custard cream for Napoleon Surely in every family there is at least onelover of sweet. Often such children and women are exposed to such innocent weaknesses. Yes, and the stronger sex is also very supportive of desserts, although they prefer a good juicy piece of meat in the men's company. In general, those who are not lazy to cook and do it with pleasure, we offer to master several recipes for a delicious cream for a cake called "Napoleon". Although it can be used for other baking if desired.

Delicate cream of milk and flour in English

Each housewife makes cakes for the cake in their own way,buying a variety of products for this. The same and with cream - you can make creamy-butter, with condensed milk, and for lack of suitable ingredients to use everything that is at hand, for example, homemade jam. We offer you a simple recipe. Such delicious and appetizing custard for "Napoleon" is prepared quickly and without much effort. It is gentle, airy and will be a perfect addition to home baking. Ingredients:

  • two chicken eggs
  • one liter of pasteurized milk
  • a glass of sugar (if desired, replace with powdered sugar)
  • one package of butter
  • three tablespoons (table) of wheat flour of the highest grade

Cooking method: First, combine two eggs in a separate bowl (pre-whisk), one ordinary glass of sugar and the above quantity of wheat (premium) flour. Stir with a spoon until smooth. Lightly heat the pasteurized milk and gradually introduce it into the resulting mixture, stir to prevent clots from forming. Now put the bowl on fire (only on weak) and bring to a boil - remove from the plate, cool slightly to room temperature. The recipe involves the use of sugar, but you can replace it with powdered sugar. It dissolves well and does not form lumps. If you kept the butter in the fridge, lay it out and allow it to thaw. Then cut into small pieces and add to the milk mass - stir with a spoon or broom until uniform, so that all the ingredients are combined. Delicate and airy cream for the cake is ready! It can be used not only for Napoleon, but also for making other flour products and desserts. As you can see, this recipe is quite simple. By the way, if you put the finished mixture in the freezer and let it freeze, you will get homemade ice cream, which will not be rejected by any child! Bon Appetit! custard for Napoleon

Appetizing cream with vanilla

For those who like spices, offer a recipevanilla cream for cake. It turns out sufficiently dense and very sweet, so such a floury product is better served for tea or coffee without sugar. Ingredients:

  • 500 milliliters of pasteurized milk
  • two chicken eggs (can take three yolks)
  • 180 grams of sugar
  • 150 milliliters of fatty cream (you can use home or shop - 30%)
  • 50 grams of fresh butter
  • three tablespoons (or 30 grams) of starch or wheat flour (only the highest grade)
  • one teaspoonful (without top) a spoonful of vanilla sugar (vanilla in pods will also suit)

Cooking method: Cut with a knife into two halves of a vanilla pod and from one get the seeds. In order not to throw away the remainder, fold it into a container or a tight bag with a clasp and take the next time to make a cake or another dish. Pour pasteurized milk into a deep bowl or pan, pour half of this portion of sugar and add vanilla - mix well and bring to the bubbles (that is, to a boil). After that, remove from heat and let it brew (about half an hour). You can change the recipe "for yourself", for example, use powdered sugar or season with cinnamon sauce - this will give it a special flavor. Now in a separate bowl, pour out the starch or wheat flour, depending on what you have chosen, and then - the remains of sugar, and mix with a spoon or a special broom. If you want the cream for the cake to turn dense and thick, take a little more of these ingredients than indicated in the recipe. In the same mixture, add pre-whipped egg eggs (or three yolks) and stir until homogeneous. From milk, take out the vanilla pod and boil again, after which about 1/3 pour it into the starch-egg mass. Keep track of clumps. Thoroughly mix everything with the remaining milk and heat over medium heat. As the temperature rises, the cream gradually thickens. This recipe, based on the use of starch, has some distinctive features from one that involves the choice of flour. So, the first cream must first be slightly boiled, and then hold on the stove for another one or two minutes. And the other well thickens on low heat. By the way, to get rid of clots, wipe the cream through a sieve. Now add fresh butter and mix until smooth - put in a separate bowl and cover with a lid or special film (food). Put it overnight or at least 4 hours in the refrigerator. To make the taste of the product richer and more varied, add cream of high fat content or butter. Regardless of what you are using, whip the product with a mixer and gradually mix with the sauce. It can be used both for lubricating the cake of Napoleon cake, and as a filling for eclairs or brewed cakes. Napoleon Cream

Chilled sauce with condensed milk

Do you have a family celebration? Or did the child ask for a delicious dessert? And maybe at work someone has a birthday? If you decide to make "Napoleon", we offer another recipe for a cream with condensed milk for this cake! Ingredients:

  • Vanilla sugar at your discretion
  • one glass (or 200 milliliters) of concentrated milk
  • one small cup of sugar (or powdered sugar)
  • three large spoons of wheat flour (sifted)
  • 50 grams of quality butter
  • half a can of plain (not boiled) condensed milk

Cooking method: Combine the milk (room temperature) with the specified amount of sugar in the recipe, add wheat flour (only the highest grade) and stir with a spoon. Put on a quiet fire and cook (do not forget to stir) until the sugar is melted. If you do not want to wait long, it's better to use powdered sugar. After cool the mixture, pour half a can of condensed milk (add gradually) and put 50 grams of butter, then carefully stir (with a broom or fork) until smooth. Vanilla sugar put on your own. Voilà, the cream for the cake is ready! If you want a variety, with cream sauce, add a little grated peanuts, walnuts or other nuts. To impregnate home baking, you can use any cream: custard, with condensed milk, based on milk, with the addition of starch or flour, with or without spices. Some housewives believe that the best option is a mixture of sour cream and sugar. We offered you several varieties of excellent custard. We hope, at least one recipe (from the above) will be to your liking! We advise you to read: