Diet for the perfect figure Are there any girls in the world who are absolutely happyhis figure and weight? And if such girls exist, is it the result of their work on themselves or a gift from nature? Slender beauties look at us from the covers of magazines and TV screens, so - one of the most discussed topics, which is of particular interest for young girls and women.

Types of Diets

Monodiettes based on short-termusing only one product, are the most common choice among women who want to lose weight. They require a minimum of time and effort to prepare a product used for food, and allow you to get rid of excess kilograms in the shortest possible time. One of the obvious disadvantages of such diets is their monotony, so psychologically they are difficult to tolerate, as well as strict restrictions in the diet - this is a huge stress for the body. Therefore, the duration of feeding on this principle should not exceed 10-14 days. Examples of mono-diets: buckwheat, gerbera, chocolate, coffee, apple, vegetable, chicken. Low-calorie diet is also a stress for the body, because for normal life of the body requires at least 1200 calories. Usually the caloric content of adherents of this method of weight loss does not rise above 1000 calories, and the number can be either strictly fixed or vary during the course of a diet. The second option does not allow the body to get used to a certain kallorazhu and "disperse" metabolic processes. Low-calorie diet can prohibit the use of certain foods, or do not impose any restrictions, except the number of calories. Examples of diets based on the consumption of small amounts of calories: Hollywood, emergency, Japanese, Berlin. Exist , assuming limited consumptioncarbohydrates or fats, as well as food protein products with a decrease in the amount of carbohydrates and fats at the same time. Examples of such diets: protein, American, Atkins diet, Kremlin, Kima Protasov's diet. More information on all the diets presented can be read on the web. Also, try to read reviews about each particular technique. In this article, the most effective diets in the fight against excess kilograms are named. Please note that each organism is strictly individual and a popular diet with a lot of positive feedback may not be right for you. So test the methods of weight loss and choose the one that gives the best tip for your body.