eye corrector Not every representative of the beautifulThe floor boasts the perfect skin. Everyone has minor troubles: the pimple will pop out in a prominent place, then from the lack of sleep there are circles around the eyes. A huge role is also played by the diet and lifestyle that you lead. A sports person who regularly consumes vegetables, fruits, vitamins, non-smokers and non-drinkers, you will agree, looks much better than those who adhere to a less healthy lifestyle. However, you can behave correctly, buy organic products, but all this will not protect against the emergence of stressful situations, which, one way or another, will affect the face. So the night spent in meditation, in the morning will affect your skin. But also it does not matter: today there is a mass of cosmetic means, which make it possible to hide shortcomings. One of them is a corrector for the eyes.

What is it and "with what it is eaten"

Depending on the way in which they are disguiseddefects, cosmetic means called correctors or concealers. However, their division into these groups is rather controversial, in addition, some manufacturers generally do not have such a gradation. Therefore, when making a purchase, be guided solely by your own knowledge of the theory and skills, and do not get hung up on what is written on the package. Whatever it was, such cosmetics should be in the arsenal of every woman. After all, it helps to smooth the complexion, as well as to hide imperfections (acne, a small rash, etc.) of the skin. If you have a sleepless night and have dark arches under your eyes, then the corrector is ideal for disguising flaws. However, the remedy should be chosen very carefully. After all, cosmetics of unsuitable tone and consistency will only emphasize defects on the face. If you need to get rid of obvious signs of lack of sleep, take a creamy concealer. It not only disguises flaws, but also helps to moisten such a delicate skin around the eyes. Women of mature age should not use a hard corrector, as mimic wrinkles will become more noticeable. The tone of the cosmetic product should be lighter than the natural color of the skin. Many girls, trying to hide dark circles, use a yellow corrector. However, usually the arcs under the eyes have a bluish-brown hue, and, as is known, when you mix the sky with the color of the sun, you eventually get a green. Therefore, it is better to use the peach tones - it nicely neutralizes the dimming. But remember that sometimes after applying such cosmetics, the skin can become orange. In this case, one more layer of an ordinary natural proof-reader needs to be applied from above. In order to disguise small pimples and pigmented spots, a dry concealer in the form of a pencil is suitable. It can be completely different, so you should choose it based on what problem you want to get rid of. For example, the composition of a cosmetic product that helps to hide acne, includes components that promote the healing of inflammation. There are also color features: so that to make the spider veins less noticeable, it is recommended to use concealers of a yellowish shade. Such corrective cosmetics is different from the tonal basis. It has a more dense consistency and reacts differently to powder in a different way. If you applied the product to the skin around the eyes or to another area of ​​the face, then use a lighter powder - cover the part that was treated, and for the rest, choose a different shade. eye-corrector

Learning to select a corrector with the mind

The principle of action of such cosmetics is quite simple -masking flaws due to color correction. So, with the help of a diametrically opposite color, it visually "eliminates" the visible defects, or rather, the deviations that are present in a certain place on the face, from the normal skin tone, trying to neutralize them by such imposing. Therefore, in order to achieve the desired effect, you must select the appropriate tone means. To do this, you need to know about the antagonist colors, which, in fact, is written below. Some of the most common corrective agents are green ones. They help to hide such deficiencies as pimples, insect bites, various kinds of rashes, a vascular network around the eyes, sunny (and other) burns and the like. "Yellow" and "orange" cosmetics fights with dark circles and bruises in the "violet" stage, and orange shades mask even the emerging veins. Also, with their help, the face of earthy color can be given a healthier appearance. As for the dimming, it's rather difficult to find the right tone for hiding them, so to avoid making the wrong choice, apply a small amount of corrector on your skin and see how they fit together. To refresh the "yellowish" face and give it a blush, use a pink remedy. Also with its help you can veil green bruises and traces of lack of sleep. To make the overall skin tone slightly lighter and achieve the so-called "porcelain" effect, you should use a white concealer. It can be mixed with other tonal and masking cosmetic products. As a result, you will not only correct their colors, but will achieve the greatest match with the color of your skin. As you can see, cosmetics works wonders!

We get rid of dark circles under the eyes

In order to disguise them, you need to pick upcorrector of suitable consistency and color. Too moist the texture can "wander" over the face, lingering in the folds and fine wrinkles, thus drawing attention to the shortcomings. Too dry concealer is not suitable for the sensitive skin around the eyes - it will look like a baked apple. So when choosing cosmetics you will have to work hard. The hue of the corrector should match the tone of the foundation or be slightly lighter if you want to mask the dark circles. If you use both tools of the same color, then the concealer can be applied both before and after the base. So, the first layer is a regular cream. Let it soak, then pat the remains with a special napkin, sponge or sponge. So the dry skin around the eyes will be moistened and the corrector will not roll down. Now apply the product with a brush on the contour of circles, shade towards the top and pat with your fingers. Do not do the opposite, otherwise you will highlight the healthy part of the face, and the problem areas will remain. If necessary, disguise blackouts in the corners of the eyes or on the eyelids. To combat too obvious shortcomings, more serious means will be required. To do this, take the corrector for a tone-two lighter than a foundation and apply it first, and then - the basis, which is distributed with a brush. Girls with fair skin to eliminate dark circles suitable for yellow konsiler, swarthy ladies better to choose golden-orange shades. a good eye-corrector

How to remove bags under the eyes

Just to disguise them as a light proofreader is notwill succeed. The fact is that by highlighting this or that part, you visually give it a bulge. And in this case, the main goal is to hide it, not to flaunt it. Therefore, it is necessary to apply concealer to the area that is lower than edema. Since under ordinary conditions the face is illuminated from above, such a swelling forms a shadow, and by highlighting a certain area and bags, you make them come to the fore, which makes this defect less noticeable. As people look straight, all the flaws around the eyes will look exactly on the background of the facial skin. Beautiful appearance you are guaranteed! So, take a corrective pencil, designed specifically to lighten the dark spots, and apply it with a brush on the bottom line of the problem areas. Then shade with your fingertips. Many women have both increased swelling and dark circles. In this case, they will use a three-stage technology. First, apply the corrector in small portions around the eyes, then a foundation for the whole face, and to top it off - a small amount of light concealer on the area shaded with bags, and distribute it well. Fix the makeup with a thin layer of powder. If you have a problem skin, better choose a cosmetic product with a loose consistency. Otherwise, all the irregularities will become more noticeable.

With what other problems does the proofreader struggle?

This masking tool will not only help to hidebags and dark circles under and around the eyes, but also make the pimples not too obvious. Moreover, it usually includes special components that reduce and prevent inflammatory processes. If you have a problem skin, it's best to use a dry texture corrector, and pick it up in tone to the tonal tool. Otherwise, if it turns out to be lighter, the rashes will look more prominent, that is, very noticeable. Apply a brush or a finger to the corrector directly on the affected area and rub, then the entire face with a moist (so the makeup will be better "lying down"), cover the sponge with a thin layer of foundation. Cope with such trouble as rosacea, a concealer of a yellow shade applied to the reddened patch will help. Many women with age on the skin appear dark brown spots (melanosis, or hyperpigmentation), which can be caused by exposure to ultraviolet light or hormonal disorders in the body. Disguise these defects with a light corrector - apply directly to the site of the lesion, shade, and to give a smooth color, use a (dotted) tonal basis. Some girls make mistakes, resorting to such means in order to level the skin, previously spoiled by scars, for example, from acne. This is fundamentally wrong, so you only increase the disadvantage in the eyes of others. Your task is to make the face look dull, and the best assistant in this case is the loose powder.

A few words at a time

Often, representatives of the beautiful halftormented by the question of how to correctly use the corrector in combination with a foundation and in what sequence it should be done. As such, strict instructions do not exist - all individually. However, the tool applied to the tinting base can subsequently dissolve into it, and then the result will be unexpected. Or on the contrary, if you apply the corrector after the cream, it will look on your face hard and will not match the color. Therefore, it is recommended that you try both options and choose your own. To achieve the necessary texture and adjust the shade to yourself, you can mix several types of cosmetics. To ensure that the corrector was invisible, lower the face and apply the product in the recesses under the eyes with a special brush, then "beat" it into the skin with light pats of fingers. If there are blackouts in other areas, disguise them. Top another thin layer of concealer with a natural tone. Fix the transfusion effect with a transparent powder. Do not forget about the SPF factor. Buy funds with protection from ultraviolet, so your skin will long remain healthy and beautiful. By the way, any product covering the face with a dense layer, limits the negative impact of sunlight, even if it does not contain SPF. And one more tip: to always remain attractive, watch the expiration date, change cosmetics every six months, and your skin will be perfect! We advise you to read: