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1. Understand why you are concerned about this issue

Reading is an opportunity to stay in silence andhear yourself, go for free to unimaginable universes and find your place in the world. We understand this with you, but how to bring this to the child? To begin with, understand that the problem "My child does not like to read" is not a child's problem, it's your problem. And deal with it to you. Realize why you are concerned about this issue. Ask yourself five times the question "Why?" Why do I so strongly want my child to read more? Because reading develops thinking. Why do I want my child to develop his thinking? And why in such a way? And so on. There is no magic pill that a child can take and immediately love to read. But you can bring him down to this gently. Pick up the words and deliver them to the child. Think 20 reasons for reading. You may not even need to read this article.

2. Show an example - read in your spare time

Analyze what you do in your free time.time? After all, the child takes an example from you. If you watch television or spend the whole evening at a computer, then he will do the same. How often does the child see you reading?

3. Share your own joy of reading

Share it constantly. What did you read this week? Share with the child interesting quotes, examples, characters, actions that struck you. Any child loves an interesting story. When the child was very small, remember, you were an excellent storyteller. Become them again and share those useful and interesting things that you learned from books.

4. Understand the interests of the child

Act as a seller. Sell ​​him the idea that reading is great, interesting and useful. Start from his requests. What are his problems to solve books? Tell him about such books, kindle interest in it. Talk to him about the future profession. What does he want to do? Tell me that books can help him. There, many successes and failures have already been described. If the child has an idol - find a book about him or about this area. Does he like shooting games? Offer him a good quality adventure fiction, Heinlein, for example.