The hands of a woman give her age As much as a woman does not care about her appearance,no matter how well-groomed the face, but if her weather-beaten hands are red or the skin is dry and the nails begin to separate, this negatively affects the whole of her appearance. There is an opportunity to go to the beauty salon, where every woman will be able to make a paraffin mask, after which the skin of the hands will gain lordship, softness and elasticity. Also in the salon you can make yourself a professional manicure. Plus the master of the manicure will give you advice on how to take care of the nails and the skin of the hands, in your case. The procedure with the application of paraffin mask you can make yourself. To do this, you will need to buy paraffin in the store, as well as a bath that will heat it. After that, your apartment will have its own SPA-salon. There are many other different recipes for the care of hands. Do not forget about nails, well-groomed skin with burrs does not look very nice. When washing your hands, use a soft baby soap, because the skin on your hands is sensitive enough, then wipe it well. A mask for the skin of the hands is made of such components as glycerin, ammonia, cologne and water. Twice a week, wrap your hands with a mixture of honey and almond oil. Well her vmashiruyte. Then it is necessary to put on polyethylene gloves, and from above to roll your hands with a warm towel. From personally acts on the skin of the hands mask, consisting of avocado oil, with the addition of four drops of essential oil from the rose and ylang-ylang. Also, once a week, do skin peeling, it rejuvenates skin cells and hands massaging. We advise you to read: