devushka Tingling. Burning. Pain. So begins the morning with herpes on the lips, and in fact yesterday there was nothing! Such an insulting situation can happen to each of us. This is not surprising, because this virus can live in the nerve cells of almost every one of us1. Breaking into our life and tearing all plans, the herpes can "be outrageous on the lips" for up to a week! gorod With this problem no one will sit idly byarms. Moreover, a lot has been invented to combat it since the onset of herpes. You can use folk remedies such as fir, garlic, alcohol ... But, as a rule, they are either too aggressive or not effective enough. Cauterization, for example, does not affect the herpes virus and its activity, but it is very easy to burn damaged skin and mucous membranes in this way. The acute exacerbation of herpes on the lips is treated with special antiviral drugs. Modern "pharmacy" methods for solving the problem of herpes mainly based on acyclovir are also known for a long time. First of all, because the herpes virus began to get used to them2. This means that over time your treatment may become less effective. erasabanHelping to solve the problem of herpes is the appearance of new drugs for the virus, to which the herpes virus did not have time to adapt. In Russia, this new generation drug is with a molecule . This drug came to us from the UK,known for its fogs and rains, which have the appearance of herpes. But back to the very molecule of Docosanol. It makes the cell membrane impermeable to the virus, so that the herpes can not go inside the cell. The virus, without getting what it wants, just dies. As a result, the drug contributes to the rapid removal of symptoms - itching, burning, soreness and makes the herpes less noticeable, reducing the area of ​​infection by the virus, and at the beginning of treatment on the first or second day of the disease prevents the formation of crusts. dokozanol Thus, Erazaban with a molecule of Docosanol -a modern means of a new generation for treating the old problem - herpes on the lips. It can help you cope faster with its unpleasant manifestations, so that you can maintain your flawless appearance! Edelweiss, snowdrop, white iris - with these fine spring messengers compare the tenderness of the female skin. Now no vagaries of spring weather will leave a speck on your beautiful face. After all, you have a modern defense against herpes - with a molecule of Docosanol! 1. Goriachkina M.V., Belousova TA Herpesvirus infection in dermatocosmetological practice // Russian Medical Journal 2. Semenova TB Principles of Herpes Simplex Treatment // Russian Medical Journal 3. Compared to placebo, based on the study "Clinical efficacy of a topical cream containing 10% docosanol for the treatment of simple labial herpes: a multicenter, randomized, placebo-controlled trial." Sacks Stephen L., MD, a member of the Royal Therapeutic College of Canada, etc. There are contraindications, it is necessary to read the instructions for use. Registration certificate number: LSR-007705/10.