beautiful curtains of beads If you want to make your home trulycozy and comfortable place, then there is no better way than to fill it with original interior items that are made by themselves. It is not difficult to implement this, but there are many advantages to such things. First, you save money that you can spend for other purposes; secondly, you get an exclusive thing that no one else has; and thirdly, the made interior object really makes your apartment or house much cozier, since in such work you are investing your soul.

We decorate our house

A very good choice in this case will becurtains made of beads made by own hands. They look beautiful in window or interior openings and niches, drawing attention to themselves with ease and grace. Swaying, they fascinate with their translucency, and in dim lighting have a truly magical look! So if you still doubt, then listen to the opinion of specialists: it is not difficult to make curtains of beads with your own hands, and you will get a real pleasure from the process of creativity. curtains from beads for kitchen

Where to begin?

So, what do you need to get started? Take the cord length of 2 to 3 m and a thickness of not more than 3 mm, otherwise it will be too wide to string beads on it. Alternatively, a nylon thread or a narrow band can also be used. In addition, we need the beads themselves, and their size and material from which they are made (plastic, glass or wood), you determine, depending on the chosen style of your interior. A cord with a small margin on the length will be needed for us if we make knots on our future curtains. These nodules will separate the beads strung on the cord, and create an additional decorating pattern. you can easily calculate how many centimeters of cord you can go to the nodules, measuring the height of your room or the interior opening in which the curtains will be located. Before you get started, draw a plan for your future product, think through the basic details of its location and attachment. Start assembling our curtains better from the lower end, on which you need to hang a decorative weight so that the cords with the beads do not get mixed up and hang exactly. Cords can be decorated with dividing knots, and beads are fixed with crimps, which, like beads, can be purchased in the store of accessories for decorations. Correctly selected details will allow you to make curtains of beads with your own hands so that the result is a real work of decorative art. curtains of beads for the children's room

Enjoy the result

The typed threads can be hung separately toit is good to see the resulting object. you can immediately appreciate the pattern and appearance of the decoration and adjust some details, if necessary. As additional decor elements for such curtains, it is also advised to use a glass bead or other similar parts. The main thing is to make the thread with ornaments look natural and harmonious, because you are doing not an ordinary curtain, but an ornament, which will pay attention. The finished curtains can be fixed with the aid of the eaves or a special clamping device. Pay attention to the threads securely held in the fasteners. Agree that if you make curtains of beads with your own hands, but at the same time parts of this decoration will constantly fall out of the bindings on the floor, it will spoil the whole impression of your work. Perhaps it's worth thinking about how to also make a clamping device with your own hands. When your creation is ready and is in place, you can fully enjoy the results of your work. A stylish product, unlike what is sold in the store, not only decorates your house, but also brings warmth and comfort to it. And every time, remembering how you worked on its production, you will feel a sense of satisfaction from a quality work done.