Cryotherapy - body care line Cryotherapy - cosmetic care linebody is really a pleasant surprise for those people who know the point. This line absorbed only the best methods and various programs aimed at general rejuvenation of the body, to get rid of cellulite, and, of course, care during pregnancy and after. The methods used by this make it possible to greatly change the elasticity of your skin, shape, at the same time, the tone of the vessels, and most importantly, it is a whole complex of procedures that will always help you take care of your skin. turn for you into a procedure that delights both the use of cosmetics, and the overall effect.

Anti-cellulite aroma program

It is thanks to the use of cosmetics of thislines you will not worry about the causes of cellulite, that is, the proliferation of lipid tissue in the vessels, the compaction of the intercellular matrix, the stagnation of the lymphatic fluid or the metabolic products - they will be eliminated without appearing. Microcirculation of the blood will be improved, the elasticity of the skin tissue will also significantly change for the better, and the figure will be adjusted and you will forget about any problems once and for all. In addition, aromatherapy can improve your nervous system - suppress depression, eliminate chronic fatigue syndromes.

Anti-aging procedures

Skin of the body, like any other aspect of a healthylifestyle, definitely needs proper care and care. It does not matter, either it's the skin of a face that always makes everyone cherish it, or it's completely invisible to the surrounding area of ​​the skin. The rabid rhythm of life of any modern person, as well as the constantly emerging stresses and unfavorable situations, only accelerate the appearance of wrinkles, pigment spots and other "enemies" of our beauty. In order to maximally remove this process, and for many years to forget that the aging of the skin just do not forget about what healing actions are rejuvenating procedures.

Skin care during and after pregnancy

Any skin has a number of properties that allowto withstand all kinds of stresses of the body, not to be exposed to common factors of influence, but pregnancy is definitely a test for the skin of any woman. These are huge loads, with which the skin is very difficult to cope on its own, thus, nursing during pregnancy is simply necessary. To escape in this case from all sorts of problems is possible only through professional methods.

Contrast stone-cryotherapy

Surely everyone has heard of the ancient easterna procedure that is based on the treatment with hot stones. Strangely enough, but this procedure has won great confidence from specialists and ordinary people who do not have professional knowledge. Indeed, this procedure relieves a person emotionally and physically, and is very suitable in conjunction with a point massage. Another unconventional technique is cryomassage (cryotherapy), which quite effectively delivers various biocomponents to the human body, namely to all kinds of problem areas due to local stress of the skin. We tried to combine these two therapies into an amazing procedure that triggers all the hidden reserves of the body. Thanks to this procedure, you can get rid of excessive subcutaneous fat, without any physical effort, as well as prevent the appearance of cellulite. We advise you to read: