Jennifer Lopez hair color Stars, stars, stars ... They were andremain a model of beauty and style for most women. We look at the glossy divas, but we ourselves marvel: how good they are! That would be so for us. Of course, their makeup, outfits, figures, hairstyles and even hair color do not leave indifferent. Here's the latest feint of Jennifer Lopez with the color of hair plunged into the abyss of admiring discussions of regulars of women's forums. A lot of them love to imitate star beauties and wishing to dye their hair in the same color. So what is the secret of this mysterious transformation?

About Jennifer and her hair

Oh yeah! Beauty Lopez just does not come out of all sorts of "tops". That's in the past year, the top-7 most-most celebrity hairstyles and noted Jennifer. And users of Runet almost unanimously recognize that the most beautiful and harmonious color of hair belongs to her. The secret is that this color is ideal for the color of her skin, and the length and healthy shine gives a special chic and emphasize the sexuality of the actress. In general, the frequent change of image for Lopez is in the order of things. Then she paints her hair in a red color and shortly sheaves the hair, then changes it to black, then gives her hair a cappuccino shade. I must say that although the fans consider the actress to be impeccable in any way, she herself often remains unhappy with the result. In an interview, Jennifer admitted that the first gray hair in her hair she found when she was a little over twenty. And since that time Lopez constantly paints hair, updating their color and hiding gray hair. How true this interview is, only the actress knows best. But with her statement that the ability to look always good - this is a hard and laborious work, you can not argue. Nevertheless, the style of a la Jennifer is invariably successful: both the manner of dressing, and make-up, and hairstyles force women to consciously or subconsciously copy both the style and individual details of the actress's image. Especially popular in this respect are Jennifer's hairdos, which reflect the most current trends in hairdressing. This babe is good with any hair. What an actress did not appear before the audience! And with a mischievous boyish haircut, and in the form of a black-skinned female vamp, and with smoothly combed hair, and with loose curls, and with careless styling, and with hairpins and pigtails. She has any hairstyle to face! Jennifer Lopez Hair Color

I want a haircut like that of Lopez!

Hairstyles in the style of Jay Lo - the obsession of manyyoung (and not so young) virgins. Therefore, the stylists, having analyzed the images of the actress, had the imprudence to voice their recommendations, thus giving rise to a "loopsomenia". And if you still want a "Lopez-like" hairstyle, then first determine for which case it will be made, and then follow the recommendations:

  • For solemn occasions, the actress is limitedin a carelessly strict manner. A common ponytail or a lightly taken bundle of hair is ideally combined with a dress and make-up. However, for such a hairdo hair should be in perfect condition: healthy, shiny, without split ends or unpainted strands. Jennifer is fine with that. And you?
  • If this is not the case with you as well asat the "sample", it is better to collect the hair in a braid and lay it nicely and elegantly (our model succeeds). How to do it? Hair must be combed well, gathered in the tail at the back of the head, fastened with an elastic band. Make sure that your hair is perfectly smooth, so that not a single strand is knocked out, and the individual hairs do not stand on end. Then, from the bottom of the tail, take a small strand of hair, lift it up and wrap it around the gum (you'll disguise the elastic band), and the tip of the string will be carefully tucked under the tail. Then braid the usual braid and fix its end with a hair band.
  • For everyday hairstyles in imitation of Jenniferyou can do a three-dimensional styling. To do this, you need to apply any styling agent to the tips of your hair and wind hair on curlers (large!). And, the hair should be brushed from the face to the back of the head. Screw hair dry, let them cool and remove the curlers. Comb your hair with a flat brush.
  • Famous and very popular hairstyle "Malvinka"- one of the favorite hairstyles of the actress: unpretentious, but tasteful. Nevertheless, for all the seeming simplicity, such a hairstyle requires attention and a certain skill. First, she opens her face. And this means that the skin condition on the face should be perfect, and makeup flawless. Secondly, suitable for hair of any length (but not very short), this hairstyle will look really gorgeous only on lush and long hair. If these conditions do not stop you, then do "Malvinka": curl hair (curling hair, curlers), comb back, gather from temples and zalete on the back of the head. That's really true - all ingenious is simple!
  • However, if Jennifer's hairstyles are quite possiblerepeat on almost any lovely head, then the color of her hair (in the latter version) causes serious passions. How? How could she achieve such an amazing effect? Blonde - not a blonde, brown-haired - not a brown-haired woman, but all at once! What is the secret of this unusual color?

    Hair color Jennifer Lopez

    And there is no secret. Like this. It turns out everything has long been declassified and taken on board not only long-haired beauties, but fashionable beauty salons. Bringing - that's the whole secret. And more about this secret. Bronding is one of the last trends in the hairdresser's art. All women of fashion tend to naturalness. Red or purple hair is preferred only by fans of an extravagant image. The rest give the hair color is not just natural, but one that lasts a long time, but looks expensive. And I would like the color to be juicy, but not bright, and the hair itself seemed thick and lush. After all, they invented such a miracle cure - a bronze. Due to this coloring, the hair color is maximally natural. How is this effect achieved?

    • The greater the depth of the armor, the greater the differencebetween darkened roots and the main color. Ideally, it's two or three tones. The depth of the bronze creates the effect of overgrown hair, which at the base is always a bit darker.
    • Light strands in the technique of Californian melioration are added to the hair of relief and naturalness. Since natural hair is never the same color.
    • Darkening of the roots allows long not to tint them when growing. Dark and dark, and really, or dyed - go figure it out.
    • Smooth transition of color from light ends to dark roots refreshes the complexion and creates the effect of sunburned hair.

    How do masters achieve such a naturaleffect when staining? Burnt hair is drawn in the truest sense of the word. When you are using the technique of open-topping, the hairdresser does not wrap the hair in foil, apply paint with strokes, as the artist does the drawing. This method of drawing a picture mimics the reflection of sunlight. And so the hair looks not only slightly burned, but also shiny. For the basis of the most often taken natural hair coloring hair. And then the correct shade is chosen, which separates the clarified or darkened strands. If the hair is gray, then they are first painted in their native color, and then they are bronzed. Bronzing differs from melioration in that not only individual strands are painted in different shades, but also the hair along the entire length. But, dear ladies, remember the wonders of modern technology. Glossy beauties, of course, are good. However, their beauty is "polished" by the all-powerful photoshop. And in life they are not much better than us. So is it worth blindly imitating them, not giving a chance to their individuality and forgetting that the best is the enemy of the good. We advise you to read: