children are scatteredWhy are the children scattered? Photo: Getty

Why are children distracted?

In the first year of life, distracted attention isthe child is considered quite normal. At a young age, visual selectivity in babies is still lacking. The look of the crumbs stops at every object that interested him. The ability to concentrate on one subject for more than fifteen minutes is formed only by years to six. In the process of growth and maturation of the brain sometimes there are slight violations of his activity, however such manifestations are not necessarily a deviation in development. You should take a closer look at your child, his potential, hidden by the apparent manifestations of inaccuracy and lack of discipline. The problem of children's attention deficit occurs in every tenth child. And unlike girls, boys are twice as likely to be at risk. However, do not panic and run to the drugstore for medicines just because the toddler is too carried away by his favorite toys, forgets his school jacket at school or sits by the window, dreamily contemplating the world around him.

What if your child is absent?

Love, attention and constant concern for childrenis the most effective means, guaranteed by an alternative to the best medicines. Broken children tend to forget something. The main thing is that their parents remember everything! It is especially important to analyze and exclude all negative circumstances that can adversely affect the child's psyche:

  • If the kid goes to a kindergarten, you need to make sure of the sparing order of the day of the institution. If necessary, find a kindergarten with a more flexible schedule;
  • school activities where the child isis distracted and inattentive due to the hyperactive state, it is useful to replace it with homework. Comfortable environment will make the educational process into interesting activities with educational elements;
  • Excellent opportunities to exit unnecessarilyenergy provides sports. On a football field or in a gym, a child who has become distracted due to excessive activity can give vent to his unbridled energy.

Systematic activities and assistance to childrenpsychologists will help to increase concentration and assiduity. It is necessary to believe that a child, who was only a little distracted and inattentive yesterday, is able to learn to control his emotions in everyday life. Jean-Jacques Rousseau was convinced that never from the children would it be possible to create sages, if in them to kill rascals. All children are very scattered, support your baby, love and care will help overcome all obstacles in his way.