cream for biscuit cake No birthday is complete without such asweet dishes like cake. If earlier our grandmothers and mothers tried to cook this dish on their own, today, due to constant employment, a tremendous lack of time and fatigue, which overwhelms working women, many housewives try to buy ready-made pastries if a holiday is planned. Benefit of modern confectioners make these masterpieces, which can be purchased in every supermarket. All this, of course, is very good, but a cake prepared by own hands will always be better than a shop item. Therefore, if you have the time and opportunity, try to bake the dessert yourself. A suitable recipe you will find in any culinary source, for example, with us. Particular success is enjoyed by biscuits - this gentle and airy dough does not leave indifferent any sweet tooth. In addition, it is very easy, therefore, even if you and guests can not be limited to one piece, the stomach will not have an unpleasant feeling of heaviness, as sometimes happens after consuming high-calorie and heavy meals. If you decide to bake a sponge cake, use the tips below, which will help you prepare an appetizing cream that will make your dish unsurpassed delicious.


This recipe ranks first in popularityfor bakeries. Very many women use the custard for cooking cakes. Therefore, we simply could not ignore it. Ingredients:

  • three yolks
  • one teaspoon of flour
  • half a glass of cream
  • 140 grams of granulated sugar
  • vanilla - to your taste
  • fresh butter - 150 grams

Cooking method: First, separate the proteins from the yolks and the latter well rub with flour, previously combined with sugar. You should get a homogeneous mass without lumps and grains. Put the mixture on a quiet fire and stir constantly until it looks like a very thick sour cream. However, in any case, do not boil it! Then cut the warm butter with chunks and mix it with the remaining sugar, then gradually enter the hot cream and whisk everything with a whisk until smooth. Then pour some vanilla and put the dish to cool. This recipe can be used not only for biscuit cakes, but also for the preparation of other products, such as cakes or home eclairs. cream for cake biscuit

Cream of cottage cheese and cream

We offer to consider another recipe, which is considered to be the easiest to prepare. This time we will make a cream for biscuit cake from cottage cheese and cream. Ingredients:

  • cottage cheese - 400 grams
  • 250 milliliters of cream
  • sugar - to your taste
  • two pinch of vanillin

Cooking method: This recipe, according to professional culinary experts, is the simplest of all possible. Therefore, if you have never baked a sponge cake, we recommend you to prepare the curd cream. You will make it very quickly and under no circumstances spoil it. So, mince the cheese with a fork, finely chop the cream and whip the whole with a whisk so that a uniform and thick mass is obtained. It should not spread and creep. Then pour the sugar and vanillin on your own. Thoroughly mix the cream and can lubricate them with sponge cakes.

Very simple cream of oil

Creams based on butter are not inferior in popularity to curd. They are also quite easy to prepare and do not take a lot of time. Ingredients:

  • butter - 200 grams
  • rum - at will (you can also use cognac)
  • 1/3 cup of powdered sugar
  • two chicken yolks

Cooking method: To make it easier for you to make this cream, remove the oil from the refrigerator and allow it to melt slightly. Then combine this product with the powdered sugar, mix thoroughly and enter the yolks, pre-whipped. A few more seconds, work the corolla to make the mass become homogeneous. At the very end, you can add to your taste either rum or good cognac. Oil custard is also smeared with shortcake cakes, many housewives use it for making honey. So take this fact to the note, perhaps in a short time you will want to make a similar dessert. recipe cream for biscuit cake

Delicate protein cream

The taste of any cake (not only biscuit) independs on the cream. Some people like this substance to be oily, in this case it is recommended to cook it from butter or cream. If you prefer light creams, make them from sour cream, cottage cheese or protein. The recipe for the last dish we will now prompt you. Ingredients:

  • four chicken proteins
  • lemon juice - one teaspoon
  • granulated sugar - one glass

Cooking method: Whip the whitish white foam of proteins, and then add the lemon juice into them and mix again. Now gradually, pour out a little handfuls, enter the sugar and again work the corners from top to bottom to form a dense homogeneous mass. Take care not to leave a single grain or lump. Ready cream can immediately spread on the cakes and form a biscuit.

Appetizing cream of sour cream

This gentle sour cream will help to prepare the perfect sponge cake, with which you gladly treat your guests. Ingredients:

  • 500 milliliters of sour cream
  • 200 grams of granulated sugar
  • Vanillin put on your own
  • one pack of thickener

Cooking method: First mix well with a whisk or a normal fork with sour cream with granulated sugar, when the mass becomes uniform, add vanillin and pour the thickener. Then whisk all these ingredients into a thick, dense mass and put it on for several hours on the top shelf in the refrigerator. Then you can safely decorate the cake. By the way, if you use very thick sour cream, for example, homemade, the thickener should not be added at all, since the cream will not spread without it. We think, on the eve of the coming holidays, these recipes will be useful to you. After all, for sure your child will ask you to cook something delicious - so why not make a biscuit? We advise you to read: