recipe for chocolate sausage Chocolate sausage from cookies with one's ownthe appearance on the table will instantly turn you into a real fairy in the eyes of children, and all adults, like a real magic wand, will instantly turn into children - after all, for those who do not cook it, it's an opportunity to return to childhood for one evening. In the last century, this dessert was a frequent guest on the table of any family. It was inexpensive, sold everywhere, there was no deficit, it consisted of natural products - there were no others at that time - it was excellent quality and always stable, it was controlled by special departments in the confectionary factories. Marriage in those days on the shelves of shops did not fall, but rather, there could be no goods. Since then, much has changed in the production of food, and the taste of favorite children's treats, and chocolate sausage from biscuits, including, remained with adults only in memory. The emergence of cheap synthetic products has become too much a temptation for food producers, and quality control is not a state level for a long time already. Therefore, expect that in the factory dessert there will be natural butter, as required by the recipe, and not much cheaper synthetic margarine, or, for example, natural eggs and milk, rather than emulsifiers and flavoring additives, has long been out of the question. Therefore, the opportunity to feel the taste of a favorite dessert, familiar from childhood, drops out only when someone has prepared it for themselves. Choosing products, it is important to remember that chocolate sausage will be real only if it is made of natural, quality and fresh products. Otherwise, you will get the same forgery, which is also sold in stores. The recipe for a chocolate sausage from a cookie depends entirely on your preferences, you just need to understand the principle of its preparation. ingredients for chocolate sausage

Principle of preparation - mixing

The essence of making chocolate sausage from cookiesis to mix the main products that have long been used to make desserts - sugar, butter, eggs, milk, cocoa and biscuits. The only ingredient is cocoa, and then, if it is missing, softened chocolate bars will do. The recipe for chocolate sausage from cookies involves mixing the base and the filler and combining them into a single whole with the help of a fastener. As the basis used crumbled cookies or cakes for cake. As a filler - that your heart desires, from fruits and nuts to a variety of spices and spirits. You can use butter, eggs, sugar, milk (it's possible to dry), condensed milk - it will be enough to choose two or three products, taking into account their properties and understanding that it is each added product that will bring into taste or consistency. Cooking can be done in two ways - "hot" and "cold", and ready-made sausage should be placed for a while in the fridge for soaking and fixing the mold. Understanding this principle, you can create a recipe for cooking to your liking, or create a recipe based on those products that are at hand at the moment. There are a lot of products from which you can make chocolate sausage, but you should not use everything at the same time:

  • biscuit,
  • flour,
  • butter,
  • baking soda,
  • vinegar,
  • eggs,
  • egg powder,
  • sugar,
  • cocoa,
  • coffee,
  • chocolate (black and white),
  • milk,
  • Condensed milk (plain and cooked),
  • powdered milk,
  • nuts,
  • kernels of apricot kernels,
  • coconut,
  • marshmallow,
  • marmalade,
  • raisins,
  • dried apricots,
  • prunes,
  • oranges,
  • cranberry,
  • cherry,
  • cognac,
  • liquor,
  • fruit syrups,
  • cinnamon,
  • ginger,
  • nutmeg,
  • vanillin or vanilla sugar.

slicing chocolate sausage

Basis - any cookies

Cookies for the base are absolutely any -suitable for children, and sand, and walnut, and flaky, and with jam and marmalade. You can make it from cookies of different varieties - it often happens that in the house there is a little bit of different cookies. The cookie is suitable and dried up, and broken - it is in any case crumbled and soaked in a mixture, but the mixture may need a little more. Perfectly fit and cakes for the cake - because homemade cakes for cake - it's the same cookies, only great. If you bought cakes for a cake, and do not have enough time, energy or, for example, there are no products for the cream, and there's no time to go after them, then they are perfect for a chocolate sausage. It is no worse than a cake, but it's much easier. And if you bake the cake yourself for the holiday, then it will not be difficult to bake 1-2 crusts more, and from these skin make chocolate sausage - and you will have another dessert dish. You can crumble cookies as you like - and small, and large. Large pieces are less saturated with chocolate, but will decorate the cut. You can crumble with your hands, potato mullet, rolling pin. This site of work can be entrusted even to the youngest children - so of course, they can perfectly crunch the cookies! Suitable for this grandmother, grandfather and husband.

Fillers - for every taste

What filler do you want to add to yourRecipe - depends only on your preferences. They can be cut, you can grind in a meat grinder or grind in a blender. You can put it all. If your dessert is meant for adults, then you can add cognac or liquor - they will add piquancy. You can add orange peel and a variety of condiments. Combining different fillers, you can get an incredible variety of tastes. When adding fruit fillers, there is one rule - they should not be too wet. If the fruit or berries that you want to add are too juicy (cherry, peach, apricot), then they need to be sprinkled with sugar and left for a while so that they release excess juice. cold recipe for making chocolate sausages

Fastening mixture - regulate fat content, sweetness and density

From what kind of binding ingredients are youchoose and in what proportion they mix, the fat content, sweetness, density and calorie content of your dessert will depend. Although its calorie content in any case will be rather big! But if someone from your home or guests whom you expect to eat is undesirable to eat fat, then you can put less oil, replacing part of the butter with beaten egg, milk, or fruit syrup. Or, for example, in your family do not like too sweet - then boldly put less sugar. If you like a more intense chocolate taste - put more cocoa and add grated bitter chocolate. The recipe of the fastener mixture can be changed at will as you like, you just need to remember that its task is to fix the base and fillers so that it is easy and convenient to form a sausage from the "mince". And, of course, it should be delicious!

"Hot" recipe - cook a chocolate mixture

This recipe is so called because the binding mixture is prepared by heating. It takes enough

  • 200 gr of butter,
  • about 4-6 tbsp. l. sugar (as you like),
  • 5-6 tbsp. l. cocoa,
  • 1 egg.

Melt on low heat oil (only tomelted, you do not need to bring it to a boil), add the egg, cocoa, powdered with sugar, mix, put on a weak fire and stir until the bubbles appear on the surface. It turns out almost hot chocolate, only without milk and much fatter. If necessary, the fat content can be reduced. The bonding mixture is ready. Crumble about 0.5 kg cookies, add chopped walnuts (or any other fillers that you like), mix, pour over the resulting hot chocolate and mix again. If it turns out too thick (different biscuits can absorb more or less mixture), then you can add a couple of spoonfuls of condensed milk or a beaten egg. After that, you can form sausages of any shape and size, wrap them in foil, food film, parchment or a plastic bag and put in the refrigerator for at least an hour.

"Cold" recipe - we do not approach the fire

This recipe is even simpler - with it you cancook a dessert even when turned off the light, gas and water at the same time. Practically in extreme conditions! Even in the hike - if you want a sweet, and to the nearest store to go for several hours! In the absence of a refrigerator, you can put tightly wrapped ready-made sausage for a while in a container of cold water. All the cooking is as follows: you need to crush 0.5 kg of cookies, add to the crumbled cookies 200 gr. softened butter, add 5 tablespoons of cocoa, a can of condensed milk and mix. Will take it from the force of five minutes. After this, you can form sausage. Preparation of dessert in this way can be entrusted even to the youngest children - in the worst case they will only be smeared with natural products, and the result will be the same as in adults!

Magic egg - and for softness, and for density, and for color!

Egg is not mandatory, but truly magicala product for making chocolate sausage from cookies. With it, you can soften the too-dry cookies, without adding to it neither fat nor sweets, and make a gentle basis. To do this, you just need to whip one egg with a fork and add it to the crumbled cookies. And at the same time, with the help of an egg, the density and viscosity of the fastener mixture can be added. Adding an egg in the fastening mixture, you can adjust its fat content and sweetness. It will help to keep the color of large pieces of biscuits, and they will look very beautiful on the sausage cut.

Sausage decoration and sausage decoration

Of course, such yummy as chocolatesausage, you can and do not decorate, but then you deprive yourself and your loved ones of aesthetic pleasure. And deserves this dessert of having to spend a few seconds on his decoration. After giving a slightly uneven shape and decorating with mint leaves or kiwi slices, you will get a "tree" by making a thickening at the end and marking the eyes with a "snake", after making a few holes on top - the "magic flute", slightly curving, sharpening the ends and sprinkling with white chocolate - «A young month». And putting the sausage around the festive cake, you will get a triple benefit! Firstly, your cake will immediately look twice as large, secondly, you will decorate the cake, and thirdly - get two different desserts that will organically look on one dish and do not take up much space on the festive table.