corsets for women evening A female corset is an intricate thing thatis endowed with many wonderful qualities that allow her for a very long time to remain the main fetish of the huge world of fashion. Women's evening corsets are not saved either from the cold or from the heat, but they save from the ordinary, creates a mysterious and mysterious female image. Infinitely changing under the influence of ethical requirements and fashion: closed and modest, piquant and shameless, lace, velvet, leather, satin, on laces, on zippers or on buttons, beautiful female corsets always attracted and fascinated, pleasing the eye and exciting imagination.

Corsets: classic and sexy

erotic corsets A classic corset is an element of the femalewardrobe, capable of making a royal posture. And we always have a desire to look spectacular, seductive and elegant, but so that our clothes do not hamper the movement. Fashion designers came to the aid of new technologies and materials, which allows them today to create a desired silhouette that does not restrict movements and at the same time is tough enough to create the effect of an aspen waist. Designers offer several ways to wear fashionable corsets 2011: on top of ballroom skirts or strict trousers, a wide belt-corset, giving the figure the desired shape of an hourglass - over Greek blouses, men's shirts. Therefore, you can buy fashionable corsets, photos of which are increasingly flickering in the catalogs of fashionable clothes, not just as an evening outfit. They are quite suitable for trouser suit and will give your posture a special severity. Before choosing such a thing, you need to consider some details. For example, if you do not have a person who will help him to wear and tighten, it is better to choose the fashionable corsets 2011, fastened on the chest. In addition to the classic corset, lingerie stores today offer a magnificent selection of luxurious, candid styles that can turn any dinner into a passionate and fascinating romantic date. You will pleasantly surprise and greatly please your lover if you make a purchase in the department where erotic corsets for women are sold.

Corsets under the chest

fashionable corsets Corset has unique properties that do not haveother types of clothing. He disciplines movements, remarkably supports the back (it is very important for those who have problems with the spine), emphasizes the chest and pulls the waist. Of course, it is impossible to stretch corsets endlessly for women under the breast (half-corsets). You need to do everything within reasonable limits, even if you strongly want to have a look like a model. It is worth remembering that the heavily overstuffed linen will only bring physical discomfort, and no one will notice the extra centimeter hidden beneath it. Among the beautiful female corsets there are excellent options for wedding or evening dresses, the main thing is to skillfully choose accessories. You can choose for yourself a casual model and wear it with trousers, "under the jacket," or with short skirts. You will not go unnoticed in any case! Corsets for women, whose photos made you think about buying, should also be very convenient. Many girls who bought this garment first experience some discomfort, but then get used to it very quickly. After a couple of lessons, you too absolutely calmly will wear it on your own. After all, among the corsets of women under the chest are really comfortable models, if you know how to properly use them. Just like shoes, which first rubs and presses, and then allows you to completely ignore what we are wearing today. When elite women's corsets sit on a figure, they stop distracting us and hindering us, become a pleasant addition, which allows us to remain a princess for a long time with a proudly straightened back.

Combination corset with other clothes

corsets for women This wardrobe item looks great in various combinations with other types of clothes. Let's see with what to wear a corset, what would look beautiful, fashionable and at the same time appropriate:

  • An excellent addition to it will be jeans thatmust be necessarily tight. It can be worn on a naked body, or it can be supplemented with an undershirt, slightly ajar in the neck, with long sleeves. A pair of heels - and the image is complete.
  • To the dress is perfect podgrudny corset. Choose a style with a lush bottom, beautiful shoes and fight men on the spot.
  • In cool weather, the best option would be thosefrom fashionable corsets, photos of them you have repeatedly seen in magazines that look amazing under a jacket of dark tones (for example, under leather). Choose a model of bright colors so that from under it it stands out clearly. A complement of such a set of jeans pants and, of course, heels.
  • Narrow straight skirts in combination with corsetsfemale, photo of which are found among the classic models, will make you visually slimmer. This style is wonderful for an official or semi-official party. Stunning look will finish, as always, heels.
  • And, of course, erotic corsets, photos of whichwe often see in men's magazines, ideally look with suspenders and stockings. Many models have ears for removable braces. A thing in this style is better to choose dark tones, like stockings, although the right to choose the color belongs only to you. Focus on the personal taste and wishes of your partner.

Leather corsets - at the peak of fashion

Fashionable corsets 2011 If you want to make a good gift to yourman, you should think about replenishing your existing collection of underwear erotic corsets, photos of which are sometimes found in the catalogs of sex shops, for example, women's evening corsets. Such sexy outfits have not left a single man indifferent, because a woman for them appears in a perfect new, attractive and inviting image of a sexy fatal beauty. Women's leather corsets are the most erotic option, favorably emphasizing beauty and provoking the most daring imaginations of your partner. They lift the chest and make the waist a little smaller, so the figure becomes perfect. A huge variety of elite female corsets gives every woman, who has any figure, the opportunity to choose a style that most successfully emphasizes the beauty of her body. Among the corsets of women's leather, appeared today in fashion stores, there are models that will be appropriate in everyday life, just pick up their pants and a strict blouse. You will become slim in an instant, and the admiring glances of many men will be the best proof of your charm. Do not forget about the amazing sexuality of erotic corsets female, surprise your loved one, meet him in a new leather kit - and you will be surprised how tender and passionate a typical evening can be.

Corset - doctor

When in the beginning of the twentieth century there was an x-ray,doctors had the opportunity to compare two shots: quite even ribs of a peasant woman, who never wore a corset, and heavily curved ribs of an aristocrat who had not removed him since fourteen years. What they saw made a furore, and this detail of the women's wardrobe became the number one enemy. But it was impossible not to recognize the fact that a good, for example, a female corset, supports the internal organs better than a medical bandage. Since that moment doctors began to work hard on its creation. And here in the 20 th century, according to the plaster cast taken from the patient, they began to produce orthopedic corsets for the first time. Such a thing allows you to fix and unload a certain section of the spine of a person with injuries and distortions. Speaking of modern materials, women's corsets are made from such elastic tissues that do not put pressure on the internal organs. Anyone who has ever been out of his life in this beautiful clothes for one day will always do it. After all, in the corsets of women's evening women always feel like princesses or even queens. Despite her age and waist size, she feels elegant, slim and erotic. We advise you to read: