concealer There are very few women who haveflawless skin. Serious influence on it is primarily external factors: from the sun's rays and ending with poor ecology. Irregular pimples, bruises under the eyes, pigment spots, capillary mesh, enlarged pores - all this is familiar to almost every girl. But today such problems can be considerably facilitated by concealer, which after the first application will become a permanent "resident" of a cosmetic bag for any woman. What is concealer? It is an effective masking agent for facial skin. As a rule, its color depends on the purpose and can be either a bodily or another shade. Today, many manufacturing companies offer a wide range of masking agents that not only hide facial skin defects, but also affect the original cause of their appearance. This popularity is explained very simply: the concealer will help to hide any drawback. Is not that what the girls want? Advantages need to be emphasized and highlighted, and shortcomings to hide. concealer is

Types of concealer

  • Liquid

The concealer is very convenient to apply, since it is veryit is well shaded. Basically, this tool is used to hide the problem areas of the skin around the eyes and in the area of ​​the lips. This concealer is perfectly combined with sensitive and dry skin. To apply it it is necessary on a small site, it is better to do it pointwise. In addition, this tool slightly brightens the skin and gives it the effect of "transparency", well conceals redness in the nose and eyelids. Use corrector is with caution, especially in daytime makeup, since its excess will give the skin an unnatural look. It is best to use it for decorative or evening make-up, applying in good light.

  • Pencil

Pencil-concealer is a matte creamycorrection means. Such a corrector beautifully hides the small dilated vessels on the face, small pimples and small spots. It is very convenient to use. The concealer should be used very carefully, especially under the eyes. Apply it should be point-by-point, choosing a problem place and the right tone. Also, such a product copes well with the fine wrinkles that form around the lips.

  • Moisturizing

Moisturizing concealer is a correctiveA facial agent containing various moisturizing components. It perfectly conceals fine wrinkles, especially around the eyes and lips, but is not suitable for hiding acne. This corrector copes with brightly selected bruises under the eyes, creating an opaque coating. Feathering it is very easy, because it does not clog pores, skin folds, but on the contrary, it lies gently. Moisturizing concealer is used in the fight against aging and drying of the skin on the face. It is best to use concealer in winter, because during this period the skin is exposed to maximum negative environmental effects.

  • Stick

Such a concealer is used to adjustredness, small irregularities, pigmentation spots and freckles. Also, he beautifully masks redness in the nose, chin and cheeks. Very conceivable concealer in the form of a stick for hiding scars and shallow depressions on the face. This cosmetic product gives the skin a natural shade. In addition, it is not smeared, well held, which is very important in the hot season. The texture of this tool is rather dry, so it can not be applied pointwise. Consist Stick should not be used to hide wrinkles around the eyes or lips: because of its consistency, it only accentuates them.

  • For lips

Such concealer is good because it hidesalmost all deficiencies in the area of ​​the lips. The texture of this remedy is very soft, light and remarkably suitable for delicate and vulnerable skin around the lips, and also prevents the appearance of cracks and wrinkles. This corrector should be applied with a finger or with the help of a special brush, which is usually sold in a set. From above it can be shaded in a different tone. A good concealer beautifully hides the wrinkles that appear above the upper lip.

  • Heiliter

The overall objective of such remedies is tohiding the shortcomings of the skin on the face. The texture of such a concealer is as saturated as possible in color and consistency. Hailers are means that give shine to the shaded areas of skin on the face, highlighting and emphasizing them. But, unfortunately, this does not mean that in combination these correctors can cope with any shortcomings - it is best to use a highlighter and concealer with implicit skin defects. In another case, use these tools separately: concealer - to hide problem areas on the face, highlighter - as a reflective means for highlighting profitable areas of the face.

  • Wend

This corrector has an incredibly easy andsoft texture, and also great for smooth smoothing of tones. If you pick the right shade, then the concealer can be used without a base, because it perfectly matches with the natural color of the skin. Consiler-Vend provides the most dense adjustment, compared with liquid. Also, it is indispensable at a time when you need to quickly "powder the nose". In addition, this corrective remedy is perfectly combined with powder and blush, which hides the skin defects on the face well. concealer what is

How to choose the right concealer?

  • The blue concealer has a dense and creamy texture that lasts for a long time and is suitable for the discoloration of pigmented spots. Such a tool is applied under the basis for the face.
  • The green color corrector hasantibacterial effect. The texture of such a product is dry and light, it is available in the form of a pencil, stick or emulsion. It perfectly conceals red spots, pimples and vascular network. Correction is applied under the substrate.
  • A mauve color correction is recommended for masking freckles and leveling out the overall tone of the face. Such a masking agent is used in the same way as other correctors.
  • Yellow color concealer suitable for beigeskin and skin color of ivory. This shade well hides age brown spots, redness of the face and dark circles under the eyes. Such a corrector can be applied over the tonal product, followed by a smoothing of the complexion with the help of powder.
  • The concealer is golden-orange in colorsuitable for bronze as well as dark skin. It is used in the event that it is necessary to lighten the skin, disguise dark circles and bags under the eyes. In this case, the corrector should be 1-2 tone lighter than the base.

Picking up a tint of corrective means, notchoose too light, because it will highlight all your shortcomings. The color should be chosen a semitone lighter than your skin. But in case you combine concealer with foundation cream, it should be brighter for a couple of tones. Since the correctors are the most diverse in their structure, it is best to choose a liquid concealer for the skin in the eye area. Its texture is best for the eyes: the skin will not dry out and get injured. But to mask the bursting of capillaries or vessels, it is worth choosing a corrector with the most dense and dry structure, otherwise you just will not get any result.

How correctly to use concealer?

As well as before the usual application of tonal funds and make-up, you first need to clean, and then moisturize your face.

  • To hide dark circles, you need to apply the corrector to the inner corner of the eyes and gently shade it with a finger pad.
  • Acne should be masked with pinpoint motions, well smearing the edge of the speck. Doing it just so, otherwise such defects will become more visible.
  • If you have depressed scars on your face, you can carefully fill them with a corrective tool using a thin brush.
  • To hide small wrinkles, "fill" them, using a good concealer, and then allow to dry.

This is a wonderful tool that can changeyour everyday, evening or decorative make-up for the better, making it more expressive and interesting! The concealer is really a wonderful product, and many women, using it, confirm this. Be beautiful! We advise you to read: