devushka You, for sure, have a favorite hobby: maybe you draw well / mold out clay / make retro cars / knit / paint boxes, but you are 9 to 6 working for the "uncle", sitting in your stuffy office pants. And you thought about the fact that from your hobby you can easily make a business and turn yourself into a creative brand? For this you need to do just 10 simple steps:

  • Choose one favorite thing.
  • Identify with the target audience.
  • Create a unique product.
  • Make a business plan.
  • Find a team of like-minded people.
  • Create an image.
  • Learn to control the situation.
  • Be able to write scripts, direct and play roles.
  • Be creative.
  • Work full!
  • Now let's take a look at each step in order. Well, shall we begin?

    Choose a business you would like to do

    What about your favorite business? What do you like to do more than anything? This case can be difficult, and at the same time too simple. Is there anything to be proud of? What are you saying with such confidence and with pride: "Yes! I did it! It is excellent!"? Think about the case, which, in interlacing with the past, interests and attracts attention in the present tense. What hobbies? What kind of literature do you like to read, what is it about? How do you manage free time? What makes you get up in the morning? What should be the incentive to be at ease in the morning? These are basically simple but necessary questions that you need to answer. The answer will help to understand and determine the right direction in business. And, by the way, only a favorite thing can make you earn money.

    Create a unique product

    There is such a term "Unique tradingproposal ", or USP. What is your UTS? What are you ready to offer the world such that there is not? Remember how Jobs and his team decided to create the first iPhone. They just wanted to make a very, very handy phone, and they did it. What is the uniqueness of your product? With what problems will it help to cope? What opportunities will give people? viajet

    Identify with the target audience

    The first step is to determine who you arework. Maybe it's 25-35 years old housewives? Or owners of big business for 50? Who will benefit from your product? This is very important, then you will produce goods not in the warehouse, but in the implementation. Think, you should clearly represent the buyers of your products and their projected strength. It is very important to understand how many people are willing to buy your product. If these are 86-year-old nuns of Denmark, then have you chosen a narrow segment?

    Develop a business plan

    Business plan and mandatory items:

    • Name, logo of the project;
    • Colorful presentation;
    • Partners and potential clients;
    • Geographical location of the project;
    • The task of the project is to be memorable.

    Believe in your abilities! Remember, thirty-five years ago, in addition to TVs, there was nothing, but now: computers and printers, tablets and smartphones in every family. Many remember that in those years ordinary wired telephones were a rarity. Now we are all on the shoulder, and the most ridiculous idea can easily be fulfilled. To do this, you need to make a plan correctly. Everything is not difficult - just choose the goal and prescribe the ways to achieve it. This will be your guide, which will easily judge whether the intended goal is far off.

    Find a team of like-minded people

    Sometimes to create one for something amazing,really worthwhile, very difficult. Surround yourself with like-minded people, those who are infected, in a good sense of the word, with your hobbies and supports your views. Who is willing to work and earn with you.

    Create an image, slogan

    A brand that does not have its own name is not a brand. The name should be attractive in sight and caressing hearing. If you have far-reaching plans to enter the markets of neighboring countries with the goods, the name should be created with an understanding of its meaning. This should be remembered! Still need to come up with a short slogan - a message that carries information about your activities. The message should be capacious, intelligible and easily readable. Develop a visual logo. It will certainly attract the attention of people who may well become your regular consumers. komanda

    Learn to control the situation

    An entrepreneur is a person who simply does nothas the right to sit back. You must constantly be on the alert and monitor the situation, while still recording minor changes in the mood of customers. You need to constantly study all the know-how in your industry, exploring the possibilities of introducing new products into your production. Track even a small reaction to your company name, analyze and be always up to date. Important! Be cheerful, do everything from the heart and with pleasure!

    To be able to write scripts, direct and play roles

    Your product should evoke emotions. Try to predict the reaction of buyers to your product, brand. Beat the script with a picky client and, conversely, with a balanced, joyful or calm. Will this affect your performance? What needs to be changed to ensure that most customers are satisfied. More criticize yourself, and everything will turn out.

    Be creative

    The brand must constantly progress toavoid stagnation. There are a lot of methodological advice that will help develop a creative "I". Know: not everything is invented yet. Remember that we are all capable of generating new ideas, and in each of us, from birth a necessary resource for unique, unique discoveries is laid.

    Work full time

    Well, most importantly: never stop. Only superpowers bring super-results! Good luck! Based on the book "Turn on the heart and brains" publishing house "Mann, Ivanov and Ferber."