decorating the walls with your own hands But let's try to transform yourhouse? Yes, not just to transform, but to surprise guests and even yourself! Here, they say, what a dreamer I am, an inventive and creative! And help us in this wall. They will become for us, as a blank canvas for the artist, a place of creativity, a place for the embodiment of ideas for the transformation of the house. Decor walls with their own hands without using sophisticated finishing technologies and building secrets. That's what we're gonna do! What is needed for this? Fantasy (well, this we do not occupy!), Free time (also find), a sense of humor (there is), materials and objects for decoration (find, produce, build). Well, if only in abundance, then - go ahead! Go to the creative!

Creative Kitchen Walls

Here we need, first of all, a kitchenutensil. For example, forms for baking. Now on sale a lot of various shapes: for biscuit, and for a cupcake, and for biscuits. Round and rectangular, with holes in the middle and with a figured bottom. And, maybe you will not have to buy it, but you just have to dig in the "storage places" - and there will easily be something suitable. What are we going to do with them? Wall decorate! Instead of storing them hidden in a closet, we'll hang it on the wall. Playing with the size, color and shape of this utensil, we will get an original, appetizing and creative decor of the walls with our own hands. Do not like molds on the wall? Okay, let's leave them alone and turn our gaze to the inside contents of the cutlery box. We take a tray, we paint it in the right color, we attach cross strips to it (like strips on a vest, but not so much). And place the forks, spoons, knives under the slats - the miracle-panel is ready! We applaud the tray on the wall, and next to it - baking molds (well, I really want to see how they look on the wall). Okay, okay, do not touch the molds. And what's that? Old lids from the pan? What is not the material for the decor? We take them out, take paints and brushes (or you can use decoction napkins), turn covers ... well, for example, into colored caps, or in painted caps, and already them - on the wall. Here you have the creative decor, and who will say that it is not so? Perhaps, these ideas will bring to you and some other options for using kitchen utensils for decorating walls? If "yes", then do not forget to share with us. And we, having finished the creation in the kitchen, move to the living room. decor of the walls in the apartment with their own hands

Creative Living Room Walls

Here, of course, kitchen utensils are not in any waytheme. But quite "in the subject" all sorts of foam plastic imitation stucco. No, no, do not worry, we will not use it for the intended purpose. Let's leave such an opportunity for boring and not very creative people. We ourselves will buy various polyurethane outlets (which are designed to be mounted under a chandelier on the ceiling). We take these rosettes, and so it is beautiful (and most importantly - creatively) attached to the wall. If the walls are white, then you can put a contrast base under the sockets, or paint the polyurethane itself in a different color. How do you like this idea? Have you changed the curtains in the living room for a long time? If so, then it's time to do it, and at the same time, the material for wall decorating should be prepared. In general, curtains curtains, but for us now more important than the walls. So we take the same fabric (preferably color and with a pattern), from which our curtains are sewn, we stretch it on a wooden frame or on a frame or on a round frame for a mirror. And you can and all at once, and then the resulting panel (or several panels of different shapes and sizes, but the same color) are used to decorate the walls. Would you say it's not creative? Do not say! There is no excess fabric from the curtains? No problem! We make the same panels from any other scraps of fabric. By the way, even if in your "zagashnik" such flaps are not found, they can be bought very cheaply in cloth stores. So we produce multi-colored and different-colored panels made of fabric, stretched to the frame - voila! Creative panels in the living room are ready. decorating the walls with your own hands

The bedroom also needs a creative

And here it will be appropriate to demonstrateown handmade achievements. Knit crochet or knitting needles? Perfectly! Tie several small openwork cloths from the light yarn. Fix them on a contrasting dark base and place in the frame. Here such creative pictures can decorate the walls in your bedroom. Instead of knitted "paintings" for decorating walls, you can use any other hand-made paintings. What kind of technique do you know: quilling, origami, textile sculpture, modeling? Do not be shy to flaunt your creations, making them objects of interior design. Needlework is not your element? Well, use for decorating walls in the bedroom, for example, a collection of hats, or ties with belts. They will successfully replace the panels or become a creative material for its production. Arrange on the wall like a jewelry store window, hanging on hooks beads, chains, bracelets, necklaces and other your "jewels." Remember that the decor of the walls in the apartment with their own hands is not necessarily expensive materials or architectural delights. This "two in one" - your imagination and sense of style.

Children's room - a springboard for creativity

Talk about what is beautiful and simpleAn irreplaceable decor of the walls in the nursery will be the drawings and handicrafts of your children, we will not. This is already known to everyone and, alas, is no longer creative. But you think that's what you are? And are not you afraid to experiment? Then ask your child to decorate the walls. Just give him real paints for wall painting and go to the process seriously. Discuss the concept, draw a sketch, discuss the stages of implementation of the plan. Believe that even if the result of such a painting does not match your aesthetic requirements, it's worth it! Your child will remember these moments as one of the best, he will be flattered by your trust and will necessarily answer the same. But there is another, less extreme, but no less creative option. Take colored paper and cut out of it different figures (fish, birds, butterflies, little men). And then place them on the wall the way that you or your child likes. In general, do not forget that it is for him to live in this room, and his opinion should be reckoned with. And then nakreativit so that upset (at least) his child. In general, you probably already understood the basic idea of ​​creative wall decoration. Nothing standard, everything is just exclusive: either an idea, or materials, or a way to decorate the walls with your own hands. So do not stop the work of your "ideological" generator. Invent, fantasize, ironize. We advise you to read: