causes of cystitis Prevention of cystitis - a common femalediseases of the genitourinary system - is the observance of a whole system of rules aimed at restoring the functions of the aforementioned system and preventing a recurrence of the disease. These rules are not complex, but the benefits from them are great. If not in all, then in the vast majority of cases, the fight against exacerbations of cystitis ends successfully.

The role of immunity and proper nutrition in the prevention of disease

Inflammation of the bladder is directly related toa decrease in the body's defenses. The organism with weak immunity is subject to infectious diseases, therefore frequent catarrhal diseases testify to its poor state. Prevention of cystitis should be associated with activities. aimed at improving the immune system. The condition of this system can depend on many factors: human activity, nutrition, psycho-emotional state. In order to increase the protective forces of the body, you need to eat right, lead an active lifestyle, eliminate stress. Proper nutrition is an important point both in exacerbation and in the prevention of disease. Correctly selected diet contributes to getting rid of pathogenic bacteria and has a diuretic disinfecting effect. The daily diet should include various dishes, rich in trace elements, vitamins, with a small content of salt and spices. It is advisable to exclude sharp, acidic, smoked, canned and fried dishes. In addition, you need to be careful in using strong tea, coffee, spirits. If you drink junk food, drink plenty of water. Favorably affect the organisms such products as: carrots, beets, celery, cranberries, cranberries, parsley, currants. They have anti-inflammatory, diuretic and antispasmodic effects. hypothermia is one of the causes of cystitis

Important aspects of self-care

Importance of timely evacuation of urinarybladder and the elimination of hypothermia of the body To avoid an increase in the risk of exacerbation of cystitis, you need to empty the bladder in time. The more often it is emptied, the faster will be the disposal of the bacteria localized there. This event is aimed at preventing the reproduction and active growth of pathogenic flora in the bladder. Therefore, it is so important to consume large amounts of liquid. It is important to empty the bladder before and after sexual intercourse. Urination at the same time helps wash out the microbes from the bladder and the urethra. General or partial hypothermia can cause cystitis. Cooling the perineum, arms, legs has a negative effect on the bladder and is a predisposing factor in the development of the disease. Under the influence of this factor there is a spasm of the blood vessels of the bladder, which leads to a failure of the protective mechanisms from the appearance of inflammation. In the cold season it is necessary to forget about short skirts and kapron tights. Dressing is necessary for the season and the weather. It is especially important to keep your feet and waist in the warmth. It is not recommended to swim in the ice hole to persons who have already experienced acute cystitis, as this may cause a new exacerbation. to avoid the appearance of cystitis, choose the right underwear

Observance of personal hygiene

In order that in the urethra notthere was no infection, you need to regularly wash with warm water. In doing so, you need to ensure that the water jet is directed from the front to back, so that bacteria do not enter the rectum into the urethra. It is better to replace baths with a shower, in order to prevent chemical substances from entering the mucous membranes. In order not to disturb the natural microflora of intimate organs, one should not be washed up using gels, shampoos, soaps. To do this, it is better to buy a specialized product for intimate hygiene or baby soap that does not contain dyes and flavors. During the period of the month, it is advisable to use tampons, not gaskets, as they promote the reproduction of bacteria. In this case, both tampons and gaskets need to be changed at least every 2 hours, since blood is a good medium for the growth of microorganisms. Particular attention should be paid to choosing underwear. According to the results of the research, panties-thongs can cause inflammation of the bladder, as bacteria from the anus can easily be transferred to the urinary canal area. Preference should be given to cotton underwear or at least with cotton gusset. Synthetic tissues create increased humidity in the area of ​​the external genitalia, which is an excellent medium for the reproduction of bacteria. After going to the toilet, you need to wipe yourself from the front to the back. It is possible to avoid flavored and colored toilet paper. examination with a gynecologist

Important points in the prevention of cystitis

In addition to the above measures, the prevention of cystitis can be concluded in the following important points:

  • Regularly (every six months) it is necessary to be examined atgynecologist, to exclude any ailments, including those transmitted sexually. If you are diagnosed with a sexual infection, you need to undergo appropriate treatment. About getting rid of the infection will report negative results of control tests.
  • During sexual intercourse, you must observehygiene. Before and after mating, you should thoroughly wash your hands and genitals. Do not combine anal and vaginal intimacy, alternating them. In addition, during the proximity you need to take care of a sufficient amount of lubricant. The use of lubricants will help avoid damage to the mucosa. If the lubricant is not enough, it is worth to abandon the condom and resort to another type of protection.
  • It makes sense to refrain from oral proximity whensuch pathologies as: angina, stomatitis, candidiasis and other diseases of the oral cavity. This is due to the fact that bacteria can enter the saliva on the genitals and urethra. Before and after oral sex, you need to brush your teeth and rinse your mouth with special rinses.
  • It is important to exclude from our lives permanentstressful situations. If it concerns work or housing conditions, you need to boldly begin to solve the exciting issues. At work, you can take a vacation and go on vacation, in the apartment - make repairs. If the cause of nervousness is served by neighbors, relatives or friends, it is worth limiting contact with annoying personalities.
  • You should lead an active lifestyle. You need to make friends with the gym and perform it daily. This is especially true for people with sedentary work. However, the active way of life implies not only physical exercises, but also an active life position. Do not be afraid to look for yourself, to know your abilities, because in every person there is a hidden potential.
  • You should try to avoid problems with the toilet. It is important that the stool is regular, without constipation and diarrhea. Otherwise, there is an excellent environment for reproduction of the opportunistic pathogens in the intestines, from which bacteria can enter the bladder. In the case of frequent constipation should be included in the daily diet of more vegetables that contribute to the elimination of the causes of this phenomenon.
  • Medication prophylaxis of the disease and general recommendations

    Prevention of cystitis, especially its chronicform, may include a long course of taking antibiotics in a small dosage. The recommended dose of taking drugs should not exceed 50-100 mg per day for adults. The preventive course of taking antibiotics can last up to several months. It happens that the symptoms begin to appear after sexual intercourse. In such cases, for the prevention of a couple of hours after intimacy, antibiotics should be taken. Proceeding from the above-stated preventive measures, it is possible to offer following recommendations for the prevention of problems with a bladder:

  • Try to avoid hypothermia.
  • Maintain immunity at a high level.
  • Adhere to the principles of proper nutrition.
  • Pay special attention to personal hygiene and daily change of underwear.
  • Drink a large amount of water daily (up to 2 liters). Especially useful are cowberry and cranberry fruit drinks, which contain substances harmful to bacteria.
  • In a timely manner, empty the bladder.
  • Pay special attention to hygiene on critical days, often change swabs / pads.
  • Do not wear tight clothing that interferes with normal blood circulation in the pelvic organs and synthetic underwear. Give preference to cotton variants.
  • Empty the bladder before and after sexual intercourse.
  • For the toilet of the sexual organs, use specialized products with a neutral pH or baby soap. To wash out follows movements from front to back.
  • Watch for the regularity of the chair. With constipation, eat more vegetables.
  • Thus, if these simple recommendations and rules are observed, cystitis can be prevented.