cold during pregnancy Rare winter does without colds,especially considering the changes that have taken place with our climate in recent years. Frosts and thaws alternate throughout the winter, which greatly increases the risk of developing both viral and cold diseases in humans. And future mothers are at risk of getting sick not less than all other people. But rather, even more than others, they risk getting influenza or other seasonal colds. Colds during pregnancy are a common occurrence. And it is not accidental - after all, in pregnant women, all without exception, the work of the immune system is significantly deteriorating - otherwise it would be simply unrealistic to bear a child. Speaking scientifically, the immune system of the future mother's body has such a physiological feature, because of which there comes a forced extinguishment of activity, the so-called immunosuppression. This is necessary so that the woman's organism does not react to the new life that is developing within her, as to a foreign education. And, accordingly, as a consequence did not begin her rejection. Yes - yes, do not be surprised - but for the mother and child, tissue incompatibility is absolutely natural. After all, half of the genes of the child's father. However, this very immunosuppression, which allows to exclude the process of child's rejection, also has a very "disservice" to the health of the pregnant woman herself. This is connected with the fact that the immune system fights much worse with various pathogens of viral diseases. Yes, and catarrhal diseases, the expectant mother is also more prone than others - pregnancy and cold often go hand in hand. What to do in this situation? Of course, the best option for a future young mother will be a complete absence of colds, but this is not always possible, because the disease does not ask for permission, and does not warn about its plans in advance. Many women mistakenly believe that lowering out of the home to a minimum reduces the risk of the disease. However, this is not so - no matter how you try to protect yourself from the virus, it is unlikely to succeed. Your family and friends can bring it on the soles of shoes or on clothes.

Methods for treating colds

So, to protect yourself from catarrhal diseasessucceeded, and the future mother felt the first signs of malaise. What to do in this situation? Ignore the treatment and wait for the disease to go away by itself? However, this is far from the best option, because because of the reduced immunity the disease will last much longer than all other people. And it is unlikely that the future mother will be pleased with the prospect of walking with a red nose, teary eyes and fever for weeks, or even months. Yes, and on the health of the child, such a morbid state of the mother will most certainly affect the most negative way. So do not take risks and experience fate - colds during pregnancy are not only possible, but also necessary. However, many pregnant women are afraid to panic even a banal cold, fearing that medications can somehow harm the baby's health. And partly they are right - an excessive amount of medicines will not bring a child anything good. Therefore, the treatment of cold during pregnancy has its own specific characteristics, which any future mother should know about. Very often, many pregnant women mistakenly believe that the best way to treat colds while expecting a baby is herbal medicine - herbal treatment. However, doctors warn future mothers - with phytotherapy you need to be no less cautious than with pharmacological chemicals. After all, often the effect of herbs is much more powerful than the action of medicines. Under the strict ban are all those drugs that contain alcohol, as well as tinctures of those herbs that have immunostimulating drugs, for example, lemongrass, echinacea, licorice, pink radish, ginseng root. All these herbs greatly increase the level of blood pressure, as well as the heart rate. And after all, the cardiovascular system of the mother is already working in a very active rhythm, and to do nothing to increase the already heavy workload. There is a very good herbal remedy, which very effectively improves the functioning of the immune system - the root of the horse-radish. He does not bring any harm absolutely neither for the mother's body, nor for the baby's body. Preparing the drug as follows - grate the previously washed and peeled horseradish root, and mix in equal proportions with granulated sugar, cover the dishes with a lid and leave to infuse in a warm place for about one and a half to two hours. Take the medicine for half a teaspoon before each meal, for three days. After this, you must do at least three days off. pregnancy and cold

Warming up during pregnancy

As a rule, thermal procedures are one of thethe most effective means for getting rid of colds. However, during pregnancy, take a hot bath with sea salt, or how to steal your legs, as you did before, while waiting for pregnancy can not. After all, hot water with a very high probability can stimulate spontaneous abortion in its early stages, or the onset of premature birth. In addition, there is a very high risk that as a result of exposure to hot water, there will be too much blood flow, so that the veins on the legs can stretch very much, and as a result, not only edema, but even varicose veins can develop. And this is not the worst thing - because the bulk of the blood flows to the legs, the blood circulation in the placenta may not be intense enough. This means that a child may suffer from hypoxia. The only thing that can make a pregnant woman - it's like steaming hot water in a hand. Place your hands in a basin with hot water so that the water covers the brushes and forearms, for about 15 minutes. After that, carefully wipe your hands with a towel, put on warm pajamas and socks, first putting a little mustard in them. It is very likely that next morning you will wake up absolutely healthy, without any trace of colds.

Treatment of a cold

As a rule, one of the earliest symptomscatarrhal diseases - this is the appearance of a cold. Firstly, the common cold creates a lot of inconvenience for a woman - constantly wet kerchiefs and rubbed red nose. Secondly, at the very beginning of the common cold, when the nose literally "flows", the body of the future mother loses a lot of fluid - by the way, do not forget to drink more during illness. And thirdly, because of the disturbed nasal breathing the child does not receive the necessary amount of oxygen. And this means that the rhinitis should be disposed of as quickly as possible. And grab for the usual drops from the rhinitis pregnant mother is still not worth it. Try to get rid of it in more gentle ways, which will help get rid of the common cold, and the child at the same time will not harm:

  • Position of the body. Try to avoid lying down horizontally - place a sufficiently high pillow under the headboard. This measure will greatly facilitate nasal breathing, since the edema of the nasal mucosa considerably decreases.
  • The balsam is an asterisk. During pregnancy, doctors advise you to remember about the good old balsam "star". Apply it on the temples and on the wings of the nose - you will feel relief after a few minutes - the stuffiness of the nose will disappear, breathing will be easier.
  • Carrot and apple juice. Another good tool that can help get rid of the common cold to a pregnant woman is fresh squeezed carrot and apple juices. Drip one drop of these juices into each nostril, every two hours. Relief will come in a few hours.

cold during early pregnancy

Temperature during pregnancy

Increase in body temperature during pregnancyis also extremely undesirable - it is harmful not only for the organism of the pregnant woman herself, but also for the organism of the future baby. However, the use of conventional pharmacological drugs, whose action is aimed at reducing body temperature, is not so safe. Therefore, the temperature of the body during pregnancy should be normalized with improvised means, without resorting to medicines. In the event that you have a fever, and you begin to feel chills, lie down in bed, wrap yourself in a warm blanket and drink a few glasses of hot tea. This measure will greatly expand the vessels of the upper or lower extremities, to which the blood will begin to pour. As a result, heat transfer will increase significantly. Immediately after you get warm, begin to knock down the temperature with improvised means - for example, rub your hands and feet with cold water. This seemingly simple manipulation will very quickly reduce the temperature of the body by several degrees. Very good with heat and fever, the next herbal infusion helps: chop two tablespoons of berries or raspberry leaves, one tablespoon of mother-and-stepmother, one tablespoon of herb oregano. Pour the crushed raw material with one glass of boiling water. Insist for about 15 minutes, then strain with gauze. Drink the infusion in small sips, then lie down on the bed and wrap yourself in a warm blanket. Also, a conifer drink is very good. For its preparation, pass through a meat grinder or pine buds, or the very needles. Mix two tablespoons of the resulting mixture with two tablespoons of raspberry jam. Heat one glass of boiling water, pour a mixture of pine needles and raspberry jam. Allow to stand for about an hour, after which also drink in small sips for an hour. All this time the future mother should be in bed. Be prepared for the fact that you begin to sweat very much - so prepare dry clothes in advance. Pay attention - a day you can drink no more than three glasses of a similar drink.

A sore throat

Another trouble that lurksill future mother is a sore throat. For sure, this should not be told - this feeling is familiar to all people without exception. And again pay attention - with sprays and candies, so familiar to all people, a pregnant woman should still not be used. There are several ways proven over the years to eliminate pain in the throat. For example, prepare the following drink: squeeze out juice from half a lemon, half a beet and half a potato. Mix these juices, and add there half a tablespoon of ready-made pharmacy syrup. Add the resulting mixture in a glass of warm milk, and for half an hour, drink it in small sips. By the way, if you suffer from chronic tonsillitis or rhinitis, take this recipe for a note, it can significantly alleviate your condition. Another good way to get rid of the pain in the throat is a decoction of sage on milk. It is not difficult to prepare: put one dry tablespoon of sage grass in a saucepan, pour one glass of milk and bring it to a boil. Strain the broth and drink - as with all other products, in small sips. Not bad helps and rinsing with warm boiled water, in which either onion or beet juice is dissolved. Squeeze the juice and mix it in equal proportions with boiled water. Rinse your throat as often as you can - the pain will disappear after a few hours. Well, the usual candies can be replaced with a teaspoon sea buckthorn oil, or a slice of aloe, previously peeled. Keep them in your mouth for about 15 minutes every half hour. And in this case the pain should retreat quickly enough. Concluding the conversation, I would like to remind future mothers - no matter how confident you are, at the first manifestations of any disease - whether it's a cold in pregnancy at an early age, or the flu in the last month - you should always seek help from a doctor. After all, often even the slightest cold can turn into very serious complications, both for the mother herself and for the child. And one more important point - before applying this or that method from the above, be sure to first consult with your doctor - gynecologist. We advise you to read: