chronic gastritis What kind of diseases do not lie in wait for a person! And one of the most common today is chronic gastritis. Despite the fact that this disease has been studied quite well, doctors still have a lot of questions. Let us also try to understand this difficult problem. Why do you need this? According to medical statistics, about 60% of all people of the world, including children, know first hand what chronic gastritis is. So, in almost every family there is a person suffering from chronic gastritis. And it is very important to know how quickly and correctly to help him. Classification of chronic gastritis is quite extensive - about all within the framework of one article not to tell. But doctors distinguish two main types of chronic gastritis:

  • Endogenous gastritis

This type of gastritis most often develop withsuch diseases as allergic reactions, infectious diseases, diseases of the cardiovascular system. Approximately half of all people suffering from the above diseases have chronic gastritis. The acidity of gastric juice in such cases, as a rule, is reduced.

  • Exogenous gastritis

In the event that the human body is constantlyaffect any aggressive factors - for example, acid or alkali vapor, metallic dust, or there is a chronic intoxication - with nicotine or alcohol, chronic gastritis is almost assured. In this case, gastritis most often occurs with an increase in the acidity of gastric juice.

Causes of development of chronic gastritis

There are many reasons capable ofprovoke the development of acute gastritis. If you know about these reasons, you can prevent the development of chronic gastritis. Yes, and cure the existing disease, without eliminating the existing provoking factors, it is almost impossible, no matter how good and properly selected was not the treatment. Therefore, carefully read the reasons that are capable of provoking the development of the disease and try to avoid them:

  • Acute form of gastritis

As is known, the chronic form of the diseasealways preceded by its acute stage. The chronic gastritis was not an exception to this rule. In order to prevent such a situation, in no case should we ignore the acute form of gastritis. But this happens very, very often - acute gastritis, unpleasant sensations. The sick person takes any painkillers and gets rid of only painful sensations, and the disease takes a chronic form of the current. After a while, the symptoms come back again and again. And complications are not uncommon.

  • Improper diet

The modern pace of life dictates its conditions. And after a busy day, women want to stand for hours near the stove less and less. As a result, one can only dream of a full-fledged diet. At best - semi-finished products. And at worst - dry-fat on the go. Of course, with this diet, sooner or later, even the strongest stomach will rebel. So try to organize your food as correctly as possible. Besides what exactly you eat, it's very important how you do it. In the morning - a cup of coffee, lunch - a sandwich, and in the evening - a feast of the stomach. It's a familiar picture, is not it? However, this can not be done in any way, since such irregular nutrition at times increases the risk of developing chronic gastritis.

  • Bad habits

Alcohol and nicotine are a powerful blow to themucous membrane of the stomach, sooner or later inevitably leading to the development of chronic gastritis. Therefore, try, if not completely abandoned, then at least to minimize the number of consumed alcoholic and caffeinated drinks and cigarettes. Speaking of which! Do you know that chewing gum for the stomach is no less harmful than nicotine and alcohol? During her chewing, the same signals as in a meal arrive in the brain exactly. And the brain gives the stomach a command to produce gastric juice for digesting non-existent food. Do you understand what is happening? That's right, the stomach, speaking in simple language, begins to digest itself. Done - get acquainted, chronic gastritis. This is why chewing gum should also be discarded.

  • Various concomitant diseases

Very important predisposing factor tothe development of chronic gastritis are all kinds of infectious diseases. For example, such as influenza, tonsillitis, sinusitis. Even the most common caries can result in the development of chronic gastritis. Therefore, infectious diseases should also not be left without due attention in any case. It is also necessary to pay attention to such diseases of internal organs as gout, diabetes, pyelonephritis, all kinds of hepatitis. They also often serve as a stimulus to the development of chronic gastritis. Therefore, people suffering from the above diseases, should be particularly attentive to their health. treatment of chronic gastritis

Symptoms of chronic gastritis

Chronic gastritis has a variety ofsymptoms. And often a very long time the disease does not show itself at all. Such a course is called asymptomatic. That is why so often the initial stage of the disease remains unobserved. And chronic gastritis takes a neglected form of flow. But sooner or later the signs are still manifest. And the symptoms depend, first of all, on the level of acidity of the gastric juice. Different levels of acidity - different signs:

  • Gastritis with low acidity

In the case of gastritis of a similar type,such symptoms as constant belching, a feeling of heaviness in the epigastric region, a very unpleasant taste in the mouth, especially in the morning. The feeling of nausea persecutes the sick person almost constantly. And in the event that a person experiences a strong feeling of hunger, even vomiting is possible. In addition, with this type of gastritis, a person often develops persistent diarrhea, which is almost impossible to get rid of. In some cases, other, atypical signs of the disease may occur. Gastritis of this type - with a low acidity - can last for a long time - the condition worsens, then, without any outside intervention, remission comes. The general condition of the sick person is satisfactory, it remains fully functional. However, ignore this condition in no case it is impossible, since it is gastritis with a low acidity that can provoke the development of gastric cancer. That is why gastritis of this type most of all alarm doctors-gastroenterologists.

  • Gastritis with high acidity of the stomach

In the event that a person has gastritis withhigh acidity of gastric juice, which most often develops under the influence of aggressive chemical factors, the picture is slightly different. Symptoms are more pronounced and it is simply impossible not to notice them. A sick person complains of an acidic eructation, severe and persistent heartburn. In the epigastric region, a person can feel both a feeling of heaviness and pressure, and a burning sensation. As a rule, all these symptoms are especially pronounced in an hour or two after a meal. By the way, the appetite for gastritis with high acidity is very good. But with a chair there can be serious problems - for such patients spastic constipation is common. However, the symptoms can vary continuously. Remissions during gastritis of this type are extremely rare.

  • Reflux gastritis

Speaking about varieties of gastritis, you can notmention of reflux. In some cases, the person is diagnosed with reflux gastritis. Reflux gastritis develops in the event that there is a throwing of fluid from the duodenum into the stomach. It is this phenomenon that is called reflux. And that's why gastritis reflux got its name. Due to the fact that bile constantly gets on the mucous membrane of the stomach and corrodes it, inflammatory process and, accordingly, gastritis develops. The main symptom characterized by reflux is severe pain, and sometimes vomiting with an admixture of bile. For this type of disease, there is practically no such thing as remission.

Diet for chronic gastritis

It's time to talk about the most important thing - abouttreatment of chronic gastritis. Of course, you can wave at him and wait until the problem is resolved by itself. However, the more it turns out, it is almost impossible to predict. Therefore, do not risk your health - always consult a doctor. As a rule, treatment is conducted without hospitalization, except for very serious cases. And the first thing that the treatment of any gastritis begins with is the appointment of a therapeutic diet. The diet is selected depending on the level of acidity of the stomach:

  • Diet with gastritis with a decreased level of acidity of gastric juice

A sick person should be completely excluded fromtheir diet, sharp, smoked and salty dishes. In addition, it is necessary to refuse the use of products containing any colorants, flavors and preservatives. You can not drink carbonated and alcoholic beverages, coffee, sweet and natural juices. But the following products, on the contrary, should be consumed in sufficient quantities: various broths - both vegetable and meat, boiled meat and fish (low-fat varieties). These products very effectively stimulate the release of gastric juice, and in particular hydrochloric acid. Observe a similar diet patient should be at least one month. After that, in the menu you can gradually enter cutlets from low-fat meat, of course, cooked for a couple.

  • Diet with gastritis with increased acidity of gastric juice

For the treatment of gastritis with increased aciditydoctors prescribe the strictest diet. No semi-finished products, preservatives, sharp, cured, smoked dishes, carbonated drinks, juices, compotes, alcohol. With gastritis of this type, you can consume only mucous soups, omelettes and kissels. After two to three weeks, you can include in the menu of minced meat, and a week later - also steam cutlets. chronic gastritis symptoms

Treatment of chronic gastritis

Drug treatment of gastritis can be prescribedonly a doctor. Therefore, we will not describe in detail all the existing treatment regimens - we will only discuss them in general terms. In the event that a person suffers from gastritis with a decreased acidity of the stomach, the most often prescribed drugs containing pepsin and hydrochloric acid. They help to normalize the acid level of gastric juice. Well, if the acidity is increased, anti-ulcer drugs are usually used to treat gastritis. For example, such as Almagel, atropine, papaverine and drugs designed to reduce the level of gastric acid. The dosage of all drugs is selected strictly individually, taking into account all available survey data, the course of the disease, general health. Independently this should not be done in any case, since the condition of the sick person can significantly worsen. Many people claim that they successfully managed to cure gastritis with folk remedies. As a rule, such treatment with folk remedies does not pose any threat to the condition of the sick person. Therefore, the treatment of folk remedies is still worth a try. We will tell you about the most effective ways to get rid of gastritis folk remedies. However, remember - despite the fact that the treatment of folk remedies is safe enough, one should not forget about some precautionary measures.

  • Allergic reaction of the body

First, make sure that you are not allergic toany of the components of the recipe. The allergic reaction in the majority the thing not dangerous, but enough unpleasant. In the same case, if you are not sure, be sure to do something like allergens. To do this, try a small amount of a remedy for the treatment of gastritis and for several hours carefully follow the reaction of your body. In the event that there were no undesirable reactions, you can start treatment.

  • Pregnancy and children's age

In no case try to get rid of gastritisfolk remedies for children and pregnant women. Children have a very high predisposition to the development of a variety of allergic reactions. And the usual harmless herb can cause urticaria or, even more dangerous, Quincke's edema. To a pregnant woman, treatment with folk remedies is contraindicated for other reasons. Those herbs that are of great benefit to a pregnant woman can be extremely dangerous. Very many herbs can provoke the development of miscarriage, frozen pregnancy or premature birth. Therefore, in no case risk your health and the health of your children.

  • An exacerbation: as a gastritis, and any other acute diseases

In the event that gastritis is in acutestage, or if a person has any other acute illness, do not try to cure him with folk remedies. It is difficult to predict how the human body will react when exacerbated.

  • Dosage of components

It is very important to strictly follow the recommendeddosage of components. In fact, as is known, in a drop - medicine, in a spoon - poison. The same applies to the rules for taking this or that remedy - strictly follow the recommended treatment regimen. So, let us now turn directly to the prescriptions of treatment by folk remedies. We give only the most effective of them, proven by time:

  • Infusion of aloe

For the treatment of chronic gastritis - as withhigh, and with low acidity - very useful milk infusion of aloe. For its preparation, you need one tablespoon of aloe, one teaspoon of dried inflorescences of chamomile and one glass of milk. Bring the milk to a boil, pour chamomile into it and simmer for 30 minutes. At this time, grind two leaves of aloe, squeeze the juice using gauze cloth. Milk remove from heat, cool and strain. Mix it with aloe juice and leave to infuse for about 15 minutes. Milk needs to be drunk just before bedtime, not earlier than two hours after eating. Never prepare this remedy for future use - it quickly loses its healing properties. Duration of treatment is 21 days. If necessary, after a one-week break, treatment can be repeated.

  • Honey and wheat

In the event that a person has chronic gastritiswith secretory deficiency, very effective means will be sprouts of wheat with honey. This tool is prepared as follows. In a dry and warm place, place the gauze cloth moistened in water, put 500 grams of wheat on it. Top with another layer of wet gauze and leave it for three days. As drying, gauze should be wetted. However, make sure that it is wet, not wet - otherwise the wheat will just rot. After the wheat germinates, its sprouts must be passed through the meat grinder - a homogeneous mass should be obtained - and thoroughly mixed with 200 grams of any natural honey. Keep the medicinal mixture only in a glass container with a lid, in the refrigerator. Take a mixture of one teaspoon, before each meal. Duration of treatment is one month. Those who have experienced similar treatment for chronic gastritis on themselves, claim that it disappears without a trace. But for the treatment of gastritis in acute stage this recipe does not work - it can not be cured.

  • Oatmeal with walnuts

Perhaps this recipe may seem to youstrange. But it really helps to cure chronic gastritis, even in the most neglected stage. But the main advantage of this remedy is that it is very tasty and can become a wonderful breakfast. You will need three tablespoons of the most ordinary cheap oatmeal, a glass of boiled water and one hundred grams of peeled walnut kernels. In the evening, place the oatmeal in a glass container and fill with water. Leave to infuse overnight. In the morning, drain all the water that has not been absorbed, chop the nuts until pasty and mix with oat flakes. Breakfast is ready. Just a month of these breakfasts - and you will forget about gastritis for a long time. Of course, if the gastritis is of a chronic type.

  • Carrot juice

In the event that gastritis of a chronic typeit is possible to catch at an early stage, carrot juice is very effective. And it should be necessarily freshly squeezed. Dissolve in a glass of carrot juice one tablespoon of honey and drink on an empty stomach, one hour before a meal. In the evening, before going to bed, you need to drink carrot juice again. This time without honey. The duration of this course of treatment is three weeks. In the acute stage of the disease, such treatment is unacceptable, since pain may appear.

  • Oxygen cocktail

Active oxygen contributes very wellelimination of the inflammatory process of the gastric mucosa. And where can I get active oxygen? Correctly, from oxygen cocktails. As a rule, they are made by any polyclinic. But you can try to get active oxygen and at home. To do this you will need a single yolk protein and a mixer. Beat in a thick foam and eat on an empty stomach. The course of treatment is seven days. As you can see, the methods of treating gastritis are not so few. And they are all very virgin. However, do not forget that the prevention of chronic gastritis is much better than the subsequent treatment. After all, even in time, the treatment started will not insure against a possible complication. We advise you to read: