coziness in the house About the house, which will be cozy and hospitable,dreams, probably, every woman. And every woman is known (even if she does not know it) small secrets and tricks that help achieve the desired effect. Of course, you can take advantage of the services of a professional designer, make grandiose repairs, update furniture, well, in general ... But to create comfort with your own hands, without undertaking global repairs and not spending a lot of money - real art. If you want your home to be cozy, so that all its inhabitants feel at home comfortably, that guests come to this house with pleasure, then try to follow the advice of designers and psychologists. And you just need to learn some rules and apply your skillful hands to it.

Smell in the house

Smell is the easiest way to make a homecozier. And it's not about air fresheners and all sorts of chemical flavors, but about natural smells that can create a special cozy atmosphere. Here, for example, the smell of freshly brewed coffee. It is believed that this smell is able to ease the effects of stress and relieve a person of their symptoms. By the way, similar conclusions were drawn during special laboratory experiments. So, the aroma of coffee beans affects the work of the brain and nervous system, and also has antioxidant properties. That is, the smell of coffee can make the body produce substances that protect the nervous system. And if in your apartment there is a coffee aroma, then the person in the house will feel comfortable and cozy. The smell of fresh pastries ... About this smell of home-made pies and buns! Can there be a more cozy flavor? However, only such a kitchen smell and make your house cozy, but the rest of the flavors of the kitchen, for example, the smell of fried potatoes and chicken, you need to drive away, otherwise your house will resemble, more likely, the public canteen than a cozy nest. Strongly settling on furniture, curtains and wallpaper, this smell soon loses its appetizing appeal, turning into a dubious amber of rancid fat. So the hood, the open window and the elementary airing of the kitchen will help you prevent such a distressing prospect. However, we do not urge you to constantly bake pies and muffins, day and night to conjure with the Turks with coffee, trying to fill the house with cozy fragrances: everything is good in moderation. If you absolutely do not like the oven and are not a fan of invigorating coffee, then you can use the aroma lamp. And who said that only smells of food can be cozy? Homemade, warm and cozy are also the scents of cinnamon, lavender and citrus. Essential oils today exist in abundance (for every taste and just in case), and each of them has special properties and helps create a special atmosphere. But, speaking about the smells in the house, one can not help saying that they are not there. Or rather, the absence of unpleasant odors. So, for example, the smell of dust, the smell of dirty shoes, the smell of stale bed linen (and, in general, not too clean and fresh) can nullify all your efforts to create a cozy home environment. Therefore, there is no place for such smells in the house. And here we are smoothly moved to another component of a cozy home. Purity! coziness

Cleanliness in the house

A cozy house with own hands is a clean house. Strictly speaking, to maintain cleanliness and order in the apartment require basic rules of hygiene. But, as you have already understood, disorder and dirt have not only a visual effect of discomfort, but also quite olfactory properties. Badly smelling of a full trash can, unwashed dishes, dusty curtains, greasy upholstered furniture, long-worn blankets. And now imagine that in your home all this (or at least some of this disgrace) takes place. So what? Do you feel comfortable in this house? But in a clean apartment, even a slight mess would be quite domestic and even cozy. In fact - not in the museum we are living! By the way, psychologists say that the perfect order in the house makes this house dead. In such a house, a person unconsciously will feel uncomfortable. But do not rejoice in the justified opportunity to scatter things, leave an unoccupied bed and unselected winter clothes: again, everything is fine in moderation. A cozy mess is a mess of "on-line", that is, traces of the presence of a person (people) in the house at the moment. So in a cozy house, the purity should be impeccable, and the order maintained constantly, but without fanaticism. It's in your hands, like the other component of home cosiness - a color solution.

Color in the house

Warm shades in the interior also add coziness,Beige and greenish colors soothe, and warm shades of red and yellow and brown - will warm. It is not necessary to change furniture or wallpaper, it is enough to add these colors to accessories - curtains, pillows, candles and any items that are in the house. The main rule is to choose colors that will make the house light, but not faded. Therefore, be sure to dilute the overall light color palette with bright saturated colors: contrasting or matching in tone. Try to use the psychological properties of color. So, for example, it is believed that the dark ceiling causes negative emotions, and pink and blue walls soothe and rest. Red color excites, yellow and orange cheers up, green gives a sense of harmony with the outside world. In general, experiment with color that will help make your home cozy.

Plants in the house

A special and integral element of a cozy home -living room plants. Nobody doubts their benefits: the air is cleaned and oxygenated, has healing properties, helps to cope with stress or get out of depression, and just pleases the eye! Which plants do you prefer? Your business. You can settle in your apartment decorative deciduous masterpieces of indoor floriculture or beautifully flowering specimens. You can choose the plants-talismans (money tree, for example, or flower Female happiness). You can collect and start breeding cacti. You can make a specific profit by planting a mini-garden or putting a box of herbs on the windowsill in the kitchen. You can do anything! Well, if living plants do not tempt you, then let them be artificial, for example, a pot of violets made of felt or a bouquet of roses made of plastic or cold porcelain. Let it be only a symbolic tree of happiness (topiary), made of coffee beans or napkin flowers. However, the topiary is already, as they say, from another opera. comfort in an apartment with your own hands

Lovely little things

Finally, we have reached the most-most important -lovely little things that any house will make cozy and unique. Especially if these little things are made by themselves. Here, for example, interior textiles. Of course, especially skilled craftsmen are capable of practically a feat in the name of comfort in their home, and therefore they swing neither too much nor the patchwork or window curtains. But you can go to smaller victims (we're talking about time costs) and limit ourselves to patchwork cushions or kitchen tackles. Cute, very cute and so home-like will look comfortable with these accessories. In general, textiles and knitwear are the most comfortable material. Therefore, all kinds of dumb, napkins, curtains, skaterochki, nikidochki, cheholchiki and izhe with them have always been associated with a cozy home. Know how to sew or knit - then everything is in your hands. Do not forget about other cute little things. Useful and simply decorative interior items for a cozy home that you can do yourself: housekeepers and caskets, photo frames and photographs, panels and pictures, wicker boxes and baskets, vases and statuettes. All this is possible for any of us, if our hands are not hooks, but quite the contrary, and we know what decoupage is, papier-mache, modeling, macrame, quilling, stained glass ... Yes, whether needlework technicians can be adapted for their own purposes creating a cosiness in the apartment! Believe me, it is not at all difficult to create a cozy home in the house. As they say, there would be a desire, but there will be opportunities. Desire, apparently, we have, so we are looking for opportunities! Good luck! We advise you to read: