face cleaning Any girl from time to time must visitcosmetologist. Cleaning the face will allow for a long time to get rid of both unpleasant pimples and black spots on the surface of the skin. Moreover, this procedure helps exfoliate dead cells, normalize sebaceous glands, blood circulation and metabolic processes. However, face cleaning has its contraindications: it is pustular lesions (and in general, any systemic skin diseases), viral diseases, as well as infectious and oncological diseases. The procedure for cleansing the face is best done in the salon, a professional beautician will make the procedure as quickly and efficiently as possible. Moreover, when trying to squeeze out acne and comedones at home, you can well put under your skin an infection. The cosmetologist also carefully monitors the sterility during the whole procedure, he uses numerous cleansing lotions, masks, hydrogen peroxide and other means that provide anti-inflammatory action. Cleaning the face is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures in any beauty salon. Due to its relatively low cost, it is available to absolutely any woman who cares about the condition of her skin. There are the following types of face cleaning: mechanical, vacuum and ultrasonic. We will tell you in detail about each of them. types of face cleansing

Mechanical (manual) face cleaning

The essence of mechanical cleansing of the face is,that the cosmetician squeezes out pryshchiki and black dots manually. This is a rather painful procedure, especially if you have sensitive facial skin. First, the face skin is thoroughly cleaned from dust and possible contaminants, wiped with an alcohol-containing tonic and steamed for ten to fifteen minutes using a special apparatus. Once the skin is ready for the procedure, the cleaning process begins immediately. The cosmetician presses the pimples with the help of fingers wrapped in sterile napkins, and he does it with a fairly high speed. Usually, the painful part of the procedure lasts no more than fifteen to twenty minutes. Mechanical cleaning of the face is most traumatic, so make sure that the hands of the beautician have sterile gloves, this will save you from a possible infection. After the cleaning of the face is completed, the beautician proceeds to darsonvalization. This procedure has become very popular and is used in all beauty salons. Darsonval is an instrument that affects the skin with a weak alternating current. This procedure consists in the fact that the cosmetologist carries a special glass electrode over the skin of the face. It's completely painless, you will not feel anything but a slight tingling sensation. Darsonvalization helps to activate blood circulation, has a healing and antimicrobial effect. After all these procedures on the face may appear redness and even swelling. As a rule, they pass in a few hours. In order to quickly calm the skin, any cleaning of the face ends with applying a special moisturizing mask that dries and tightens the pores.

Vacuum cleaning of face

Vacuum cleaning of the face is carried out with the help ofspecial apparatus - a nozzle that pumps air and creates a negative pressure, which draws dirt from the pores. Unlike mechanical cleaning, this procedure is completely painless, it can be carried out even at home by yourself (with the device). The vacuum device by its action resembles a vacuum cleaner, which draws from the pores of pollution. This kind of cleaning is also convenient because the tube can reach any hard-to-reach place - for example, in the auricle or in the folds of the wings of the nose. However, there is a huge minus in vacuum cleaning: a special nozzle draws only surface contaminants, leaving deep sebaceous corks intact. Therefore, in many beauty salons practice a mixed kind of cleaning - manual plus vacuum. The cleaning procedure itself is short-it takes about ten minutes. The cosmetologist leads a circular nozzle around the face, removing the contamination. In addition to cleaning itself, the vacuum method tightens the skin well, and it also has an excellent massage effect. After cleaning, you will feel how the skin, literally, breathes. after cleansing the face

Face cleaning with ultrasound

This kind of cleaning is perfect for everyonewomen who want a rejuvenating effect. High-frequency sound waves remove from the skin keratinized cells, remove pimples and excess sebum - while the face is smoothed, and fine wrinkles become invisible. This procedure normalizes blood circulation and metabolism, making the skin radiant and fresh. Cleaning the face with ultrasound is absolutely painless and atraumatic, it can be used not only for the face, but also for other problem areas of the body (for example, for the décolleté zone, for the back and shoulders). A considerable advantage of vacuum cleaning of the face is the fact that the risk of infection during the procedure is simply impossible. Moreover, after ultrasound, there is no swelling or redness. Even if you have hypersensitive skin, the soothing mask after the procedure will remove the last remnants of irritation. Unfortunately, this procedure has some contraindications. Cleaning the face with ultrasound can not be done for women with high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases and any oncology. Pregnant girls can be given this procedure only in the first trimester. Mechanical (manual) cleaning should not be done very often - two times a year is enough to make your skin look clean and healthy. Hardware types of cleaning (vacuum and ultrasonic) can be done every season. In order to avoid complications after cleansing in the form of redness and scars, carefully consider the choice of a cosmetologist - his professionalism depends on the safety of your skin. On the day after cleansing the face, make-up can not be applied, you can visit the sauna or pool to avoid infection. Plan your day so that you can stay at home after the procedure, because even the smallest particles of dust will be harmful to your skin. For two to three days, apply moisturizing foams and gels to your face skin - they do not need to be rubbed, so they are much preferable to creams at the moment. Also, in the next few days after cleansing, do not apply to the skin scrub or do peeling - it can injure your skin. We advise you to read: