interrupted intercourse Modern medicine and pharmacology offersa huge number of various means of contraception - rings, candles, condoms, birth control pills. Virtually any woman can pick up exactly the contraceptive that will suit her. However, nevertheless, until now one of the most common means of preventing unwanted pregnancy is an interrupted sexual intercourse. Why is it so widely popular? It is due to various reasons. These reasons include:

  • Availability of this method

In order to use this methodprotection, you do not need absolutely any preparation, even going to the pharmacy. In addition, almost every person is familiar with such a situation in which the desire is so great that it is not desirable to stop at all because of the lack of contraceptive means. Here, to help the couple and comes an interrupted sexual intercourse - because it is, even if not reliable, but still significantly reduces the chance of an unwanted pregnancy in the way.

  • Sensitive barrier

Many couples explain their choicemeans of protection so that the natural sensations during sexual intercourse are thus preserved. And the use of any other barrier means of contraception significantly reduces the naturalness and acuity of sensations during sexual intercourse.

  • Absence of contraindications

This factor is also often a plus inthe use of interrupted intercourse. So, for example, setting the intrauterine device often leads to an increase in the duration of menstruation, which becomes much more abundant and painful, and sometimes even uterine bleeding can occur. Taking hormonal drugs is also not so safe. More precisely, hormonal birth control pills will not bring any harm to the female body only if they are selected according to the doctor's prescription. And in order for the doctor to understand what kind of contraceptive hormonal agent is suitable for one or another woman, he needs to see the results of her blood test for the content of hormones. Agree - very few of the women so carefully approaches the issue of choosing drugs for protection.

  • Understanding the mode of action

The peculiarity of the human psyche is that ithe is afraid of all that he does not understand. And, despite the fact that now there is a lot of information about how this or that way is protected. However, there are still a lot of people for whom the action of hormonal tablets is completely incomprehensible, but the intrauterine device actually seems to be some sort of an instrument of the Inquisition. Therefore, these people prefer to use interrupted sexual intercourse, the mechanism of their action is extremely clear and understandable to them.

Disadvantages of interrupted intercourse

However, doctors say that the interruptedsexual intercourse, there are a number of significant disadvantages. And all these shortcomings eloquently testify that this method of contraception is very far from what is ideal, but even just from reliable. The minuses of an interrupted sexual intercourse are:

  • High risk of pregnancy

Contrary to popular belief,The likelihood that the pregnancy will still occur is very high. Doctors believe that the absence of pregnancy in a married couple, which is protected by a method of interrupted sexual intercourse during the year, indicates a potential infertility. This is explained very simply - viable spermatozoa are contained not only directly in the sperm, but also in the lubricant that is released from the man from the moment of the onset of excitation. And this means only that the penetration of spermatozoa into the uterus, and after and into the fallopian tubes, perhaps even without ejaculation in the woman's vagina.

  • Lack of protection from sexually transmitted infections

Remember also that interrupted intercoursein no way is able to protect you from infections that are sexually transmitted. This fact does not make sense, and explain, because it's obvious - with such a sexual act there is a direct contact of the mucous membrane of the vagina and the penis. Of course, this information is not relevant for stable, well-established couples who are confident in each other's health. But all the rest need to remember this nuance. Do not risk your health.

  • Violation of the sexual function of men

Regular and continuous useinterrupted sexual intercourse can most negatively affect the sexual function of men. First, a man must constantly keep all his emotions and sensations under control, in order not to miss the moment of ejaculation. As a result, the sexual act will cease to bring a man a full pleasure, he has various psychological problems. In addition, according to numerous observations of gynecologists, about 70% of men who have been prevented for one year or more through interrupted intercourse sooner or later develop such an unpleasant disease as prostatitis. In addition, very often the main cause of male infertility is just such a method of protection, as an interrupted sexual intercourse. Very many experts rightly believe that as a result of an interrupted sexual intercourse, certain pathological changes occur in the male genital organs. And the longer a man practices an interrupted sexual intercourse, the stronger the loss of the blood vessels of his genital organs. This is the reason and leads at first to the deterioration of the erection in men. If, after the first anxious symptoms, the couple does not change the method of protection, and the man will continue to practice the interrupted sexual intercourse, the pathological changes in the genital organs will continue. These pathological changes affect the posterior urethra, the seminal tubercle, the prostate gland. And a very important role in the course of such a pathological process is played by the fact that cavernous bodies are not fully released during ejaculation. And this knocks down certain signals in the men's brain center, responsible for stimulation, erection and ejaculation. And as a result, the man first develops premature ejaculation, and after all impotence. However, in the early stages, this process is almost completely reversible. In order to get rid of existing problems, as well as to prevent the aggravation of the situation and the development of other complications, a man must observe two main conditions:

  • Stop interrupted sexual intercourse as a method of contraception.
  • He will seek help from a urologist.

It's a little more complicated with this item. Very many men very painfully perceive everything that concerns their sexual health. And as a result, a man is embarrassed not only to seek help from a doctor, but simply to talk about it. It is easier for a man to pretend that such a problem simply does not exist, than to admit first of all to himself that he needs medical help. And here a lot depends on the woman - she must show maximum consistency, tact, understanding and willingness to help. The only thing you should not do is feel sorry for a man. Pity is also a powerful blow to his vanity. Briefly summarizing all of the above, it becomes clear that the method of protection through the use of interrupted intercourse for a very long time will remain quite popular and popular, mainly due to ease of use and convenience. However, nevertheless, despite all the convenience, this method of protection is not very reliable, and it is altogether dangerous if it involves casual sexual intercourse. That is why an interrupted sexual intercourse can be used only in those pairs that have been together for a long time. We advise you to read: