New Year's signs Glitter of tinsel, bright Christmas toys, whichsupermarket shelves are flooded, garlands on the windows of houses and shops, everywhere glued snowflakes - all these are forerunners of the upcoming holiday. Even the most notorious cynics in these days feel awe at the eve of the New Year, perhaps they just do not admit it. In the head of each person is a constant work on who and what to give, so that no one can forget and not offend, what products need to be bought in advance for the festive table and the like. And towards the end of December, even in the midst of the delivery of reports and closing of the quarter, office workers, mechanically performing their work, count the days before the start of the long-awaited New Year's mini-vacation. It is not for nothing that they say: how you will meet a year, so you will spend it. Therefore, following this tradition, it is necessary to properly prepare for the holiday, and for this you need to take into account all New Year's signs, which we will discuss in more detail below. signs of the New Year

Observe the omens

New Year signs - little tricks, withwhich help to attract happiness, prosperity and prosperity in the coming year. Agree, the more fun and fervent you spend the festive night, the easier the next twelve months will be. The same applies to people with whom you celebrate this holiday. Do you want a young man (or girl) always with you? Then, holding hands, raise the champagne glasses to the chiming clock and make a wish. The rule "with whom you will meet, with that and you will spend" still nobody canceled! So, how do you behave on the eve of the holiday? And what should I do to make the next year under a lucky star?

  • Put on a New Year's Eve party. Of course, it's not at all necessary to purchase something very expensive - the main thing is that the thing is not worn out. It can be just bought a skirt or dress, jewelry or costume jewelry. Observing this sign, next year you are guaranteed to get something new and more worthwhile.
  • In order to protect themselves from financial collapse and notneed money, fill their pockets. It is desirable, if it will be large bills: rubles, dollars, euro. In general, what would you like to get on in the coming year. If you have nowhere to put money, keep them in your hands.
  • Give a hot kiss to your loved one. Firstly, the very atmosphere of the holiday has to love and warmth, in addition, there is never a superfluous embrace. And secondly, remember the sign indicated above - with whom and how you will meet ... Continuation of the phrase, we think, you yourself know.
  • Take care that the festive tableliterally bursting with a variety of dishes and drinks, then the next year will be just as rich and prosperous. Step away from the traditional recipes - "olivier", "okroshka" and "herring under the fur coat" have long been not relevant. Today in any culinary source you will find a lot of different tips for making interesting, exotic and incredibly mouth-watering dishes. It's time to turn all your talents into life, so do not be lazy! However, if it is not customary in your family to overeat at night and all the salads and stay hot in vain, then it is better to dispense one or two dishes. But set a small mirror opposite the table, which will reflect your dishes and create an effect of abundance. In this way, you will attract double wealth to your home.
  • Say goodbye to the Old Year, leaving everything in itnegative events. On New Year's Eve remember all that has happened to you, both good and bad. Forgive people the wrongs done to you and wholeheartedly thank the universe for what it has awarded you. Hearing these thoughts, in return she will give you good luck. It is not superfluous to make a wish: clearly formulate your request and say it to yourself to the chiming clock. And then give vent to your feelings: blow firecrackers (naturally on the street), light the Bengal lights, congratulate your relatives and friends, pound the dishes. These actions are designed to divert from your house all evil spirits and evil spirits.

As you can see, keeping New Year's signs is not difficult. Even if you do not trust such superstitions, at least a couple of them still fulfill. To suddenly do not call for trouble.

We are attracting financial success

Let us dwell a little more on howto attract luck in financial affairs. Agree, after all, no matter how much we want it, in the modern world, if not all, then many problems solve the problem. Therefore, on the eve of the coming year, it will not be superfluous to take care of their accumulation. So, it is considered that to celebrate the New Year's holiday with debts is a bad omen. Therefore, if you lend money to someone or take them for a short-term loan, solve all these financial issues and leave them in the outgoing year. Then the next twelve months you will have much less problems - this will prevent trouble and bring success. There is another way that oriental astrologers recommend. Put on the lowest shelf of the refrigerator a small red bag filled with three copper coins, which should be turned upside down. This is due to the fact that in today the refrigerator chamber replaces the barrel with rice, which in ancient times in China was considered a symbol of prosperity and wealth. If you want to attract Mercury, the god of trade, to your house, then after the clock breaks through midnight, poke in your pocket a pre-prepared for this trifle. He will hear your call, arrive and give you financial prosperity. signs for the new year

Responsible moment: last minute of the year

The classic option, when the chimes of the chimesmake a wish, many want to be replaced by something more fresh, but not less New Year's. The seven most cheerful options for the last minute of the outgoing year were chosen for you. Choosing any of them, rest assured that the wishes will come true, and the New Year's Eve will be full of fun, as well as the coming year.

  • The sound of coins and the rustle of paper bills will attractyour house is wealth and wealth. So that guests can invite their welfare to themselves, prepare vases or small bags with small change - and ring at your pleasure the whole company to the chiming clock.
  • Pies that many bake for the New Year,can be made with different fillings: with sour, sweet, bitter, salty, meat and so on. The missing option will indicate what the whole coming year will be like. Instead of a filling, you can put coins, figurines, or wish-predictions. While chimes are being beaten, everyone has the right to choose his fate for the next 12 months.
  • To celebrate the symbol of the coming year is a good sign, so after drinking champagne it is not a sin and to rumple through the whole honest company, prokakarekat or growl like a tiger.
  • Closer to midnight, guests write their desires onsmall pieces of paper, and at the last minute these pieces of paper must be burnt in a candle flame, in time to mix the ashes with champagne and drink until the clock shows twelve
  • Twelve grapes, eaten under the battle of chimes (one for each stroke) will bring harmony and well-being to your home. It is believed that lobules mandarin have about the same effect.
  • This option is good for those who meet the Newyear in a narrow circle. If you manage to put on all the decorations while the chimes are beating, then all the next 12 months will be "in gold and in diamonds", and since there is not much time, fun and noise in the last moments of the outgoing year are ensured.
  • As soon as the clock begins to beat the last blows,throw on a coin in glasses with champagne, and by the end of a festive night, hide them at home in the most secret places. This ritual will preserve and increase well-being in the family.
  • When all grievances are forgiven, wishes are enigmatic, and hoursstruck midnight, it means that the New Year has already come! If you look at the sunrise to heaven and see a huge number of stars - wait for a good harvest, and the mewing of a cat is a harbinger of a new neighborhood. If you go to the street on January 1, the first thing you will hear is the barking of a dog, then prepare for a fateful acquaintance, perhaps, soon you will meet your soul mate. Singing birds - to great news, and church ringing, according to the signs, informs about important changes and events in your family. The day after the holiday, you should not work, forget about cleaning, and especially about washing floors, and also postpone the release of garbage at a later date - all these actions do not promise anything good. We wish you a great mood, a merry celebration and success in the future! We advise you to read: