colored wedding dresses Wedding without too much modesty can be called the mosta significant moment in the life of absolutely any woman, in fact they are still imagining in their imagination knights on white horses and fabulous outfits in which they feel like queens and "first violins". Little girls grow up, and their dreams become stronger and become reality, and then the question arises: is it worth to stick to the traditional, canonized wedding ritual or to give up entirely to the realization of your dream of an ideal celebration. Pre-wedding bride fever is associated with such a delicate issue as the choice of ceremonial attire, and increasingly the eyes of modern brides are turned to colored wedding dresses. The concept of pompous, "white", classical weddings with the observance of all traditional rituals and canons is gradually replaced by the original ideas of the newlyweds, as well as their personal preferences, which are sometimes capable of shocking. Modern young, bright brides want to make notes of creativity and make a bet on originality, determining the style and style of their attire, so they set the goal as far as possible to distance themselves from the stiffness and chastity of the wedding white dress, the benefit of a wide range makes it easy to translate these dreams into reality . Initially, attempts to change the idea of ​​the beauty of the wedding dress were timid and concerned only innovations in small accents, and here the designers gave life to wedding dresses with colored inserts that literally made a furor in the world of wedding fashion and forced to look at the wedding ceremony from a different angle. Such elements brought a pleasant revival and set the tone all along, it could be a colorful bright belt or a different bodice in the color scheme, often a corsage that included a game of color and was ennobled, for example, with gold trim, it was not uncommon for that period to have contrasting bows or loops. But the current fashion catalogs are placed on the pages of not only models with individual inserts and their photos, short wedding color dresses - even this refinement is no longer a novelty for them. Gradually, the wedding fashion industry began to offer outrageous, eclectic options for dresses aimed at bold individuals, for example, blue, pink tones, sand and pastel shades, as well as "champagne" colors. Now you can find even a print of black color, as well as Bordeaux, a special trend is colored embroidery and embroidered from a decorative, colorful thread.

Color wedding dresses - recommendations for choice

wedding dresses 2016 color It is important to note that for the bright, original,a memorable appearance must be paid, so wedding dresses 2016 colored or with separate bright patches should be chosen taking into account the smallest nuances, because the color itself imposes additional restrictions. Therefore, brave brides who liked the color version of the attire, it is important to consider the most basic and general recommendations for choosing a colorful wedding dress.

  • First of all, the bride is advised to make sure thatthe level of the officiality of the celebration allows for any deviation from the traditional, canonized standards, otherwise it is better to give preference to the classical white side.
  • When choosing a ceremonial garment, it is important thatthe color of the outfit beneficially emphasized the complexion, skin, favorably shaded the hair. Incorrectly selected color, even the most magnificent and original model of the dress, can play a cruel joke and destroy the image of the "ideal" bride. Sometimes brides make themselves sickly pale, unduly emphasizing the light tone of the skin, for example, olive or mustard. Fashionable women's catalogs place on their pages colored wedding dresses, photos of which show the trend palette of this season.
  • If the model of a color wedding dress is a businessit is important to take care of how it harmonizes with the groom's costume, and also it will be necessary to limit and adjust the color scale of the bridesmaids' dresses, the witnesses to her solemn outfit, otherwise the image of the ceremonial process risks losing integrity in such a mismatched motley.
  • Wedding fashion is often covered by women'sreviewers, on whose pages the most trendy color wedding dresses are placed 2016, the photos eloquently show the most actual colors, for example, sand shades or champagne, ivory. A special niche in the fashion industry was occupied by Bordeaux dresses, bold, eccentric red shades, calm blue or lavender tones, there are even original black outfits. You can choose a tone of ceremonial apparel almost any, it all depends on the taste preferences of the bride.
  • For the fair sex, whohesitate in choosing between the traditional, classic version of the white dress and the color model, the masters of the wedding fashion have found a compromise option - wedding dresses with colored inserts. The main thing to decide on what the bride wants to place an accent - it can be a bodice trimmed with a bright bow or colored corset lacing, a good option will be the color flowing of colorful ribbons or the thread-embroidered embroidered corsage. Such elements will set the tone and colorful pepper to a wedding dress.
  • An important factor in the choice of wedding dresses2016 color fully or only with inserts is the degree of readiness of others to such an original solution. Although the ceremonial wedding dress and correlates entirely with the bride, but the groom's approval is also an important factor.
  • Excessively whimsical representativesThe beautiful sex is trying to pick up models of solemn attire in the tone of the season in which the wedding ritual will be held. For spring, the bride prefer light, romantic and gentle tones: lilac or purple, tender blue hues, as well as the colors of sea and turquoise, classic pink or natural, gentle green. Summer brides are guided by catchy colors, vigorous shades, but autumn fall in the heart of golden scales, sand hints in color. Brides, who chose the autumn season for marriage, are guided more often by wedding dresses with colored inserts, effectively playing on the contrasts of white and black.

Wedding dresses 2016 colored, what does high fashion offer?

colored wedding dresses 2016 Undoubtedly, the wedding fashion industry includesa collection of more traditional, elegant and chaste options for wedding dresses, the bulk of which is made in a snow-white range, but many designers prefer innovation and create masterpieces that can provoke a revolution in the notions of a classical wedding. One of the last collections, which was approved by fashion critics, was a show from Alexis Mariage, which was built on lavender lush, multilayered models, if the brides are guided by romantic, gentle images, then the collection of this couturier is an ideal option. Many fashionable women's magazines place on their pages photos of short wedding colored dresses, such outfits are abundantly found on the carpet tracks in the Marchesa Bridal collection, as well as the world-famous Vera Wang are youth styles designed for stylish, brave brides. Vera Wang has earned worldwide popularity thanks to its flowing color models in Empire style, traditionally they were framed by a dark belt or were embroidered with a black print. Those brides who prefer color models, but do not decide on the style of the outfit, simply have to look at the chic line from the designer Carolina Herrera, she provided a rich assortment of wedding dresses, for example, curvy, A-silhouettes or models with short skirts. Multilayered styles differed in rich color scheme: they evoked red, warm yellow tones, but the A-silhouette was made in pastel, matte colors, magazines about wedding fashion quickly picked up the trend of color wedding dresses, the photos with the models of this show made a furor and were the subject of controversy among critics. Most eminent couturiers prefer to set bright accents in the attire for the bride, rather than paint everything, so to speak, the canvas. For example, Sacha Novia made a revival in classical attire, highlighting a fiery red bodice, while Marchesa Bridal bets on textile bows and ribbons, Jenua Beaute played on contrasting lace and multi-colored beads, giving these small, elegant elements a general tone to the whole image of the bride. In the catalogs of the wedding fashion, the models of extravagant color wedding dresses were abundantly placed in 2016, the photos eloquently said that an alternative to the traditional white one was found. The modern bride is not obligated to subordinate herself to strict canons and traditional, classical rules of wedding ritual; on the contrary, everything in the bride's hands is concentrated that can emphasize her vivid individuality, but she should not go against the solemn and pompous way with which the outfit of the future wife . The fashion industry makes it possible to embody any, even the most daring dream, which as a child warmed the heart, and now can easily become a reality. And if a girl sees herself as a queen solely in a colored wedding dress, then it is worth simply succumbing to this temptation and buying it, since the fashion designers took care of such products to occupy a worthy niche in the world of wedding fashion. We advise you to read: