Elegant and classic, short, with a train or "mermaid", and can be transparent and flying, with many layers of sparkling fabric, modest or luxurious and expensive ... The outfit is very important forof each bride. How he changes the girl! It becomes completely different, full of bright hopes, love and tenderness. In the wedding dress she shines, she admires everyone with her grace, she is happy.

It's not at all easy to choose a wedding dress

Infinite variety of fabrics, colors, stylesleads the bride into some confusion. With whom to consult, who will help to make a choice? Well, of course, the best friend with whom we studied in the same class, or my mother - the best friend and adviser. Their opinion is very important, but, above all, the wedding dress should please the bride. Sometimes one glance is enough to understand - yes, this is it! Sometimes the function of selection is taken over by the employees of the wedding agency. One has only to tell them about their dreams, and they will certainly try to translate them into reality. If funds permit, it is possible to realize the top of each woman's desires - sewing the most important dress in life with a famous designer from the world of haute couture. You will become the owner of an exclusive dress from exquisite and expensive material. The most acceptable option is an elite wedding salon, fashion designers who will offer real masterpieces from new collections, looking at the bride's figure with an experienced look, will quickly help in choosing. But in order not to drown in such air splendor and become the Queen, one must remember that sometimes even the simplest dress, but impeccably sewn, can emphasize all the dignity of the figure and hide the small flaws.

The Mystery of a Wedding Dress

Do not forget about your secret weapons ... Well,of course, it will be an intimate, refined wardrobe that will finally slay the loved one, and he will appreciate the full force of your uniqueness and charm. Wondrous , which with dignity played a role,will recede into the background. What do you need to buy for this? For each dress of a particular style, you can choose your own version of intimate clothing. Under a chic dress-corsage with a deep neckline, and, probably, with open shoulders, you just need to buy a sexy strapless corset, on a solid foundation. At the bottom of his silhouette ends with comfortable miniature zippers for stockings - all together looks charming. In such a corset the bride is especially slender. But for a delicate, fitting wedding dress from translucent fabric, a completely different underwear will suit. The bride must choose a separate set, the fabric smooth and thin. And now the preparations are over, behind the pre-wedding fuss, sleepless nights, unrest. Ahead - a bright start to family life - a wedding ball, the pearl of which is you, and the dress ... dress is just a beautiful frame that emphasizes your beauty and freshness of youth.