day makeup for blue eyes Day makeup for blue eyes can becorrect and change by choosing shades of different shades. Blue is a "cold" palette, so you need to choose shadows based on this criterion. Good match with the blue color of the eyes will be colors such as: pale green, turquoise, blue, silver, blue. Daytime makeup for the eyes performs two important functions - hides the flaws on the skin and should emphasize the tenderness of the blue eyes. For this make-up, you must use the colors of the pastel tone, if you want to use contrasts. The saturation of daytime make-up should depend on age. A woman wants to emphasize her beauty with makeup. Thanks to high-quality make-up you can smooth out the shortcomings, highlight the dignity of the person. The correct make-up consists in a suitable choice of shades of shades and quality mascara.

Decorative cosmetics and shades

According to statistics, only ten percent of allThe female population has a wonderful blue eye color. And it's not at all surprising what this color has, it attracts everyone's attention with its depth and beauty. In order to enhance the impression, it is important to remember that only a certain make-up will be able to emphasize all the beauty and irresistibility of the look. And as makeup artists say it is to women who have blue eyes that it is much easier to make competent and impressive make-up. It is important to remember that it is necessary to take into account the color of the skin before choosing a decorative cosmetics. The skin around the eyes can be of different shades. It is important to know that the general tone of the skin can affect the hue, as well as whether the tanned skin or not. Do not forget about the color of hair. Suitable shades such as: silver, light gray, dark gray, light green, brown, sand and light lilac. Brown shades, and light colors will be well combined with tanned skin. Light skin will have a wonderful appearance if a combination of the same colors occurs, but without brown shadows. Caution is necessary to use shadows with a brown and blue color. This is because blue-eyed women have light skin and hair, and excessive abuse of brown can give it a painful shade. It is also important to know that the use of shadows that match the color of the eye color, can lubricate the entire expressiveness of the look. I would like to note the fact that for daily use blue-eyed women are suitable for puffing chocolate and gray flowers. This year, as a fashionable make-up is a natural, that is, a complete imitation of his absence. This makeup will be just perfect for every day. For this purpose, shades with cold shades are perfect: purple or blue. beautiful daytime make-up for blue eyes

Daytime makeup for blue eyes

In the afternoon it is recommended to use the maximumSimilar shades of a voice-frequency cream with your complexion. To make the whole day makeup was impeccable, use powder. It is applied to the entire face while still not ignoring the eyelids. Before applying makeup on the eyes, you need to specify exactly which colors will suit you specifically. When choosing a color gamut, one should remember that blue eyes have different shades: from gray-blue, light-blue to saturated-blue. For daily make-up it is recommended to apply shadows of two or one shade. To blue eyes, shades such as pale pink, pearl, lavender, gray-brown, sandy, peach are suitable, and this list can be continued. Particularly refined will look a daytime make-up, which is made of gray-blue shadows. You can also use different podvodku from all the usual and classic - black and ending with brown and dark gray. For eyelashes, choose a quality black or brown mascara.

Quick day makeup for blue-eyed beauties

Early in the morning, there simply is not enough time to make a quality and beautiful make-up. Below is an example of a make-up that will suit blue-eyed women who have a light shade of hair.

  • It is necessary to align with a foundation, which has a moisturizing effect on the face. The agent should be applied with a thin layer, as in the daylight its excess will be too noticeable.
  • In the case when you have very light eyebrows, you need to make them darker, using a pencil or a shadow.
  • On the mobile part of the century it is necessary to impose a beige tone of shadows, which have a light golden gloss.
  • With the help of these same shadows, it is necessary to traverse the lower eyelid.
  • Terracotta shadows are applied to the upper fold of the eyelid.
  • Eyelashes need to be covered with brown mascara of a dark shade.
  • Using a blush of coral color, apply them to the area of ​​the cheekbones and at the very base of the hair.
  • Before using lipstick you need to lubricatelips or cream, or balms. Next, draw a lip contour using a pencil in pink. The finger needs to be shiny. This will give them a smooth and well-groomed appearance.
  • correct day makeup for blue eyes

    Pink shade

    Thanks to this simple and discreet make-up you will burn a lot of time and be well-groomed and charming. This makeup is suitable for women with blue eyes and dark hair.

  • On the skin you need to put a foundation of light beige color.
  • A little brow line. Selecting the shade of the pencil, you need to consider that it coincides with the color of the hair. Using a hair gel, fix the shape of the eyebrows.
  • With the help of beige shadows it is necessary to cover completely the entire eyelid up to the eyebrow area. On the mobile eyelid, shades of pink are applied.
  • Using a brown pencil, draw a thin line from the middle of the upper eyelid to the corners of the eye. Using the same pencil in the lower eyelid, you need to designate a light contour;
  • If the eyelashes are badly expressed, then the makeup will look unfinished. You need to make up your eyelashes with light movements.
  • A little outline the shape of the face with the help of coral-pink blush, they should not be too noticeable.
  • On the lips you need to apply lipstick gentle pink shade. Top of lipstick impose a colorless shine to make your lips glisten.
  • When applying daily make-up, it is important not to forgetabout one important rule - minimalism is welcome. Daily makeup should not be catchy, but on the contrary hide all the imperfections of the person, and emphasize its virtues, because the main thing in a woman is restraint and sophistication. It is important to remember that there are no identical persons, it is worth experimenting to stand out among the crowd. We advise you to read: