cream for stretch marks for pregnant women Cream for stretch marks for pregnant women is a special topicfor a conversation. First, in such a state, when there are such significant hormonal changes in the female body, the response to various drugs can be unpredictable. Yes, and do not forget that nobody has canceled the care of one's health: the product should be safe for the future mother and her crumbs. Cream against stretch marks should contain retinol, which moisturizes the epidermis and does not penetrate deep into the skin. After taking a shower, apply to the body an oil solution of vitamin E or an effective cream from stretch marks. In addition, the body should receive vitamins C, E and A, as well as fatty acids, which are contained in fish, vegetable oil and vegetables. Even the best cream against stretch marks will be ineffective if it is not used regularly. Only the necessary nutrients will help our skin cope with difficult situations and remain beautiful. But what to do in those cases when time is lost? Here you will need a doctor's consultation, you may have to go through some procedures. At best, the doctor will advise the cream from stretch marks after pregnancy. The task of such creams is the qualitative nutrition of the skin and the improvement of its regeneration. If you do not pay enough attention to stretch marks, in time they will become much more noticeable, and you'll just have to forget about beautiful open swimsuits (from an aesthetic point of view). Yes, those ladies who are breastfeeding can not worry: you can find a cream against after delivery, which will be completely harmless for both mom and baby ...

Cream for stretch marks for pregnant women: what is important?

Cream for stretch marks during pregnancy is bestpurchase in specialized stores and pharmacies, minimizing the chance to purchase a counterfeit goods. How to choose a cream from stretch marks among the abundance of goods offered to date by different firms? Let's make some recommendations.

  • Choose specifically a cream against stretch marks forpregnant women. In such products the composition is designed taking into account the purpose, that is, for the skin of expectant mothers. Creams moisturize the skin and resist the appearance of striae (stretch marks).
  • The most effective stretch marks cream containsemollients, for example jojoba and shea oils. Also in the composition should be present components that improve blood circulation in the skin. Well, if the cream from stretch marks on the stomach contains amino acids, collagen and vitamins, as they contribute to the restoration of skin tissue and make its surface smoother.
  • And the best cream from stretch marks can cause unpleasant sensations if you will be irritated by its smell. It is better to choose a remedy with an unobtrusive aroma.
  • Which cream is better from stretch marks? Naturally, hypoallergenic! Therefore, if there is an opportunity to acquire a first sample or to borrow a little cream from a friend, make a test for the sensitivity of your skin to this remedy.
  • cream for stretch marks for pregnant women

    Review of creams against stretch marks

    As the market is full of similar goods,without any at least general knowledge, it will be very difficult to understand the choice of this or that tool. Therefore, we offer you a brief overview of the products presented in the domestic market.

    • Cream Mamacomfort

    Mamacomfort - cream from stretch marks, which is calculatedon a prone to dry and sensitive skin. A good deep penetration provides the emulsion composition of the agent. Active components enter the bloodstream and stimulate microcirculation in the vessels, nourish the skin and "include" intracellular metabolic processes that affect natural hydration. In general, if you regularly use this cream from stretch marks, the elasticity of your skin will really improve due to the content of the olive oil, chamomile extract, horse chestnut and tea tree. Mamacomfort is best used twice a day: morning and evening. Apply should be on the buttocks, thighs and abdomen with gentle massage movements until completely absorbed.

    • Avent Cream

    The cream from stretch marks avent has a saturated, but notfat formula, it helps to cope with the effects of weight fluctuations. The product moisturizes, tones, strengthens and relieves itching, contains an extract of algae and sea lettuce, which improves the elasticity of the skin. Thanks to the sweet almond oil, the skin calms down and is moisturized. Papaya oil helps to remove excess liquid. Avent will nourish the skin and soften it thanks to the shea-tree seed oil.

    • Mustela Cream

    Mustela has a double action: it helps to reduce existing striae and prevents the emergence of new ones. Use it in areas prone to changes of this nature: thighs, buttocks, chest and stomach. It contains humectants ANA, elastoregulators and softening oils. This cream can be used during the first month after childbirth. If you are trying to reduce the already formed stretch marks, then start applying the cream as they appear, use it for 3 months.

    • Cream Vichy

    Cream Vichy is not suitable for everyone. Some women claim that stretch marks in the chest area still appeared, and it is difficult to name this cream economically. But then again, we remember about the individuality of each woman. Cream from stretch marks Vichy contains nutritional and moisturizing components, helps to improve the elasticity of your skin. Synthesis of collagen fibers stimulates hydroxyproline, and these fibers are known to be responsible for the elasticity of the skin. The cream begins to be used from the 4th month of pregnancy (prevention), the correction course will take 2-3.5 months, depending on the individual skin characteristics.

    • Cream Sanosan

    The cream from stretch marks Sanosan is made in Germany. It is a good remedy that will support the skin during pregnancy and in the first trimester after childbirth. It contains wheat protein and olive oil, which increase elasticity and elasticity and resist the appearance of stretch marks and scars. In addition, during a period of rapid adolescent growth, this tool can be used as a skin care cream.

    • Cream Lierac

    Used as a correction tool,helping to deal with skin defects. Such situations can be caused by hormonal fluctuations associated with pregnancy and lactation, contraceptive use and even transitional age. The cream from stretch marks Lierac helps reduce the number and size of skin fat cells, affects the reduction of body fat, improves skin color and aligns its texture. Thanks to this tool, skin tone increases, its elasticity increases, and the depth and width of stretch marks decreases.

    • Cream Pregnacare

    Pregnacare contains evening primrose oil,which restores the amount of ceramides in the skin and stimulates lipid metabolism. To soothe the skin from itching, extract of calendula is used. Remove various irritations, will have a regenerating and antibacterial action of aloe extract. Dexpanthenol and zinc are responsible for skin regeneration, allantoin softens the stratum corneum, helping to get rid of old cells, vitamins E and C are antioxidants, activate skin breathing, promote the walls of blood vessels and cell membranes. Pregnacare is a good moisturizer that does not cause discomfort during application.

    • Cream Chicco

    The cream from Chicco stretch marks can be called maximallysafe for future crumbs. The elasticity of the skin rises, the degree of its moistening increases. The effect of the cream is only superficial, which excludes harm to the future mother and her child. Contains oils of rice bran and wheat, as well as vitamins PP and E.

    • BabyTeva Cream

    The cream from stretch marks BabyTeva is made in Israel,a company specializing in the production of goods for future and young mothers. The product meets all stringent quality requirements, it is completely safe for the mother and her baby. Cosmetics of this brand has many recommendations and certificates.

    • Cream Clarins

    Clarins - triple effect: preventive effect, struggle with the available striae and skin care. The product nourishes the skin, moisturizes it properly, thereby increasing the resistance to stretching, stops the synthesis of enzymes (metalloprotein), which are responsible for the degradation of collagen and elastin fibers.

    • Cream Guam

    Cream from stretch marks Guam contains 10% glycolicacid, which exerts a lifting effect on the stretch marks. In addition, natural oils and vitamin C are present in the composition. The acid content in the cream promotes a more rapid renewal of the epidermis, which makes the stretch marks almost invisible.

    • Cream Weleda

    Used from the second trimester of pregnancymorning and evening every day. The product contains oils, vitamins and oil extract of arnica. Weleda has a pleasant orange flavor mixed with the aroma of a rose. Can be used for three months after delivery.

    • Biotherm Cream

    Cream from stretch marks Bioterm has a pink color anda non-greasy texture that resembles a gel. It is recommended to start using from the third month of pregnancy, when the fetus begins to grow intensively, causing the skin to stretch. Apply to the thighs, buttocks, abdomen, and do not forget that the skin of the breast also requires care. Cream from stretch marks Biotherm should be used and after pregnancy for 2-3 months. Since during this period the skin is tightly compressed and there is a risk of the appearance of postnatal stretch marks.

    • Elancyl Galenic Cream

    Used to prevent stretch marks and forreduction of the severity of already existing striae. Thanks to the product, the unpleasantly pronounced color of the stretched skin loses its saturation. This cream can not be used during pregnancy, only after. If you use it during lactation, then strictly follow the hygiene of the breast, so that the remains of the cream do not enter the body of the crumbs with the mother's milk. Elancyl Galenic is recommended for use for three months. Apply it, like all such remedies, with massage movements, completely rubbing into the skin.

    • Cream Willows Roshe

    Cream Yves Rocher from stretch marks is a product of the middlequality, because the women who used it say that the result is, but not too impressive. Again, everything is individual. Try it and see for yourself.

    • Oriflame Cream

    Oriflame restores the structure at the leveldermis, the skin after regular use becomes more smooth. Cream against stretch marks Oriflame helps reduce the depth and length of stretch marks. This remedy can also be used during pregnancy.

    • Avon Cream

    The Avon stretch cream has an unobtrusive odor andnice texture. But it does not suit everyone! Women say that it causes a rash, irritations on the skin disappear only with the help of other additional means, in some cases such "troubles" last more than a week. Yes, and that the cream from stretch marks from Avon struggles with stretch marks, it is difficult to say.

    • Mothercare Cream

    Cream from stretch marks Mothercare - a good product withjojoba and shea oils. Moisturizes, nourishes, prevents stretch marks. It is used in a similar way to other drugs: from 10-12 weeks and throughout pregnancy.

    • Cream Attirance

    Cream from stretch marks Attirance refers tonatural cosmetics, there is shea butter in the composition. Women argue that the cream is affordable, but at the same time in quality is not inferior to more expensive products.

    • Cream Rejene

    Cream from stretch marks Rejene will help to cope even withold strias. The skin after applying this cream becomes more elastic, moistened, its tone rises. Suitable for all skin types. The composition of the remedy includes a peptide of the restructur, regestil and water, which penetrate into the deepest layers of the skin and restore it in the abdominal region, making it smooth and eliminating stretch marks.

    • Venus Cream

    Venus cream from stretch marks has an effectlifting, promotes renewal, fights with traces of sagging skin-it returns to natural tone. To get a significant effect, you need to use at least a few months.

    • Green Mom Cream

    Green Mama contains seaweed (spirulina andlaminaria), has a drainage effect, helps to strengthen muscle fibers. In addition, 100% natural essential oils are present in the formulation. As well as all cosmetics of this firm, a means of good quality.

    • Cream Roc

    Cream from stretch marks Rock is not recommended to usepregnant women and nursing mothers. After the lactation period, the cream is used for at least 8 weeks, after which the result will be noticeable - the stretch marks will decrease approximately two times. Roc does not leave stains on clothes.

    • Cream Thalgo

    Has a fat texture and a pungent smell. Women claim that Thalgo cream from stretch marks helps, the main thing is to start using it on time. For the price, of course, the product is not cheap. Thalgo contains oils of wheat grains and a taman, and also - elastin.

    • Eveline Cream

    Cream Eveline from stretch marks is a wholea line of funds. Very good results show the cream to restore the shape of the breast. Stretch marks go away, the skin returns to tone. Many women remain very satisfied, they say that the result is manifested after 1.5 months of use.

    • Cream Evinal

    The cream from stretch marks Evinal belongs to an affordable price category, has a pleasant, non-sticky consistency, is economical. Not a bad result for acceptable money.

    • Collistar Cream

    Cream from stretch marks Collistar can be used asduring the diet, and during pregnancy. The composition contains amino acids that resist the destruction of elastin. The color of the skin becomes much better, the density of the tissues becomes higher. A good product, no bad reviews were found. This, of course, is not the entire list of products that are on the market, but among them you will undoubtedly pick up something suitable for yourself. Test and do not miss the moment to remove stretch marks without problems. Any of your efforts will be rewarded. Any cream or gel will moisturize and nourish the skin, and even if the stretch marks you still have, believe me, they will be much less than if you did not do anything and all let it go. Look after your body and it will surely please you with its beauty! We advise you to read: