Therefore everything in it should be expedient. In the hall the family spends a lot of time. Think about that to each member of the family there was a place in it. And you should not forget about the guests - you will be in the hall, will not you?

  • The second rule

The aesthetics of the room should not dominate overfunctionality of your room. This means that it should be as functional as possible, and then beautifully. Beautiful, but impractical, uncomfortable and irrational - not a place in your home. The perfect combination of beauty and convenience, of course, is great, but if you need to make a choice, then it should be still at ease. For example, before you do expensive art parquet in your room, think about whether you will have the financial capabilities, strength and time to maintain it. And this rule applies absolutely to everything, even to sculptures, paintings, vases, etc. Although these things are not of purely practical significance, they can satisfy a person's need for a sense of beauty. In addition, diverting attention to themselves, such things can smooth out the shortcomings of the interior, give the rear comfort and create a certain mood for people living in the house.

  • Third rule

Dimensions of the things you need to be correlated withthe size of your room. For example, a beautiful and comfortable sofa may not look at all in a room where it will clutter up most of the space, and an unnecessarily large TV will simply be impossible to watch. The interior should be well thought out, to the smallest detail. modern design of the apartment

The basic styles of an interior

All these rules clearly regulate the conditionsdecoration of the hall. And if you practice them correctly, the optimal and functional improvement of your room is assured to you. But in addition to these basic rules in modern architectural design, there are several basic styles of interior. Therefore, modern design of living rooms are made in accordance with the canons inherent in these styles. The main among them are such styles as European, classical, avant-garde style of interior, as well as styles of expressionism, country, Scandinavian, etc. Each interior is good in its own way, so consider all options before making a decision.

  • European style

European style of interior is inherent in the designhall in the form of a studio. As a rule, the modern generation prefers it. Often in such cases, the hall and kitchen are combined by demolition of a common wall. Of course, if it is not a carrier. Otherwise, you just do not get the appropriate permission. By the way, this solution is the best way to create a kind of living room in a one-room apartment. But the interior will have to choose the appropriate one.

  • Classic style

Demanding to themselves and to the surrounding people, serious, reserved and slightly conservative, prefer the interior in a classic style.

  • Avant-garde style

A person with an unconventional thinking and original taste, who prefers independence and freedom in everything, will approach the avant-garde interior.

  • Other styles

A more romantic, impressionable personlike the style of expressionism. For those who are tired of urban styles, and who want to feel closer to nature, there is a country style. And if you like simplicity, naturalness and naturalness, then you probably will like the Scandinavian style with its some severity and restraint, as well as silent respect and love for nature. If you want to restore and preserve harmony in your life, then select the interior of your living room not only in accordance with your taste and temperament, but also with the above rules. Then your house will become for you a real island of your own personal space, which will bring you joy and relaxation from everyday storms. And the design of the hall in a small apartment will not become an insoluble problem. We advise you to read: