pork knuckle in beer German cuisine has always been famous for dishes frompork. Only white sausages cost him! But today it will not be about them, we will cook the pork rudder. A pork roast baked in beer is a classic German recipe, from which saliva flows even from sophisticated gourmets. Time to prepare will require a lot, but it's not burdensome at all and, believe me, what we get in the finals is worth the time. Pork knuckle in beer will not require any rare ingredients, everything is simple and completely accessible. Basic:

  • Pork shank - about one and a half kilos;
  • Live dark beer - one and a half liters. It is alive, no chemistry in the "one and a half";
  • Four tablespoons of honey, better buckwheat, dark;
  • Table mustard, as well as two tablespoons.


  • Bay leaf;
  • Tablespoon of salt, necessarily large grind;
  • Herbs - rosemary, clove and coriander seeds - are bigger, do not regret;
  • The head of garlic and black pepper peas.

Long time pork meat in Germany was the cheapestof meat products, and the main consumer of pork was the middle class, burghers. Therefore, in our recipe, there are no exotic ingredients that would have been inaccessible to the townspeople in the 17th century. However, we will proceed. The handkerchief is good for mine and, if necessary, cleaned of scorpions. When buying, pay attention to that on the rudder was as little as possible of subcutaneous fat, and the skin itself was as thin as possible. Rolls stuffed with pre-prepared spices, spices do not regret! If the Russian porridge can not be spoiled with oil, the German shank will not suffer from spices. The skin of the shank will be thoroughly rubbed with salt, we will make seven or eight punctures with a knife, put the garlic and the remains of salt in punctures. Stuffed pilchku put in a saucepan, slightly warmed honey mixed with spices and watered them our workpiece. After that, pour the pilau with beer. Pay attention, do not fill the rudder completely, it will be enough if it is only half full in beer. Now we will crush it with a load, you can take a smaller saucepan, pour water into it and squash the bottom, then leave it in the fridge for the night. By morning the shank will be well saturated with beer and darken. We remove the cargo, put the pan on the fire and cook on low heat for 1.5 hours, periodically removing the foam, but without touching the wheel itself. After 1.5 hours, turn it over the other side and cook for another 1.5 hours. The marinade will gradually boil away, so you will need to pour a little water into it from time to time. As soon as the shank is ready, we get it from the pan. The skin of the shank should be easily pierced with a fork. Now we pass to the most important stage, to baking. Before reaching the meat, cut the cross cuts on the skin and stuff it with fresh garlic. In a small amount of hot marinade, we dissolve a tablespoon of honey and this solution evenly with a spinach. Immediately before placing the shank in the oven, it must be greased with mustard. Oven to heat up to 200 degrees, then bake for about 40 minutes, then turn it over the other side and keep in the oven for another 40 minutes, from time to time watering it with the remains of marinade. Pork shank with honey and beer is ready, you can serve it with boiled potatoes, and best with a quick snack. The recipe for snacks: Two tomatoes and Bulgarian peppers cut into slices, quickly fry in a small amount of hot vegetable oil, add a little soy sauce and literally a couple drops of tobasco sauce, put out two minutes. The taste of the dish is simply amazing - well-boiled, covered with crusty skin, the shank itself is a little sweet, moderately sharp, there is an almost perceptible beer spirit over the dish, all of this together gives an incredibly juicy mix of taste and smell. For some housewives the classic recipe for preparing the shank may seem too complicated and time-consuming. Do not be discouraged, there is a way to speed up the cooking process a little, practically without losing quality. In this case, we cook less than the time. Changes from the classic recipe will be: We do not stuff garlic and spices with garlic, but simply rub our skin with salt and pierce it several times with a sharp knife, but so that the marinade gets into the inside of the shank. In addition, we rub the skin with chilli powder, chilli can be discarded if you do not like spicy. Spices, beer and marinating for the night remains unchanged. Penne during boiling is not removed, we cook only an hour and a half, periodically turning the rudder in a saucepan. Further, too, simplify - garlic is not spikyem, cuts on the skin do only longitudinal, rubbing honey with mustard. We bake the bun on 200 degrees for 25-30 minutes on each side, constantly pouring the marinade. In this variant, the meat will turn out to be denser, but it will be easy to move away from the bone, which we actually achieved, the skin will not be digested, covered with glaze and becomes elastic, the chili will give the dish the necessary sharpness. In general, the shank according to the changed recipe will not differ much in taste from the classical, but at the same time and complexity of cooking the recipe has become much easier. Bon Appetit! We advise you to read: