chocolate cake Desserts are an indispensable attribute of everyone.birthday or a children's holiday. Today, eminent chefs presented the world with the most incredible recipes, which can be found not only in the handbooks for cooks, but also on our website. Right now we will tell you how to prepare a delicious, delicious, unforgettably chocolate cake. Do you think that only a real professional can do this? This is a myth that needs to be dispelled. So forward for the pen and paper - write down recipes, buy food and practice cooking dessert. All ingenious is simple, but everything sweet is delicious.

Vanilla-chocolate cake

Cooking delicious cakes with chocolate - notthe most difficult science - you just need to follow the instructions exactly and buy quality, fresh products. For example, it is better to use homemade sour cream, cream, and eggs. If you decide to lubricate the cakes with custard, you will have to try very hard. The fact is that not always oil, which is sold in modern supermarkets, is suitable for a sweet sauce. It happens that during the whipping process it stratifies, so the cream turns liquid, is taken by lumps. Only in the process of practice, having tried in the business is not one recipe, you will understand which products are best added to desserts. Chocolate cakes are truly a delicate treat that everyone likes, regardless of age. For babies it is possible to prepare a delicacy based on a biscuit dough with cream, and between cakes put a little peanuts or walnuts, raisins, dried apricots or prunes are often added. The most popular cake among adults - with alcoholic impregnation. Usually for this use liqueurs or cognac. But let's start with a simple recipe, and then we'll move on to more complex and original product combinations. The chocolate cake in question will be the perfect dessert for any holiday. Ingredients:

  • a packet of butter (take 250 grams)
  • one and a half cup sifted flour
  • 1/2 cup powdered sugar
  • two eggs
  • tiles of black or milk chocolate
  • small bag of baking powder
  • table salt - optional
  • ten grams of vanilla sugar
  • 280 milliliters of sour cream

Cooking method: To make this delicious and delicate chocolate cake, of course, it will take a lot of effort, to spend time, but believe me, the result will surpass all your expectations. Before you translate the prescription into practice, remember a few simple rules. To prepare a homogeneous dough, we recommend using not powdered sugar, but powder. It dissolves faster and much better, without forming lumps. The most ideal variant is to add a little baking powder, then the cakes will rise well, come out lush and beautiful. However, if there is not one in your house, take ordinary soda. Sour cream should be non-liquid, buy a 25 percent product. And now it's time to move from words to deeds. Do not take a very cold oil: remove all the ingredients from the refrigerator beforehand and put them on the table, then kneading the dough will be much easier. When the creamy product slightly podtaet, rub it in a deep bowl along with the sugar powder and salt. Intensively work with a fork so that the result is a uniform mass. Now, with very rapid movements of the corolla, beat the eggs in a lush white foam and pour it on the previous ingredients. Chocolate cake will be more lavish, if you sift flour in advance, that's why it's up to you. Then pour soda or baking powder into it, depending on what you are using. In the egg-cream mixture, add vanilla sugar and sour cream, mix, then add flour and whisk well. Now put the chocolate on the steam bath and melt it. Pour half of the resulting sweet mixture into the dough and work several times with a spoon to give the mass uniformity. A little more patience, and the chocolate cake will be ready. This recipe is designed for the preparation of a not too complicated dessert, therefore, as impregnation, sweet glaze is used. However, if you want, you can make a delicious dessert with brewed, curd or, for example, sour cream. So, have you already heated the oven? Please note that its temperature should not exceed 220 degrees, otherwise the cakes can burn. Lubricate the inside edges of the mold with butter, then pour the dough into it and top with a spoon. Chocolate cake is baked on average for about half an hour, it all depends on the power of the oven. After the specified time, take it out of the oven and puncture it very carefully. If the tree remains dry, it means that everything is in order - you can serve the product on the table. However, before it is judged, then heat the icing and pour it on the cake. If there is time, try to cook the sweet sauce and soak the cake with the cream, before cutting it into two parts. All recipes are diverse and good in their own way, each of them deserves attention. As you can see, making an appetizing chocolate cake is not very difficult. Now, when the first dish is mastered, you can safely go to more original desserts. chocolate cake

Chocolate-nut cake "in Hungarian"

This recipe for those who like to cook and notregrets the strength. After all, cooking is a kind of art that can satisfy hunger, not only physical, but spiritual - it gives aesthetic pleasure from contemplating a beautiful creation. We offer to bake a very simple, but insanely delicious nut-chocolate cake with a beautiful name "Hungarian". Doing it is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance to beginners, only comprehending the basics of cooking. If you want to experiment, pour the product with cream. The most suitable sauce based on sour cream, but you can prepare a glaze from cocoa powder. Ingredients:

  • eight yolks
  • the same amount of proteins
  • 15 grams of flour
  • two sachets of vanilla sugar
  • butter for mold lubrication
  • 120 grams of sugar
  • a pinch of common salt
  • 250 grams of ground hazelnuts (also suitable for peanuts or walnuts)
  • two large spoons of breadcrumbs
  • a glass of cream
  • 100 grams of any chocolate without fillers (black or milky is recommended)
  • eight grams of powdered sugar

For glaze:

  • 125 milliliters of milk
  • a small piece of butter
  • sugar - to taste
  • three large spoons of cocoa in powder

Cooking method: Cream recipes often differ not so much with the ingredients as in the procedure for preparing them. If in the first case the eggs were simply whipped into a foam, now you need to act in a different way - separate the proteins from the yolks. It should be done very carefully, so that no particles of products are connected to each other, otherwise the dough will not come out too fluffy. So, as soon as you can, add 1/3 of this portion of sand to the yolks and carefully rub everything to make the sugar completely dissolved. Then, in a separate bowl, whisk together whites, a little salt, and the remaining sand. You should have a thick white mass, which should now be combined with the yolks. Prepare the egg cream using a whisk, mixer or fork. Some whip the ingredients with a blender, but professionals do not recommend this, then the mass is too dense, so the cakes do not rise. A lush, homogeneous mixture will only come out if you work with the kitchen appliance carefully, gradually gaining speed. Let's return to our product: crush the nuts in the harvester to the state of powder. Now put them into the dough together with the breadcrumbs and vanilla sugar, mix. Lay out a form in which you plan to prepare a dish with a special parchment or paper. Bottom the bottom with oil and lightly sprinkle with flour. The third part of the dough is poured into a bowl and sent to the oven, heated to a maximum of 180 degrees. After about 20 minutes, when you hear a characteristic smell and notice that the product is covered with a brownish-golden crust, remove it from the oven. Wait until it cools, then remove the split shape, remove the parchment and in the same way bake three more cakes, thus using the whole dough. The recipe is coming to its logical conclusion, there are very few left. Catch a cream: for this, whip the cream and powder in a firm foam with active movements. The first can be replaced with a fatty sour cream, from this chocolate cake will turn out not less tasty. Now lubricate each cake with a gentle cream, connect them together and for a while, set aside. Cooking glaze can be made from chocolate bars, but we offer a slightly different recipe. Warm the milk at minimum heat, then add oil, sugar and cook with constant stirring. At the end, gradually, in small portions, pour the cocoa, do not stop and continue to work with a spoon, otherwise glaze will be taken up by lumps. When it is thick enough, remove it from the plate and allow it to cool. Then pour a chocolate cream on your creation and put it in a cool place for an hour. Cake in this form can be safely served for dessert to your family, but if you decide to prepare a festive dish, we recommend using imagination and decorating it properly. Very beautiful look cakes, sprinkled with ground nuts, coconut shavings. You can put on the top of your masterpiece a pattern of cream, make figurines of mastic. The simplest and most popular option for a birthday is to put candles-numbers reminding of the age of the originator of the celebration. In general, do not be shy of your desires and fantasize in pleasure, naturally, keeping to the measure. Bon appetit and a merry holiday! chocolate cake recipe

Cake "Chocolate masterpiece"

If you have a celebration with a bigthe number of invited, of course, first of all you should think through the menu. Salads, snacks and hotter - all recipes can be found on our website, you just need to go to the appropriate section. Do not forget about desserts, because after a noisy holiday, guests will surely want to drink hot tea or coffee. In addition, most children are true sweet, so we recommend buying candy, cakes. And if there is time and desire, bake a cake "Chocolate masterpiece". Such a delicious product you may not have tried. Raspberry syrup in combination with cocoa, cognac and fruits gives the dish a piquancy - no one will give up such sweet pleasure. Ingredients:

  • a packet of melted butter (for a lean recipe, take a refined vegetable)
  • sifted flour - three glasses
  • raspberry syrup (you can use homemade jam)
  • six tablespoons of cocoa powder
  • 20 grams of baking powder
  • 400 grams of sugar
  • three grams of salt
  • 70 grams of cognac
  • two cups of boiled water


  • 40 milliliters of water or milk
  • 30 grams of cocoa
  • six large spoons of sugar

For decoration:

  • one orange or any other fruit

Cooking method: This chocolate cake exists in two variants - it can be made both with vegetable (add one glass) butter, and with creamy. We prefer the second method. To decorate the product, absolutely any fruit is suitable: a delicious dessert is obtained with oranges, dried apricots and kiwi. Here you have to choose which products to give preference. If you are ready, let's move from talking directly to the matter. First, melt the butter by placing it on a steam bath, or use a microwave. Add water to it, then pour out the amount of sugar, cocoa, indicated in the recipe, and put in a little salt. Thoroughly mix all the ingredients, then in a deep bowl sift through a sieve of wheat flour. Combine it with the baking powder, after pour the cream mixture. Whisk the products to uniformity, make sure that no lumps are formed. Cakes - chocolate, curd, "sand" - and other dough products, as confectioners say, should be made in the form covered with parchment or special paper. This, first, protects the product from burning, and secondly, it makes it easy to get it without damaging the edges and damaging the appearance of the future dessert. So cover the dishes, lubricate the interior with oil (vegetable or creamy) and pour the dough into it, neatly distributing it all over the bottom. To do this, gently rotate the mold from one side to the other, then level the top of the future cake with a spoon. The dish is baked for less than an hour, make sure that the temperature of the oven does not exceed 190 degrees. To check the readiness of the product, pierce it with a skewer or match. If the tree is dry, safely get the dishes. Remove the cake from the mold only after it has cooled very well. Then divide it with a knife into two parts of the same height. Now make the impregnation: mix the raspberry syrup with cognac and pour the resulting mixture of cakes, then put one on top of the other. If desired, you can add crushed nuts, raisins or prunes. While the cake is insisted and soaked, tackle the glaze. If you still decided to make a lean dessert, for this, replacing butter with vegetable oil and eliminating cognac, then to prepare a sweet sauce take the water. Otherwise, it is better to boil it on milk, so much tastier. So, heat the liquid on a low heat, then add cocoa, sugar or powder to it. Thoroughly stirring, bring the mixture to a boil, then cover and let stand for about seven to ten minutes. As soon as the glaze cools down, pour it a cake from all sides, gently handling not only the top, but also the sides. Decorate the dish cut into thin slices of oranges. You can add candied fruits or kiwi. Chocolate cake will be the perfect complement to tea or coffee. Agree, in this way, you can finish the festive evening with pleasure. All recipes are different from each other, so if cooking is your hobby, experiment as much as you like. If you want, "play" with the sauce for impregnation. So, very well with the chocolate test, curd and berry cream. As for decoration, everyone has their own preferences. The only thing I would like to note is that experts do not recommend using fruits such as apples and bananas. They eventually darken, and such a dish, you see, looks not very appetizing. Cakes look good fresh berries - raspberries, strawberries, blackberries - and patterns of whipped cream.