Beautiful hairstyles for long hair The most feminine and romantic types of womenThe styling of long hair is a variety of collected hairstyles. Currently, such hairstyles are incredibly popular. They are classical, strict, free, with various decorative ornaments. They can look stylish, elegant, romantic and glamorous. They are made for every day and for solemn events, with their help you can easily create your own unique and unforgettable image. Evening hairstyles made from long gathered hair are usually made by professional hairdressers in beauty salons, and every woman who wishes to look wonderful at any time can make herself everyday.

Woven braids: a four-strand braid

Long hair collected in a braid is alwaysattract the views of others. Today, these hairstyles are again extremely popular, and they can be done for all occasions. There are many variants of weaving braids. Everyday options can be made by themselves at home, they are very diverse - it all depends only on the girl's imagination. A braid of four strands looks very stylish, if it's plaited on one side, but you can make a straight braid. To do this, collect the hair, comb and divide them into the same thickness of 4 strands. Hold 2 left strands with your left hand, and 2 right with your right hand. The extreme right hand strings on top of the second and passes under the third, wraps the fourth strand. Next, the rightmost right-hand strand is again taken, and everything is done with it in the same way as with the first one. At the end of the weaving, fasten the braid with a beautiful barrette. At first glance, it seems that it's very difficult to make such a haircut, but if you practice a little, it will turn out quickly and accurately even without a mirror. Such a braid turns thick and looks bulky even on thin and weak hair. bunches for long hair

Original spit-spike on the contrary

It looks very unusual and original, althoughquite simple in the technique of execution. Suitable for any occasion - for office, meeting, meeting with friends. For a business meeting, you can braid a tight or bulky braid, and for friendly meetings, you can tolerate slight carelessness in your hair. It differs from the usual spikelet in that it slides inwards, not outward. Collect the hair in the tail, divide into two identical parts. The tail can be fastened with an elastic band at any height or simply divided into two strands and begin to weave around the neck. Pull the string from under the left half and attach it to the right side. Separated strand should be laid over the hair bundle, from which it was separated. Do the same with the right side, then again with the left, and so on until the end. Secure the braid with a hair clip or elastic band. Often such a hairstyle is also called a "fish tail", since it is braided from the tail. Very unusual and fashionable looks made on both sides of the "fish tail".

The usual French braid

Such a hairstyle has different variants of weaving. You can make one or two braids, along the face or in the middle of the head. First, separate a small strand of hair on the top of the head and divide it into 3 identical parts. On the right side of the remaining hair, take a small strand and put along with the right side of the braid over the central part. Then take the string from the left side and, with the left part, swing through the central stitch. Continue to weave, moving the strands alternately from the left and right side, while adding small bundles of free hair each time. When you get 3 equal parts, weave the usual braids out of them and fasten them with an elastic band. light hairstyles collected for long hair

Cascade braid - French waterfall

Spins on the basis of spikelet or Frenchbraids. But first you need to give your hair extra volume and a special structure, applying a special mousse on them. Then comb the hair, and you can begin to weave. Begin from the middle of the head. Separate from the temple a small strand of hair and divide it into 3 parts. Do a few weaves. Then attach a small string to the upper beam, and leave the bottom part. Instead, separate the hair from the free hair located behind the lower bunched beam. Next, braid the braid in the same way to the second temple, adding a string to the upper half of the braid and replacing the bottom with a bundle of loose hair. Thus, the upper part passes first over the middle, then under the lower tufts and is released. The base of the braid can be fixed, and the remaining hair will fall on the shoulders, or make of them a regular braid. Cascade braids like all those who like complex hairstyles with long flowing hair.

Tails for long hair

Long tailed hair is oneof the most popular hairstyles. Hair can be gathered straight, curly, small pigtails or individual curls. Depending on the place and height of the tail, the hairstyle may look different: the ponytail gathered at the back of the head will reflect a strong character and give its owner a business image, while the displaced one on the side is perfect for entertainment. Romantic tail can be done in 5 minutes on your own. To do this, first collect the hair with a thin gum and divide them before the elastic band into 2 parts. Then it is necessary to thrust the hair into the formed space and pull up the elastic band to the base of the tail, hiding it with hair. As a result, you get a knot, from which softly fall hair. It is possible to give a hairdress large curls with the help of forceps, draw a few strands from the face and wind them. It turns out a very gentle romantic hairstyle, which is perfect for a date. Elegant pony tail suits absolutely everything - and business women, and girls, and even girls. Using a gel for styling, well-combed smooth hair gather on the back of the head and fasten with an elastic band. Taking a small string from the edge of the tail, tie her gum so it was not visible. Then fasten this knot with a hairpin or an invisible one. Very beautiful looks tail, collected from curly hair. Separate locksticks will be beaten with beautiful hairpins, and leave the strings in the face as is. This hairstyle looks solemn and suitable for both a social event and a romantic date.

Bunches for long hair

One of the simplest and elegant hairstyles onlong hair is a bun. Its creation does not require special skill, and it can be done in any situation, even on the road. The bundle fits well with any style of clothing, so it can be used both as a daily hairstyle and as a solemn event. The main thing is to correctly choose your ideal beam. The bunch always remains in vogue and due to the variety of species its owners can always be different and unique. The bundle can be tight, loose, slightly sloppy, high or low. In order to make a bunch, collect the hair on the back of the head or neck, twist it in a tourniquet and fasten it with studs, forming a knot. To give the hair volume, you can use a foam roller or a hairpiece. The usual bundle can be decorated with a long beautiful pin or various decorative ornaments. Today there is a huge amount of collected hairstyles, with which you can create your own specific style for each day and be always different. It takes only the desire to be beautiful and learn how to make everyday hairstyles with your own hands. All of the hair styles described above can be done independently without much effort, and you can also come up with something special, experiment. And, of course, do not forget about hair care, because the collected hairstyles always look better on well-groomed and healthy hair.