crab salad with cucumber Want to make a light and quick salad, butdo not know which one? Then stop at a crab salad, for example, a salad of crab sticks with cucumber. The recipe for its preparation is very simple, the ingredients are available, and it takes quite a bit of time. True, some efforts will have to be made: nothing is done by itself. By the way, the recipe for crab salad can be supplemented at your own discretion, you can use fresh or pickled cucumbers, crab sticks or crab meat. But the basic recipe will still be unchanged.

Green crab salad

This is the recipe for the simplest salad with crabchopsticks and cucumber. Salad is light and "springy" due to a large amount of greenery, but at the same time and satisfying due to the presence in it of crab sticks and green peas. Ingredients:

  • Packing of crab sticks
  • Fresh cucumber;
  • Half a can of green peas;
  • A bunch of green onions;
  • A bunch of leaf lettuce;
  • A bunch of parsley;
  • Mayonnaise;
  • Salt.

Preparation: Greens and cucumber, dry and finely chopped. Dice the crab sticks. We mix all the ingredients, salt and season with mayonnaise. crab salad with cucumber

Crab salad with fresh cucumber

Recipe for a more satisfying salad with crab sticks and fresh cucumber. Ingredients:

  • Crab sticks (packing);
  • Fresh cucumber (1-2 pieces);
  • Eggs (4 pieces);
  • Onion:
  • Salt;
  • Mayonnaise.

Preparation: Eggs boil hard, cool and clean. Thaw the rods. Wash cucumber and peel it (if desired). Cut all the ingredients in small cubes. Chop onion. Mix all together, salt and season with mayonnaise.

Salad with crab sticks, cucumber and rice

And this is already a recipe for a festive salad with crab sticks. In this "composition" crab salad with cucumber is most famous and popular. But most importantly - it's easy to cook! Ingredients:

  • Crab meat (packing);
  • Rice (half a glass);
  • Fresh cucumber (1 piece);
  • Eggs (3 pieces);
  • Onion (half of the head);
  • Mayonnaise.

Preparation: To start, let's boil the rice (rice should be crumbly!), Wash it and cool it. Crab meat is cut into cubes (small). Boil, cool and finely cut eggs, chop half of onions. And, in the last turn, we shall finely cut the cucumber. Salad we lay out layers in a salad bowl or on a flat dish (in the form of a cake), promazyvaya each layer of mayonnaise:

  • crab meat;
  • rice;
  • cucumber;
  • bow;
  • eggs.

And to create a full-fledged image of the festivesalad with crab sticks adorn it with herbs, eggs and cucumber (leaves, flowers, twigs). Note: As one of the options for such a celebratory salad, you can make a salad with canned corn. It should be prepared just like a salad with rice, only rice replaced with corn. And in this case, the salad can not be laid in layers, but simply mixed - it will not be less delicious. And in general a salad with crab sticks (crab meat) and cucumber - a win-win option. Cucumber makes it fresh and light, and crab sticks - nourishing. Prepare this salad with rice, with egg, with corn or with greens. Cook for health and with pleasure, and a pleasant appetite for you! We advise you to read: