curtains in oriental style The East, as you know, is a delicate matter. And yet this business is bright, colorful and to some extent exotic (at least for Europeans). Eastern motifs firmly entered the European design art in the nineteenth century, when the universality of interior items in the oriental style was noted. Surprisingly, they fit seamlessly into any design of a dwelling. One of these interior elements is the curtains in oriental style. The eastern style is historically (and geographically) divided into two directions: the Arab East and the Buddhist East. In the first case it is a bright, pompous and flowery splendor, contrasting shades and ornaments. In the second - laconism close to minimalism, neutral, calm and pastel colors. Accordingly, the curtains in the oriental style are either Japanese and Chinese traditions, or the atmosphere of Arabian fairy tales.

The Arabic version

Curtains from the sketches of Scheherazade are, first of all,soft falling down fabrics: damask, mitkal, silk, moire, brocade and velvet. These are smart, voluminous and multi-layered curtains, which have a rest and relaxation. The color scheme of such curtains - saturated dark red, blue tones, shades of gold. Fabrics are one-color or with a pattern. Drawing - floral ornament, curly stalk spiral, jacquard, monogram. Additional decorations - gold, cords, fringe, brushes, rhinestones, bugles, mother of pearl, gold trim braid. The shape of the curtains combines figure, drapery, picks. Curtains in the Arabic version of the oriental style create an atmosphere of solemnity, sophistication and at the same time intimacy. Most of all, this option is suitable for windows in the living room or bedroom. curtains oriental style

Chinese version

It is simplicity, laconism and the absence of superfluousdetails distinguish oriental style curtains in the Chinese version. Such curtains - simply simply cut out on the size of a window a piece of a fabric with garters. Chinese curtains are raised and lowered manually, and fixed using tape or braid. Despite the simplicity of design and execution, Chinese curtains look quite stylish. They are made of expensive and beautiful fabrics of any colors and patterns. For them, almost any fabric is suitable. But the best look Chinese curtains, made of colored semi-transparent fabric. Garters of contrasting color look impressive. As decorating accessories used decorative braid, bugles, fringe. Such curtains can be made of several canvases tied at different heights. Chinese curtains organically fit into the interior of any room - kitchen, bedroom, nursery. And they are well combined with the laws and techniques of many interior styles.

Japanese version

Japanese panel curtains - the most concisea variant of oriental curtains. At first glance, they are too simple - smooth webs of solid fabric cuts, stretched over two slats. But it is because of its simplicity that Japanese curtains have won recognition throughout the world. They look like light screens on windows or vertical blinds. Curtains in the oriental style in this version can be made of several canvases, can be completely transparent or especially dense. Colors, drawings and textures of fabrics are absolutely admissible here. Especially spectacularly, they look like a drawing, which is not lost in the folds of the fabric. Japanese curtains are used when decorating large and spacious rooms or in interiors in the style of minimalism. It is the size of the room, its purpose and overall style that will prompt you how to decorate the curtains in oriental style and with their help to give your home a bright personality and a special mood.