1 This season, at the peak of popularity, natural andartificial fur: fur coats, jackets, hats and bags made of fur. What other fashion houses have prepared for fashionistas of all countries? What will they please the upcoming winter of the fairer sex? Find the answer in our selection of fur products.

Fur coats

In the current winter season, this traditionalthe subject of ladies' wardrobe is present in almost all collections. Undoubtedly, fur coats are a universal way to protect themselves from cold weather, and at the same time to satisfy their own vanity. The main feature of the coming season is rather modest sizes: straight silhouette, knee length or slightly lower. Products made of fur are relevant both with short and long nap. Absolute hit of winter 2016 - fur with coloring under the leopard. And fur can be the most inexpensive, for example, cigeyka or rabbit. Fur coats

Fur coat

This year, this no less familiar subjectwardrobe surpassed all expectations of women of fashion. Unlike fur coats, the coat goes beyond the boundaries of the traditional and everyday. Designers offer models in combinations of fur and woven materials. In a word, the choice is very rich and varied. But a knitted coat made of voluminous yarn with a large fur collar promises to be an absolute hit of this winter. Fur coat

Fur jackets

Fur jackets are still popular and there are a lot of themthis season. However, do not waste time looking for new products. In fashion, all the same jackets as last season. Fur products that hung in your cabinets for more than a year now are as relevant today as they were a few years ago. Fur jackets

Fur Jackets

Fur sleeveless shirts are an obvious novelty and another hitseason. According to the designers, this novelty should be interested and please by many representatives of the weaker sex. First of all, its practicality and attractive appearance. This winter, fur vests are presented in a variety of variations and styles. This waistcoat can be worn as with a knitted overall, jean sarafan and chiffon or silk dress, and put on top of a leather jacket or a draped coat. Fur Jackets

Colored fur

Although today there is no such crazepainting fur, as it was a year or two ago, but many designers and this year decided not to deny yourself this pleasure. In order to be fashionable this winter, it's enough to repaint a forgotten fur thing from your wardrobe into the bright blue, scarlet, yellow or purple color. Colored fur


Strangely enough, but this season is representednot too many headgear. These are fur hoods and various variations of fur berets and hats. In this season, to the blown jackets, coats, jackets and coats are applied a variety of hoods (cozy, large and three-dimensional), which are also separately taken headgear. Hats

Fur collars and boa

This winter, removable can be not onlyHoods, but even collars and boas made of fur. In order to look fashionable, it is not necessary to spend money on the purchase of new fur accessories, it is enough to get out of their stocks the boas and collars bought a couple of years ago. Naturally, fur should be fluffy. The red fox is beyond any competition. Fashion designers are advised to wear them with jackets and coats, and combine with the main trendy trend of this winter - things from jersey. Fur collars and boa

Fur finish

Fur boas and collars can be worn as withobjects of outer clothing, and with dresses made of silk. For beautiful ladies, many fashion houses offer things with a fixed fur finish, which allows the fair sex to look very nice and feminine. For business women designers offer suits with a small fur trim. Fur finish

Fur bags

Bags with large fur inserts and entirely offur, were at the height of fashion five years ago, since then the fashion does not pass. Such accessories have long ceased to shock conservative ladies. This year, under the sign of fur, their abundance is quite expected. At least, so promise designers. Fur bags

Fur shoes

If for the manufacture of bags fur has already becomerather familiar material, then the abundance of fur in shoes is quite an unexpected phenomenon. High boots, entirely made of fur, with the exception of the sole, promise to become a hit this season. Fluffy fur trim this winter have not only short boots, but even elegant shoes. Fur shoes

Mitten made of fur

Such an original novelty is unlikely toattract a huge number of fans. Yes, and fashionistas, most likely, will not appreciate her in dignity. Not only that mittens made from this fluffy long-bellied fur, outwardly reminiscent of the clothes of the inhabitants of the far north, are very, very uncomfortable, so they look awful. Mitten made of fur

Fantasy Designers

The most unusual use of fur, in our opinion,found the famous Chanel Fashion House. His creative designers this season have made of fur not only coats, skirts and jackets, but even trousers and shoes. In a word, everything that the hand with the needle has reached. As a result, some models are more like a snowman than a glamorous young lady from the podium. We advise you to read: