the child is often sick of what to do Very many parents ask the same question: the child is often sick, what should I do? And this is not surprising - in fact very often children are ill almost uninterruptedly - ARI gradually flows into the sore throat, tonsillitis - in otitis, otitis - in bronchitis, and bronchitis - again in ARD. Parents have a persistent feeling that they run around in circles, like a squirrel in a wheel - pills, potions, compresses, warming ... Why is this happening? Until recently, people talked about such children "like this, it was born, it will outgrow." Indeed, quickly enough the child stopped getting sick. At the same time, the picture is somewhat different - now about often sick children say that their immunity is weakened. And immediately the advice should be given to treat such children. But, despite the intensified treatment of a sick child, the number of diseases not only does not decrease, but on the contrary - it increases. So what should parents do to tolerate and wait until the problem disappears by itself, or try to treat it and improve immunity? It is in this problem that we will try to understand this article. Of course, there are a lot of such materials, so we decided to go not quite the standard way, so you will see a slightly unusual look at the problem, from a different angle. After all, a little humor will not hurt, is not it?

Who is to blame and what to do?

As you know, in Russia there are two problems -Who is to blame and what to do? First you need to deal with the first. Most often, parents fall into the extreme and decide that their child was born with a low level of immunity. And they begin to blame themselves for this - poor nutrition, colds during pregnancy, hassle and so on, stuff, stuff ... However, doctors - immunologists say that this is not at all - in fact, with innate immunity disorders, light appears, fortunately, very few children. And believe me, these kids have much more serious problems than commonplace repeats. The most common catarrhal disease turns into these babies for the most severe bacterial complications, which practically do not lend themselves to treatment. Thus, it can be concluded that congenital immunodeficiency is a deadly condition of the child. However, he does not apply to ceaseless sore throats and colds in any way, fortunately. So what underlies the constant diseases of such a huge number of modern children? Doctors - immunologists say that the fault is everything - it is secondary immunity. From the primary, it differs in that the crumb is born with an absolutely normally functioning immune system. However, over time, water, due to certain factors, the development of the child's immunity is either suppressed or even stopped altogether. Simply put, the reality is that if a child who is born healthy starts to get sick all the time, he has a conflict with his environment. Exits from this situation can be only two - you can either make an attempt to reconcile the child with his environment with the help of numerous pharmacological preparations, however, without any guarantees for the successful outcome of this event. And you can go on a non-standard way - to try to change the environment in such a way that it fully meets the needs and requirements of your demanding baby. At first glance, this task seems almost impossible, but is it really so? How does this capricious lady - the immune system - form? Numerous studies have shown that the formation and subsequent functioning of the immune system depends entirely on the most diverse external influences. All these influences and factors in their totality form exactly what is commonly called the "way of life" - air, water, exercise, rest, food, living conditions. All these little things play a huge role. Thus, the main truth that must be understood and understood by those parents, who are often ill children - in these diseases is not the child's fault. And the phrase "that's how he was born" is a very weak excuse for parents. After all, in almost all cases in the illnesses of the child, no one else is to blame than the parents themselves. Yes - yes, it is we, the adults, who are to blame for that. That our children often get sick! However, to the great regret, almost none of the parents finds the courage to openly admit that it is through their fault that the adorable, but often sick, child is so weak. And this is not surprising - indeed, to recognize this fact means to admit that we are doing something wrong: maybe not so we feed, we do not dress like that, we improperly treat it. However, until the parents find courage and recognize this fact, not one of the most competent and qualified doctors will be able to help their child, even if he is the most outstanding luminair of science. Do not believe me? Judge for yourself. Refer to the below with a sense of humor, but be careful - you may find yourself in some situations. often ill children


So, one cold, the second, the third, bronchitis,otitis ... Mom is seriously alarmed and starts to rush about in search of advice. As a rule, the first in the course is "heavy artillery" - grandmothers. The woman comes for advice, and in response hears a lot of claims: and you dress him not as you need - and the neck is naked, and the jacket is thin. And feed it badly - almost nothing to eat, and what eats - improper quality. And he sleeps with you not on that mattress, but even at night he has a habit of revealing himself, what a nightmare! Well, it's okay, grandmothers are nearby, grandmothers are experienced and clever - they will not let the unreasonable children die, both to the elder and to the youngest. We'll tie up the scarf, let's tie it to the neck, and a couple of socks - warm ones, and we'll sew on the quilt. We will prepare food for the pots, we will prepare the shamans, tambourines and dances for the child. However, despite all the efforts of grandmothers, the child continues to ache. But the grandmothers in the presence of not only a clear conscience, but also the moral right to tell you that you are bad careless parents who do not know anything about raising their own child. Then my mother will ask for help from friends, co-workers and just acquaintances, who have children about the same age. As a rule, in response, a woman often hears inarticulate murmurs about all the same weak immunity and vague advice to suffer until better times. And when they, these best times, will come, none of them will say. However, someone will necessarily tell the story of how Masha-Lena-Sveta's child was ill almost continuously. However, one day she was advised to someone incredibly, simply an arch-active biological supplement, in which the used seminal vesicles of the silver unicorn caught on the mountain slopes of Olympus. And it cost her child to drink only one course, as he not only adenoids and lymph nodes mysteriously came back to normal, but even a commonplace cold for more than a year never thought of a baby. Even the famous pediatrician was so shocked that he bought a couple of packages for his children. And by the way, the last packing of this miracle - the most wonderful means - was wrapped up in an incredible way by a certain Marya Mikhailovna. However, if you want to get it, you need to run to it from all angles - after all, in the silver unicorn season, the mating season began, and therefore the receipts of a new batch can be expected no earlier than in five to six years. And parents rush for this tool, losing their shoes on the move. They have time, they buy - their conscience is clear, because they are wonderful parents, who do not feel sorry for their precious treasure, although we will get a star from the sky if necessary. Well, if not an asterisk, then a piece of a meteorite for sure! And catarrhal diseases continue? Well, what can you do, such a weak immunity of the child. Further, when "harmful advice" is exhausted, the parents finally "mature" and decide to consult a doctor. But not to the district pediatrician, who is absolutely stupid and does not want to work, but to a serious doctor in an expensive private medical center. And it does not matter that on the wall of the cabinet with an expensive interior is not always possible to find at least a doctor's diploma, indicating that he graduated from the medical institute. After all, no one will pay money to a bad doctor. A weighty argument, is not it? And complaints begin ... "Ah, doctor! We for the year 22 times had an illness, and 33 - angina! We ate a kilogram of three vitamins, a kilo of two antibiotics and a half a kilo of expectorating potions drank. Help us, doctor! After all, our pediatrician Oksana Viktorovna is an absolutely frivolous and illiterate doctor! The only advice we hear from her is the tempering of the child. But how can it be tempered, because its immunity absolutely does not fulfill its functions! Save us, doctor, for surely the child is sick of some unknown terrible disease. As a rule, further parents hear a proposal to examine the child from head to toe - for the presence of worms, bacteria and viruses, to determine the current state of the immune system. Notice, for a very impressive amount of money. And as a result of this examination the doctor discovers a whole picturesque bouquet: in the intestine - staphylococcus sticks, in the blood - titres of lamblia, cytomegalovirus, herpes and other "delights". And the results of a blood test using the method, which has the extremely clever name "immunogram", and quite eloquently testifies to the presence of serious problems. On the one hand, parents terribly frightened - well, of course, poor child! And on the other, no matter how blasphemous this is not sounded, parents sigh with relief - it's not our fault! We are all so good and positive, we do everything that depends on us. Ah, our poor Lena - Sveta - Petya - Misha, how many attacks on the baby piled up - and viruses, bacteria, and even staphylococcus ... Well, it's okay, because the "smart" doctor has already prescribed a bunch of a wide variety of expensive drugs, which are compulsory will save the crumb from all this muck. Then there is a practically proud demonstration of the results of all these analyzes. And the first to whom these tests will be shown are grandmothers. They, then, probably, even the words of such clever as the immunogram and cytomegalovirus, have not heard. But at least you will be criticized - it's not that you are bad parents, but that the child has absolutely useless immunity. And then these analyzes will certainly be demonstrated to the very same Oksana Viktorovna - an absolutely unreasonable and illiterate pediatrician. Now she really realizes the depth of her delusion. And we are good fellows - after all, we did not listen to her and were right, we should not expose the child to danger and temper, because he has a terrible immunogram. But that's strange - Oksana Viktorovna flatly refuses to admit that she is wrong! Moreover - about the horror - she claims that there is not one resident of the city, in the blood of which there are no antibodies to cytomegalovirus, herpes and lamblia. And, according to her, staphylococcus is a natural inhabitant of the intestine. She still refuses to treat the crumbs, but continues to insist on carrying out hardening procedures. Obviously, she does not like us, and she tries to make us understand that we are bad parents. often sick child

How to break a vicious circle?

Of course, very few people will want to recognize thatthe fact that often a sick child is such because of the parents. But in almost all such cases, the right is the same "illiterate" pediatrician Oksana Viktorovna. It is unlikely that a huge number of different pharmacological drugs will manage to cope with systematically occurring colds. So go the other way and leave the immune system of the child alone. Try to get rid of negative factors from the external environment - and the immune system will immediately take care of itself. To do this, first of all, change the child's way of life - this measure will significantly increase the chances of the child to strengthen immunity. And do not go to extremes and dunk the child in an ice hole. Such radical measures do not need anything at all. Try more gentle methods:

  • Air. Pay attention to the air in your apartment. It should be cool, clean and damp - the humidifier will come in handy. And try to keep the air there were no sharp smells - air fresheners, paint or perfume.
  • Sleep of the child. Pay attention that the child slept in a cool room. Sleep of the child should last at least 10 hours a day. It is not necessary to force a child to sleep in the daytime more than three to five years, if, of course, he does not express a wish. Make sure that the duration of a day's sleep is not more than an hour and a half.
  • Feeding baby. Pay special attention to the child's diet - ideally to talk with the attending physician - a pediatrician. And remember one thing - never in any case force a child to eat by force - only when he himself asks.
  • Presence of liquid. Pay attention to whether the child has constant access to liquid so that he can remove thirst. And pay attention - it should be fruit tea, still carbonated drinking water, but in any case not sweet drinks.
  • Baby clothes. Do not overdo the child too much - unnecessarily warm things will not do any good, rather harm. After all, a sweating child has a much better chance of getting sick. Do not dress a child warmer than you are dressed.

Believe me, these simple methods are veryare effective. They were checked by a huge number of parents - even the most often ill children quickly forget about most of all diseases. We advise you to read: