room design with own hands "All the best for children!"We all remember this slogan from the Soviet times. However, today there are ample opportunities for putting it into practice. We strive to give kids all the best from the adult world, from the creation of a small, but such a wonderful corner - a children's room. This entertaining and truly fascinating process usually enthralls all household members, including grandparents. How to give children a fairy tale and make their room the most beautiful and beloved? Let's try to figure out how to make a room design with our own hands. Of course, all moms and dads would prefer to make a separate nursery for each child. However, in practice this, unfortunately, is not always possible. And if housing conditions do not allow to allocate a separate room for each child, then one must proceed from what is. After all, in the presence of a common room for a boy and a girl, too, there are many pluses. The design of the children's room with their own hands is formed first of all from an understanding of the differences between the kiddies, from which the need arises to create a comfortable and cozy habitat for each of them.

Design of a children's room for a boy and a girl

What is ideal for a girl may notlike a boy, so you should look for some compromise solutions that will suit both children. For walls, you can choose neutral colors, such as golden, light gray, soft blue or light green. In the interior design, do not focus on things for the boy or girl. Curtains, paintings and watches are also better done making them suitable for each of them. If you want to draw drawings on the walls, they also do not have to portray princesses and cars. It is best to choose a drawing that will become the unifying element of the entire room. Individual features characteristic of a boy and a girl can be given to beds and bedside tables. On the bed of a little princess, you can make bedspread of a gentle coloring with ruffles, and put a lamp on a bedside table in a girls' theme, for example, with fairies. For the boy, a night light in the form of a soccer ball and a veil of blue will do. It is important to link all these subjects to the general solution of the room. Create comfortable conditions for coexistence in one area of ​​two children will help the competent design of the room with their own hands. In creating a room for the boy and girl it is important to use the technique of zoning space. One of the options for solving this issue is the visual separation of the sleeping areas of children, but the place for games in this case, on the contrary, it is desirable to make a general. To save precious space, you can also use a bunk bed, which will help to organize the dream of a boy and a girl even in spacious rooms. After all, these beds create extra privacy and isolation of children, since they are not sleeping in sight of each other. The desktop can be made common for both children, while putting it better to the window so that there is not a lack of sunlight. Psychologists believe that people tend to get to know each other better if they are often face to face. This is very useful for the correct psychological development of children. That's why the location of the tables opposite each other is another interesting and functional variant of the layout of the nursery for the boy and girl. The furnishing of the children's room can not be imagined without a wardrobe. It can be made common for both children, it will save space and help children learn to leave the conflict peacefully and fairly share all things among themselves. In modern furniture solutions for children it is also proposed to build cupboards in bunk beds, this can be very beneficial in order to release a larger area for games. For the girl very opportunely it is necessary to have a small dressing table behind which she can prettify and "bring beauty". For the boy, the sports wall located in the room is useful for the development of his physical abilities. bathroom design by own handsDesign of a room for a girl with her own hands

Making room for a little princess

The design of the children's room for the girl suggestscreating a simple, comfortable, and most importantly, beautiful space. After all, the life of a young princess should take place in an interior that fosters her cheerful mood, education of taste and the emergence of an optimistic attitude to life. An important role in the design of the baby for the girl is played by color. It is not necessary to paint all the walls in the order of all podnadoevshy girlish pink. Quite appropriate are neutral light shades - milky apricot, melted milk, light blue, pale yellow, cream. Against the backdrop of light walls, the brightest details of the interior will look the most profitable - furniture, curtains, large toys. You can make one wall of bright color, then it will become a compositional accent, it will be possible to post pictures of the girl. Especially important is the choice of the style of decoration of the girls' children's room. A modern approach to the organization of the interior is built on practicality, comfort and, of course, beauty. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid bright and fancy design decisions, an abundance of decor and ornaments. Let the main components of the design of space become space and natural light. Also, special attention should be given to the selection of artificial lighting. The bed in the girl's room is preferable to arrange so that the door can be seen from it. In this case, the mistress of the maiden will be able to see everyone who enters her small kingdom. You will also need a wardrobe, a desk, padded stools for guests, bookshelves. A small table will be necessary for a little girl, after all, she will be able to engage in developmental activities and play with puppets - to conduct improvised tea-drinking, all kinds of performances and even give them "lessons." Already from the preschool age the girl needs to be taught to order, so it's worthwhile to allocate a place for storing toys - a closet, shelves or a special basket for toys. With a huge variety of furniture for children, you can approach it very creatively, while completely transforming the interior with an unusual shape of the cabinet or bright colors in its decoration. Already from an early age, almost all babies are beginning to be interested in makeup and cosmetics. Therefore, for each girl it is important to have your own, albeit small dressing table with a mirror. In the future, when the little princess grows up, it will help her to always feel confident in herself.

Creating an interior bathroom for children

Allocate a separate bathroom for childrenyou can, perhaps, only in large houses, and not in modern small standard apartments. In a small apartment in an ordinary city house you can only decorate the elements of children's themes common to all the bathroom. The design of the bathroom with its own hands is composed of a color solution and consideration of all the details in the overall interior solution. Psychologists advise to decorate a children's bathroom in light colors. This will create a joyful and festive mood for the boy or girl every time the baby enters his water kingdom. Each child will be more pleased to see in the morning a picture with a smiling cartoon character, rather than dark walls of gloomy colors. In addition to the pictures in the decor of the children's bathtub, you can use a figure mirror above the sink, a curtain with children's themes or colorful carpets on the floor. There are collections of ceramic tiles, created specifically for children. But you can also use a completely neutral white tile, while adding bright accents with, for example, colored plexiglass panels. Another option for decorating a children's bathroom can be a multicolored mosaic, with which you can create all kinds of colorful panels on children's themes. Thus, the scope for imagination with the hand-made design of children's rooms is practically not limited to any framework, the main thing is to approach the process creatively and to avoid standard decorating techniques. And then happy eyes and fervent laughter of your children will be the best reward for your efforts. We advise you to read: