eyebrow correction Everyone knows that "the eyes are the mirror of the soul." Captivating languid look, a swing of eyelashes and a gentle smile are capable to win the heart of any man. Therefore, everything in the image of a woman should be perfect, after all, having missed one detail, you can even make a beautiful woman a discreet "gray" special. It would seem that such an eyebrow? Well, plucked, tinted, and all. However, well-delineated, regular shape, they can completely change the facial expression, emphasize its oval, draw attention to the eyes. Therefore, if you want to captivate and fascinate the opposite sex, you must properly look after the eyebrows - pluck out, try to match their color with a touch of hair and so on. At different times, the fashion for the shape of the eyebrows was completely different. If several years ago on the girl's face you could see very thin "strings", long or short, today the main trend is wide natural eyebrows. We will tell you how to correct them correctly below.

What is the shape and how to choose it

Do you think you need eyebrow correction? Do you want to give them an attractive look and thereby improve your appearance? In this case, you need to know a few subtleties. First, consider the thickness of the eyebrows and their shape. Thus, the arcuate makes the face fresh and open, and the dark color and abundance of hair, on the contrary, even the sweetest lady can impart an evil and unapproachable expression. Another nuance is the clarity and correctness of the form. The latter is given to everyone from birth, it is unique and can not be changed. You can only slightly improve it and give expressiveness. Therefore, having ventured to a correction, consider this and do not try to radically "reshape" your face. Cosmetologists divide eyebrows into four types: curved, broken (like Marilyn Monroe and Christina Aguilera), as well as straight and round. If you have an oval face, then the most suitable option is arcuate; the same, who have sharper, square features, longer will suit long and high eyebrows. Chubby ladies look spectacular with rounded at the ends and slightly raised up "thread". The outlined and straight eyebrows, located at a farthest distance from the bridge of the nose, ideally complement the oblong face. eyebrow correction

What you need to know

So, you want to "get" the perfect eyebrows -correction, of course, it is better to do in the salon, where a qualified specialist will give them the necessary and correct form. If you decide to carry out the procedure on your own, then be patient with the knowledge of the theory and some auxiliary tools. So, you will need:

  • a pencil for eyes of white color;
  • tweezers;
  • dark gray or brown shadows;
  • thin brush with stiff bristles;
  • applicator for eyebrows.

The latter is a kind of template- this is a flexible plastic plate, in the middle of which a shape of eyebrows is cut out. Usually such a set includes several applicators, copying the "bends" of celebrities. It is useful in case you have very light or infrequent eyebrows: attach it and apply with a brush the shadows. Using the applicator greatly simplifies the correction process. This "helper" has long been popular in Europe and the US, but in our stores it is not always easy to find. But do not worry - you can do without it. With a cosmetic pencil, you can draw the missing hairs, but do it neatly, in the direction of their growth. Do not stain eyebrows in the color of the raven wing - they must be combined and harmonized with a hint of hair and tone of skin. Agree, a bright blonde with soot on top of her eyes - this, at least, is ridiculous. Girls of this type should use a light chocolate or brown pencil, which is also ideal for gold-haired and "honey" ladies. If you have dark hair, give preference to oak or dark gray (recommended for those with gray hair), and redheads should pay attention to golden-chestnut and terracotta shades. Eyebrow correction is a very important process, because the wrong procedure can dramatically change your appearance, and not always for the better. To make everything without errors, some use special stickers, easy to use - just put them on the brow and press them with a damp towel for a few minutes, then clean. Such transferable tattoos are produced in sets (in each from 7 to 14 pairs) of different shapes and colors - from light beige to black. If you do not like the result, you can get rid of it with the help of any vegetable oil. However, such eyebrow correction is a dubious exercise, as they look unnatural. eyebrow correction

Correction procedure

If the eyebrows are unsuccessful or have a fuzzy shapeline, then all efforts to achieve perfect make-up will come to naught. An important element is their length and height, they must start, and also end in certain places. In this case, eyebrow correction is necessary. It's easier when there is an applicator - everything is very easy with him. In this case, attach it to the eyebrows and circle the outline with a white pencil. If it is not, then use a kind of scheme, knowledge of which will help to get an excellent result of the adjustment. So, to determine the point of origin, attach a special pencil along an imaginary line that runs from the wing of the nose and ends at the inside corner of the eye. At the top, on its continuation, and the brow begins. The peak of it, that is, the highest point, is planned in the direction of the line running from the middle of the upper lip through the eye pupil. To determine the place where the eyebrows should end, set the pencil in the direction from the wing of your nose to the outer corner of the eye. Where he touches his eyebrow, and there will be an end. Note that the outer edge of the eyebrow should not be lower than the inner one, otherwise you will have a sad and sullen look. After you decide where your eyebrows begin and end, mark these points with a white pencil, and comb the hair with a brush, and in the direction of their growth, and go directly to the removal. Use a clean pair of tweezers (treat it with a special tool); the main thing is that it is well and tightly closed. Start plucking, slightly stretching fingers of the free hand skin along the lower edge of the eyebrow. First, visually align the line, remove unnecessary and improperly growing hairs. However, do not touch the upper edge (this can greatly change the facial expression), and the external one is better left natural or, if necessary, slightly extend. When the correction of the eyebrows is finished, treat them with an antiseptic so that the reddening is faster; and that the hairs lay exactly, apply a little gel on the old brush from the brachomatics and comb them in the direction of their growth. Today there are a huge number of shadows and pencils for eyebrows of different shades. The latter should not be very soft and moderately firm, well-shaded. However, do not overuse them, otherwise turn your face into a kind of mask. Pencil small small dashes, similar to the natural direction of hair growth. In order to correct eyebrows looked natural, it is better to use shadows - they lie easily and imperceptibly. Beautiful "arches" above the eyes - an integral part of the image of a charming woman. This detail can both make the face more attractive, and distort even the most lovely features. Therefore, choose the appropriate form, make eyebrow correction and constantly look after them. Do a massage (small pinching, pinpointing in the direction of hair growth), comb it with a brush dampened in castor or olive oil. Some use glycerol or a means to strengthen hair. Look after your eyebrows, and they will contribute to your irresistible image! We advise you to read: