coffee tree by own hands Even if you love coffee, do not denyto myself in pleasure to use fragrant grains in some other purposes. For example, they can serve as an excellent material for an uncomplicated, elegant and very effective crafts - topiary. Crafts for the interior are now in vogue. Of course, some of them will require you and time, and a certain skill. However, some "handmade" products are so easy to manufacture that they will be able to almost anyone. First, you will see in practice how easy it is. Secondly, you will be able to master the basics of making topiary for the interior. And thirdly, you will be pleasantly surprised by the spectacular view of the finished craft. In addition, materials for making a coffee tree will not be so much, and there are plenty of options for such a cozy interior accessory. So give vent to your imagination. But first, learn how to make a coffee tree with your own hands. Shall we try? how to make a coffee tree with your own hands

Materials and Tools

The production of a coffee tree is, in fact,forces to anyone. And it does not take much time. The longest in this process is the gluing of coffee beans. However, many skilled workers say that this process calms and allows you to gather your thoughts. The following materials and tools are required for the craft:

  • The basis of the topiary is the crown. Any light round object, from a plastic ball to a crumpled ball and a threaded newspaper, will do.
  • The trunk of the coffee tree. Ordinary branch, thick wire, plastic or cardboard tube. It all depends on how you want to see the trunk of your tree - branched or single, curved or straight, thin or wide.
  • Capacity for topiary. It can also be any and depends on the size of the tree. A small flower pot, and a cup (mug), and a low vase are suitable. The main thing is that the dishes should be stable.
  • Coffee beans. It is advisable to take immediately the whole package, so that the whole topiary of the topiary is enough.
  • Filling filler. This is what you fill the tank with. They can be plaster, sand, foam, floristic sponge or ordinary garden soil.
  • Brown gouache or acrylic paints. This is necessary for painting the crown. If you are not embarrassed that the surface of the ball will be seen between the grains, you can do without colors.
  • Materials for decor - beads, ribbons, twine, sisal, beads and other decorations.
  • A glue gun or any other glue that firmly anchors the coffee beans to a round base.

That's, in fact, everything you need for this pretty craft. how to make a coffee tree


As we already said, anyplastic ball of small size. If you use a ready ball, then it simply needs to cut out a hole in which the barrel will be inserted. If you did not find such a piece, make the basis of the topiary from an ordinary newspaper. To do this, the newspaper sheet is crammed into a ball of the right size, and then wrap it with ordinary threads. We lay the coils chaotically and rather tightly (but not very!). The main thing is that the threads fix the shape of the ball. After that, in a newspaper basis, we also make a hole for the trunk. But now we need to glue the crown with coffee beans. This is convenient to do by placing the ball in a container of suitable size so that half the sphere rises above the dishes. After this part of the crown is zadekorirovana, just turn the ball and pasted the coffee beans with the remainder of the crown. How to glue grains is your business. Usually, first glue a layer of grains, unfolding them with a convex side up. In this case, the seeds are placed in rows, trying to place them in a staggered order with respect to the grains of the previous row. After that, the crown is decorated with a second layer of coffee beans, but at the same time they are turned flat side up. In the second layer, the seeds are applied much less frequently, covering them with the space between the grains of the first layer. While the glue dries, let's deal with the trunk. If you have a plastic or cardboard tube of a suitable diameter, then just cut it to the desired height. The trunk can also be made of wire, and a few lines can be made together. Such a trunk can easily be bent, giving it the desired shape. You can use the branch of a real tree. This trunk can not be decorated at all. But the trunks, made of other materials, it is desirable to disguise. Usually for decorating the trunk of the coffee tree, use twine or ribbons, which wrap the barrel, laying spirally accurate and tight coils. After the glue has completely dried, we put the crown on the trunk and, if necessary, fix it with glue. Now fix our tree in the tank. It is most reliable to pour the container with gypsum, and the easiest way is to pour sand or soil into it. The capacity itself can also be sealed with ribbons or twine, if the dishes look unpresentable. Additional decorations are already at your discretion. You can pour beads or beads on top of gypsum (sand). You can also paste a few beads to the crown. You can "plant" on a tree decorative floral insects. In short, everything depends on your taste and your imagination.

Coffee Tree Options

The proposed version of your coffee topiaryfar from the only one. The first thing I want to draw your attention to is the possibility of making a tree with several crowns. Then you just make a branched trunk and put a crown on each branch. Just keep in mind that the crown-balls should not be too much. Their optimal number is three. It is advisable to make crowns of different diameters. Coffee trees (that is, their crowns) need not necessarily be perfectly round. Romantically it will look, for example, a crown in the form of a heart or a cloud. For such crafts, the workpieces, cut out of foam, are usually used, and then they are also pasted with coffee beans. Another great idea is to plant a live lawn under the tree. To do this, the container is filled with garden soil and seeds of ordinary lawn grass are sown into it. You will only have time to water and trim your mini-lawn. Do not forget that the topiary is not just an interior decoration. He is also called the tree of happiness. And if you managed to make a coffee tree, then you can thematically accentuate it depending on which room you want to put this lucky talisman in. If its place is a kitchen, then decorate the crown, for example, with a stick of cinnamon or a pod of vanilla. If you want to put a coffee tree in the bathroom, then use as a decoration sea pebbles or seashells. By the way, you can make a coffee tree for your own gift. Just do not forget to take into account the habits and hobbies of the person who is going to present this gift. In a word, fantasize, create and create. All in your hands. Good luck!