sex during menopause Sex at all times was an important componentlife of any adult person. Making love is necessary for health, both physical and psychological. Therefore, it is so important that sexual life is well-established and stable. Without it, a person will not be full. However, inevitably comes a time when age takes its toll. Men feel the weakening of potency, and women enter the menopause period. What does this period mean? How should you take it, treat it? Today, we will talk about how compatible (or incompatible) menopause and sex in women. Are all the opinions that are true about this theme true? About this and many other things - further.

The physiological aspect of sex during menopause

Sexual life of a woman in her different ageshas a different manifestation. In youth, as a rule, there is an irresistible desire for intimacy. At this point, the woman has already experienced menstruation, which means that every month her body prepares for conception. The desire to have sex from the point of view of physiology is due precisely to this factor. Accordingly, libido (the level of sexual desire) is at an altitude, and with the development of female sex hormones, ideally there should not be problems. However, the closer the climax, the less the production of hormones, and soon about to forget about ovulation. At the same time, a decrease in libido begins. These processes are irreversible. Can we say that menopause is the end of a woman's sexual life? Not at all. Of course, what you wanted so much in your youth, you can hardly ever want to again after menopause. However, not everything is so sad. Gynecologists say that during sex menus it is possible and necessary to engage in sex, as this is still important for a woman's health, as well as for her psychological mood. Some problems of physiology can be successfully solved. For example, a lack of hormones can be compensated for by special hormone replacement therapy. It is prescribed by a gynecologist after special tests and taking into account the general condition of the body. By the way, such therapy is important not only for the sexual life of a woman, but also for her overall health, because with the onset of menopause, the body gradually begins to wilt. No wonder they say that after the menopause there will be a whole disease. All this is connected with hormones. Another problem is directly in the woman's body. With age, the mucous membrane of the vagina ceases to produce a special lubricant, which is so necessary for a pivotal act. From here there are unpleasant sensations and at times even a pain during sex. A similar picture is supplemented by the fact that the vagina itself becomes narrower and shorter, but its walls lose elasticity and elasticity. This is not a verdict. Restore the elasticity of the vagina can be with the help of special gymnastics muscles of the reproductive system. This significantly increases the elasticity and tone of the vagina. And if the amount of lubricant is not the same as before, then it is quite possible to use special lubricants. This is an artificial lubricant, which will help to overcome the problem of vaginal dryness. consultation with gynecologist

The psychological aspect of sex during menopause

Taking sex for a woman at any age closelyintertwined with the psychological aspect. This is a rather multifaceted question, therefore it is very difficult to consider it within the framework of one material. But the general points can be outlined today. For example, what is the sexuality of a woman, from what does it form? It turns out, for this it is extremely important to feel confident, attractive and sexy. Simply put, this characteristic is born in the head of a woman, it is something among the magnetism. If a woman is confident in herself, then she broadcasts her confidence in her environment, thereby giving her an occasion to consider her personality attractive and sexual. What happens with age? The representative of the fair sex sees that her body is gradually changing shape, shape. This does not mean that it gets worse. Only it has a noticeable fat on the abdomen or a slightly loose skin - all this can significantly reduce its desire to have sex. A woman simply ceases to feel sexy and attractive. Therefore, it is so important to maintain this inner feeling in yourself, not to lose the woman within yourself, to continue to monitor your appearance. Let the wardrobe be filled with beautiful and exquisite things. They do not have to be expensive. But still a couple of chic things at this age you can already afford. classes for physical activity

What should I do to want to have sex after menopause?

On some ways to maintain their libidohas already been said before. So, the doctor will write out a prescription for hormones, beautiful things and taking care of themselves will also do their thing. But this is by no means all methods to want and be able to have sex after the onset of menopause. I must say that physical activity has great significance in this matter. Yes, it is precisely this that can increase not only the libido, but also the general tone of the organism. And a good mood in this case, certainly not to occupy. Let it be such kind of physical exercises, which will help to receive a load in a moderate dose. Perfectly suitable for visiting yoga, pilates, aqua aerobics, step aerobics, swimming, shaping. But this does not prevent a woman from taking something to her taste. In addition to this, you can make morning jogs. Their benefits are invaluable for the whole organism. Biking is another way for an excellent physical shape and for a high level of libido. Diet is also an important part of the lifestyle of a woman who has already had a menopause. With its constant observance, there will be a desire to make love and do it with pleasure. Particularly happy that in this case the word diet does not carry in itself very strict prohibitions. More precisely, it's just the right way of living and eating healthy. It is necessary to exclude their diet the following products: alcohol, fried, flour, confectionery, smoked, fast food. Daily food should not consist of these products. Only in very rare cases can you treat yourself to something forbidden. Yet life is given for pleasure, but it should not consist of only pleasures. As for the preferred products, they include various fruits, vegetables, cereals, low-fat meat, seafood. It is very important to consume enough vitamin C, A and E. And, of course, do not forget about water. Ordinary drinking water supports the body in tone. But about such a bad habit, like smoking, will have to be forgotten. Nicotine is destructive for libido, both female and male. And about the harm to health and do not have to say.

Other important aspects

Great importance for maintaining an activesexual life for every woman has what kind of relationship she currently has with a partner. It is very important that there is trust and mutual understanding between them. If partners are peers, then in the face of each other they can find good and, most importantly, very effective support. They can discuss how their sex life has changed and what can be done to make it enjoyable for a long time. It is worth repeating that for this it is very important to have a trusting relationship. Partners must show each other that for them a loved one is still attractive and desirable, and no less than 20 or 30 years ago. On the contrary, it is necessary to use this time, when finally there is an opportunity to take time for yourself. Career is gradually receding into the background, children have long grown up. So why not breathe fresh air not only into relationships, but also into the sphere of intimacy. Another good advice: do not neglect the entourage, which is closely related to romance. In adulthood, you will hardly want to have sex spontaneous and without appropriate conditions. Let there be candles, instrumental music, beautiful lace underwear on a woman, rose petals on a silk bed. In a word, everything that tunes to a romantic and abstract way. You can draw a very obvious conclusion: sex and menopause are compatible. Moreover, we can safely say that menopause is not an excuse for refusing to have sex. Sex should be fun at this age. You just need to adequately assess some changes in your body, learn to accept them and yourself. It remains only to wish all women who have entered a new stage of their journey, to learn to rejoice at every day, to appreciate everything that fate gives, and not to deny oneself pleasure, but to lead a rich and full of joy life. And let the menopause does not become a hindrance!