reasons for the emergence of computer dependence The life of a modern woman is very rich andfruitful - career, personal life, hobbies, travel, friends, etc. All this cycle captures completely, sometimes even without leaving a moment to look back and somehow evaluate different achievements, difficulties, problems ... But these very life problems can have completely different origins. There are situations when the heart says one thing, and the mind tells the other, and intuition is not always the best companion in making responsible decisions. Women are by nature very emotional, and even fears, fears, insecurities - all this has a profound effect on their lives and can lead to acts that end up either harming or destroying relationships with close people, colleagues, friends. Understand the cause of life's problems, understand them, find harmony and become happier will help . A qualified astrological consultation is oneof the best options for getting out of a difficult situation, in which the woman herself is no longer able to figure it out. Over the past decade, astrology as a science is very much in demand in the study both in the West and in Russia, this was due to the saturation of the market with computers, as well as free access to the Internet to various static information that is necessary for astrological research. And many important points and patterns of this science have found their scientific justification and confirmation in compiling economic forecasts. Astrology affects various areas of man and can also interpret the psychological and physical health of women. After all, many life difficulties can often arise due to lack of self-confidence due to various complexes, for example, associated with various speech defects. That is why will not only be useful with itsdefectological aspect, but will also be an integral psychological component in the formation and improvement of one's life for the better. Many speech therapists often have in addition to professional speech therapy education, also psychological. As they say, human life is a puzzle-picture that needs to be properly assembled, working on oneself and listening not only to the advice of relatives and friends, but also using the recommendations of various specialists. Let's look at the main tasks that the astrologer faces, but for this a bit of history. The role of the astrologer was important at all times, with more interest in women than in men. This is understandable, because women are more sensitive to the rhythms of nature, and astrology is a natural science. An astrologer can be compared with a doctor who can determine the destination of a person, indicate what is favorable for him and what does not, communicate a favorable date for getting married, help avoid many tragedies, choose the right day for an important event: weddings, operations, trips, etc. Astrology is translated from sancrita "jyotish", which means "eye", and it is impossible to live without eyes. What helps an astrologer to see a person's life from the right angle, soberly assess the situation and find the right solution? The answer is simple - the natal chart, which is an accurate diagnostic tool, and allows you to solve the following tasks:

  • To see all the moments of human life in the past, present and future;
  • Analyze the personality characteristics of a person;
  • Understand the sources of the problem and provide the necessary recommendations for their solution;
  • Make a forecast and propose options for future development.
  • Let's highlight the main situations in which an astrologer's advice on Skype can help:

  • Work - Determination of a favorable transition dateto a new job, dismissal, change of position, determination of a favorable sphere for work that would lead to success, recognition, promotion, pleasure;
  • Personal relationships - relationships in the family with relatives, children, loved ones, lack of children and families, as well as identifying the causes of what is happening;
  • The forecast of interaction with significant people, problems in choosing a partner for relationships - an astrologer online will help prevent erroneous decisions, deal with the extraction of life lessons, etc .;
  • Marriage / divorce is the determination of a favorable period and the date of significant events for a person's life;
  • Health - determining the causes of regular diseases and finding ways to solve them, determining the date of the operation and the significance of its conduct;
  • Money - the definition of the causes of problems with money, the search for solutions and ways to enhance the success of their involvement.
  • Practical knowledge of astrology will help anya woman to become happier, more successful and more confident in herself, living in harmony with the universe. Learning to Skype erases the boundaries between people and helps everyone to create a strong and united family, improve relations in the team, be healthy and beautiful thanks to the mysteries of astrology and the recommendations of a professional specialist.