bridal wedding The largest flight of fantasy in terms of organizationcelebrations are given by a wedding. To date, there is a huge number of different scenarios and options for holding any part of this significant event in the life of every girl. But for some reason, many forget about the bride's wedding, which is an important stage of the wedding ceremony. But if you want to arrange this celebration on all canons and traditions, this part of it can not be ignored. In essence, matchmaking is getting an agreement on marriage with the bride's parents, after which you could announce to everyone that the main part of the rite will soon take place. Today, such a procedure takes place more formally: the groom usually comes to the bride's house for dinner with gifts and the whole family amicably celebrates the upcoming celebration. But, if you feel creative potential, even this part of the wedding ceremony can be interesting and original, which will allow not only to get a charge of positive emotions, but also to raise the authority of the groom in the eyes of the bride's parents.

Wedding ceremony

Bride's wedding with Russian people for a long timebegan with the humorous calls of the groom with their parents, most often in poetic form. As a rule, the future bridegroom went to the house of his beloved not alone, but in the company of the godfather, elder brother or uncle. This was due to the fact that an unexpected visitor in olden times in such cases was not always given a warm welcome, especially if the parents had other plans for their daughter. Today, when parents of the bride do not know about the plans of the future newlyweds, they are extremely rare, but if you want to arrange a real matchmaking, invite the above-mentioned relatives of the groom and his parents if possible. If in the old days the presence of the latter was not only not necessary, but even not desirable, then today their absence will be at least polite at best. Almost all scenarios of traditional matchmaking begin with a conversation between the father and the groom, who allegedly accidentally walked past his beloved's house and decided to look at the light. The conversation between the father and the groom is usually filled with hints, which, of course, each of the parties understands perfectly (for example, "we find a merchant from your overseas merchant for your merchandise." After the conversation, the groom, who was acceptable to his father, was allowed into the house and treated to fresh baked goods, most often with pie. The disagreeable person received a pumpkin as a gift and in turn could send a curse to the girl for an unmarried life. If earlier a girl, approaching the turn of the twenties, could give the first claimed matchmaker, then today, of course, the parents know who will come to them to make a match. This rite usually turns into a family feast. However, it can also be diversified, for example, by adding jocular contests to the groom and the bride or their parents. To the holiday was a success and was more cheerful and bright, apart from relatives you can invite close friends. After the bride's father invites the groom to the house, the whole company that came behind the bride's hand joins the house amicably and noisily, performing songs or playing any instruments (it all depends on what kind of talent the groom himself has) . According to the old custom, the groom should be given a loaf of bread to the bride. Today, many try to adhere to this tradition, although in addition to the groom groom must prepare flowers for the bride and small gifts for her parents. Today, matchmaking is not always carried out at home, so if you decide to go to a restaurant, like a loaf or just a celebratory cake, you can order there. The groom's speech, asking for the hand and heart of the future bride, must be ardent and sincere. But, if you do not like solemnity and bombast, you can, with your future husband, come up with a speech that reflects his personality, was moderately amusing and parable. After the end of the ceremony, parents bless their children for a long and happy marriage, and the bride puts on a ring in honor of the accomplished engagement. Traditionally, the bride's visit to the bride's parents should be short enough: immediately after the speech he usually went home. After that, the bride was to pay a return visit. However, today etiquette does not set clear requirements on how much dinner should last during matchmaking. bride's wedding

Signs and customs

In ancient times, a number of traditions and beliefsdetermined when, where and how the bride's matchmaking will take place: customs, for example, dictated the impossibility of holding this rite on Friday or Wednesday, on the 13th day of each month. But the 7th and 9th were considered the best time for matchmaking. In this case, the rite should have passed after sunset, so that evil people could not maleficiate the bride and groom. And after the departure of the guests, all sharp objects, most often pinches and pokers, were connected in the house so that luck would not leave the house. This custom can be upgraded, and you, for example, tying to all the cutlery for dinner after matchmaking beautiful and original bows. The bride usually remained silent during the whole ceremony and several times in the evening she changed her dresses. Of course, you do not need to keep silent, but you can make a change of clothes. During the matchmaking of the bride, customs also required a kind of review of her talents. She had to show her embroidery, related products, etc. The groom or his mother had to ask if the future bride was clever, in response to which she took a broom in her hands and pretended that she was sweeping the floor. If you decide to arrange matchmaking, this custom can also fit into his script. Demonstrate all your talents, whether it's playing on glasses filled with water, or embroidering with a cross. After the "show of talent", the bride's parents and groom went out on the porch and discussed the bride, even if the groom knew her very well and was familiar with her parents. If the bride liked the bridegroom, he had to drink a glass of honey, presented by the mother of the bride. You can replace honey with any other drink.

Contests for a festive dinner

There are a huge number of competitions that will help you to diversify a festive dinner or dinner during matchmaking. Here are some of them.

  • Prepare small papers with comic answersto the question of what you will do after marriage. It can be "spending money", "washing the floors", "going to the solarium", etc. In addition, on the pieces of paper can be written comic advice about your future family life. Guests should take turns taking these notes out of a special box and discussing the answers together. Usually this competition causes a sea of ​​laughter and smiles.
  • Every participant of the evening should remember how it is possiblemore wedding songs. If possible, all guests must perform at least a small extract from each song. He who remembers most of the compositions, respectively, wins. You can even prepare small gifts for the winners in advance.
  • To cheer up not only the youngguests, but also parents, you can arrange a competition specifically for them. Let, for example, your dad and the groom's dad leave for a short time the room where dinner is served. After that, you need to ask your moms questions that relate to their love story. For example, you can ask where and when they met, on which day of the week the father made an offer to the mother, what was her favorite film, how many guests were at their wedding, etc. Then the popes return and answer the same questions. The corresponding pair of parents, who will have more coincidences in the answers, wins accordingly.
  • For the next contest you will need two pairsMittens and two shirts with a lot of buttons. Choose from among the guests two girls and two young people and divide them into pairs, in each of which one of the participants put on a shirt without fastening it, and on the second - mittens. The essence of the contest is quite simple: the pair in which the participant in the mittens will quickly button all the buttons on the second participant's shirt will win.
  • After the matchmaking, one of thethe most responsible and exciting stages in the life of future newlyweds - preparation for the wedding. This period is usually filled with many worries and troubles associated with the organization of the celebration. It is after the matchmaking that the young learn more closely each other, get acquainted with the numerous relatives with whom they will have to communicate a lot in the future. It is during this period that one can check the seriousness of each other's intentions regarding future life together. Do not be afraid of it, because if everything goes well, over the years you will remember the preparation for the wedding and about it as the best period in your life. We advise you to read: