baby formula for newborns Mom's milk, no doubt, is the mostuseful and valuable food for children of the first year of life. However, unfortunately, for a number of reasons, sometimes the baby can not breast-feed at all, or for a very short time. It is in this case that infant formula comes to help young parents. Baby formulas for newborns cause a variety of reactions. Someone likes mixes of domestic producers, but someone prefers imported analogues. In more rare cases, some parents still prefer to breastfeed babies with cow's milk. However, according to modern pediatricians - dieticians, cow milk is strictly contraindicated in infants. This statement is explained by the fact that cow's milk does not correspond absolutely to the physiological needs that an infant has. The protein of cow's milk is extremely poorly absorbed and processed by the children's digestive system, often causing the baby such negative consequences as:

  • Disturbance of digestion - the baby can periodically occur that constipation, and then diarrhea.
  • Also, very often it is cow's milk that provokes the development of a baby such an unpleasant and difficult to treat disease, like a dysbacteriosis of the intestine.
  • As a consequence of the above two reasons, the crumbs may have the strongest intestinal colic, which delivers many unpleasant minutes to both mom and baby.

In addition, in cow's milk is contained tooa large amount of calcium and other minerals, which also has a very negative effect on the vital systems of the body crumbs. And if in past times this kind of feeding was the only way to save a baby from starvation, now there is a huge amount of a wide variety of ready-made infant formula for children. Mixtures exist the most various, practically for any kid it is possible to pick up that mix which most optimally approaches it. If we talk about the classification of children's mixtures, they are divided into several criteria:

  • Artificial milk formula for baby food of the last generation.
  • Artificial milk formula for baby food of modern generation.
  • Artificial milk formula intended for feeding children who have no health problems.
  • Artificial milk mixtures intended for feeding children with various health problems.
  • Dry milk mash, intended for the artificial feeding of infants.
  • Liquid ready-made mixtures intended for the artificial feeding of infants.

And if about the milk mix of the past generationespecially much you will not tell, about dairy mixes of modern generation it is possible to tell a lot and for a long time. It is about them and will be discussed below. Despite the fact that the greatest number of artificial infant formula is produced precisely on the basis of cow's milk, they do not have the same negative impact on the children's organism as cow milk has in its pure form. With the industrial processing of cow's milk for the manufacture of infant formula in milk, the amount of minerals and other substances that adversely affect the health of the child is reduced. And the content of nutrients, for example, such as vitamins, microelements and carbohydrates, on the contrary, increases. Also, many children's mixtures are additionally enriched with various vitamins or microelements. So, for example, if a kid has iron deficiency anemia, the mother should prefer a formula with a high iron content, if there is a lack of calcium, then a mixture with a high content of this microelement. Be sure to read the information on the label and remember that you must first consult a pediatrician who has your baby and knows the features of your baby's development and health.

Kinds of children's mixtures

To mixtures of the last generation, about whichsaid a little higher, refers to the infant formula baby and baby. By themselves, these mixtures are not bad, tested by more than one generation of children, but if the financial possibilities of the family permit, making a choice between mixtures of the last generation and modern ones, nevertheless it is worth giving preference to modern mixtures. Many manufacturers of infant formula produce different brands of baby food. For example, the company "Nestle" produces a children's mixture of nann, which belongs to the class of "premium", but also the children's mixture is nonstost, which costs much less, while it's almost inferior in quality. In any case, even the cheapest milk formula is much better than cow's milk.

How to choose a milk formula?

baby formula for newborns reviews When deciding on the choice of infant formula, parents simply need to consider several very important factors on which the health of their baby largely depends:

  • The most important thing is what you need to turn toattention when choosing a mixture - this is something for kids of what age it is calculated. In each mix for each age category, there are certain differences in their composition, oriented precisely to the needs of the age group for which it is intended. An attempt to feed a newborn baby with a mixture intended for half-year-old crumbs can result in sufficient deplorable consequences.
  • The second, which should be addressed no less thanclose attention, this is for the shelf life of infant formula. In no case can you rely on the decency of retail chains - the human factor, unfortunately, will always be present and the inattentiveness of employees of trading enterprises often overstock the goods on the shelves of stores. Children's mixtures in this case are not an exception to the rules - always check the expiry date of infant formulas - on the lid of the jar with the mixture or on its bottom there is always information about the date of manufacture of the batch of the mixture and its expiry date. If you buy a liquid milk formula, be sure to ensure that the storage conditions meet the necessary requirements.
  • Also, carefully study all the information that is on the label of the formula - its composition, additional enrichment with vitamins and other features of this kind of milk formula.
  • All these mixtures have approximately the same vitamin -mineral and fatty acid formulations, as well as the level of protein content. However, the protein itself, as well as fats and oils, can vary considerably. But to say exactly which one is better, and which is worse - it is impossible. After all, what is ideal for one crumb may not suit another. And the price is often not an indicator of which infant formula is better. As a rule, asking the question "Milk mixture - which is better?" In most cases, parents have to act by a method of numerous trials and errors. That's why while you are just selecting your suitable formula for your baby, do not buy a large quantity immediately. It is much more reasonable to buy one package of the mixture and see if it is suitable for your crumbs. There are certain signs on which it can be determined that this mixture does not fit your child:

    • Any skin allergic skin rash, which was not before introducing a new type of mixture into the diet.
    • If a child has a normal stool, there are constipation or, on the contrary, diarrhea.
    • If the crumb began to worry and cry because of increased gas formation and, as a consequence, intestinal colic.

    In case of appearance of one or several symptoms, pediatricians, as a rule, recommend parents to change the infant formula.

    Lactose-free mixture

    In some cases, it happens that the mother has enough milk, but the child shows that he is intolerant. Usually this happens in two cases:

    • Allergy to breast milk. About 5% of cases occur.
    • Severe form of lactose insufficiency in the baby.

    If you encounter a similar problem with yourbaby, remember that it is strictly contraindicated not only breast milk, but also ordinary infant formula. In the event that your baby suffers from lactose deficiency, for his nutrition requires either low-lactose mixtures, or, more optimally, completely lactose-free infant formulas. Attempting to feed your baby with the usual mixtures can lead to serious health problems for your baby. Lactose-free infant formula is indispensable for such children. If the baby suffers from allergies, the parents need to work together with a pediatrician to select the mixture for which they will not have allergic reactions. And this mixture can be on the most expensive mixture of the new generation, and the usual cheap mixture like "Baby". Very often in such cases, parents come to the aid of children's dry mixtures based on soy, not milk. Soy in its pure form is a product that is quite useful for the human body, thanks to the protein it contains. Soy protein in its composition is very close to the composition of meat protein, but it does not contain cholesterol. Of course, soy also has some disadvantages - for example, a substance that greatly hinders the cleavage of the protein. However, infant formulas based on soy are devoid of this unpleasant feature, since they are diluted with hot water, which destroys the substance that prevents the splitting of the protein. In addition, the soya contains certain sugars that ferment in the child's large intestine, thus causing such unpleasant phenomena as bloating of the tummy (flatulence) and, as a result, intestinal colic and abdominal pain. In order to prepare lactose-free infant formulas based on soy protein, the industry uses the most purified soy protein - soy isolate. It serves to replace the protein of female or cow's milk. Such mixtures are completely free of lactose, which means that they are ideal for children with lactose deficiency. Recently, a very big trend has been the movement aimed at combating the use of genetically modified products, including soy. This fact often confuses parents when choosing a mixture for a child who has lactose deficiency or is allergic to cow's milk protein. However, such fears of the parents are absolutely groundless, as they have no basis. After all, all products, without exception, made from soy, are very strict quality control. And children's mixtures, in addition, are subject to compulsory registration and certification in the Ministry of Health. All kinds of mixtures undergo very thorough research, such as:

    • Study of the structure of soybean DNA.
    • Study of allergenic properties of soy.
    • A careful study of soybean DNA for mutagenic properties.

    And only after all these careful studiesThe Ministry of Health gives permission for this mixture to go on sale. And this means only one thing: if you buy a soy mixture in the store or a pharmacy for your crumbs, you can be absolutely calm and confident that nothing will bring a mixture to the kid except for good. However, remember that soy mixtures are not the only alternative food for crumbs, which suffers from lactose deficiency or allergies to cow's milk. A very good substitute for human milk can be baby formula on goat's milk. In Russia, a very wide distribution was received by the children's mixture of Nanni, produced in New Zealand. Nanni is a hypoallergenic infant formula made from goat's milk. The best infant formula, intended for nutrition as absolutely healthy children, and prone to atopic dermatitis. This milk formula has no analogues and is ideal for children suffering from individual intolerance to cow's milk protein. There are various infant formulas for newborns Nanny - both ordinary and enriched with prebiotics. Before making your choice, be sure to consult your pediatrician.

    Therapeutic mixtures

    infant formula As already mentioned above, there are dairymixtures from birth that not only satisfy the baby's need for nutrients, but also help to solve certain health problems that sometimes occur in babies. Modern firms - manufacturers of a children's feed represent to attention of the consumer a huge quantity of various medical mixes:

    • Milk mixtures based on soy protein. As already mentioned above, such milk mixtures do not contain any cow's protein or lactose. This feature of this type of milk formula allows them to be used for feeding children who do not tolerate the protein of both cow's and mother's milk, as well as babies with lactose deficiency.
    • Children's Artificial Dry Mixtures, manufacturedon the basis of split (hydroinsulated) proteins of cow's milk. They are much cheaper than mixtures made on the basis of soy protein, but they have similar features. Due to the fact that protein milk is artificially changed, such mixtures can be used with success and without any fears for feeding children who suffer from allergic dermatitis, lactose insufficiency. Also, pediatricians recommend similar infant formulas for infant feeding, which suffer from impaired absorption of food in the intestines, hypertrophy (weight loss).
    • Lactose-free artificial mixtures are designed for feeding children suffering from primary lactose insufficiency.
    • Low-lactose formula is intended for artificial feeding of children suffering from secondary lactose insufficiency.
    • Children's artificial mixtures that do not containits composition phenylalanyl. Such mixtures are simply vital for babies, who suffer from such a serious disease as phenylketonuria. This disease occurs in the child as a consequence of birth defects of certain enzymes, which are responsible for the full exchange of phenylalanine - a substance that is part of the structure of protein molecules. This disease causes serious disturbances in the normal metabolism in the child's body and, as a consequence, a significant lag in both the physical and mental development of the crumbs. Nowadays such a disease is diagnosed at its earliest stages. In the maternity home, all children without exception are examined for the presence of this disease. Timely appointment of a special dietary diet allows the child to continue to have a practically full life.
    • Artificial mixtures for feeding children,containing prebiotics. Prebiotics are certain substances that are not digested in the intestine, but very effectively stimulate the growth of crumbs, affecting certain groups of bacteria in the child's body.
    • Milk mixtures containing in their compositionprobiotics. Probiotics are cultures of various bacteria necessary for the normal functioning of the body. Such mixtures are necessary for children who suffer from a violation of normal intestinal microflora or intestinal infections.
    • Milk mixtures with the addition of special thickeners - polysaccharides. Such mixtures are intended for feeding babies, in whom there is a syndrome of constant exhausting regurgitation.
    • Artificial milk mixtures, which containmedium-chain triglycerides. Such mixtures are intended for feeding children who have significantly disrupted normal intestinal absorption of nutrients, as well as children suffering from various diseases of the liver, pancreas and bile ducts.

    Concluding the story about medicinal mixtures forartificial feeding of children, it is necessary to remind once again that parents should not put any diagnoses themselves and choose mixtures on their own. It is difficult to say unambiguously which infant formula is better. All medicinal mixtures for artificial feeding of children should be prescribed only by a doctor.

    Overview of popular infant formulas

    Despite the fact that in the Russian marketa wide variety of children's mixtures, there are several types that are most popular and love with parents. Below are brief descriptions of some of them:

    • Baby formula nutrilon

    This milk formula is for children,which have no serious health problems. This mixture maintains the normal state of the intestinal microflora, prevents the appearance in crumbs of increased gas production and intestinal colic. The "Nutrilon" mixture fully corresponds to all the physiological needs of the newborn baby. In addition, this mixture has powerful bifidogenic properties that normalize the intestinal microflora and greatly contribute to strengthening the immunity of the child.

    • Milk mixture nan

    Milk mixture "nan" is produced in severalspecies, for feeding children of various age categories, if breastfeeding for some reason is not possible, or if the mother does not have enough milk and the baby needs additional lure. This milk formula fully provides the children's organism with all necessary nutrients for normal growth and development. Due to its unique composition, this mixture greatly contributes to the development of children's immunity.

    • Baby formula nutrilak

    This mixture is intended for feedingchildren, for one reason or another needing artificial nutrition. Nutrilak baby formula is also available in several varieties - for absolutely healthy crumbs, and for children with various health problems.

    • Children's mixture of Human

    This mixture is of high qualitya substitute for human milk, most suited to the needs of a newborn baby. It, like all other adapted milk formulas, is as close as possible to its composition to human milk. The mixture of "Human" is made from fresh natural milk, processed and adapted to assimilate the still immature digestive system of the baby. In addition, this composition contains a carefully selected and balanced vitamin and mineral complex, Omega - 3 fatty acids and prebiotics, which are simply necessary for the harmonious and correct development of the baby.

    • Milk mixture of hippies

    This milk formula is intended for nutritionchildren older than 8 months. This milk formula is designed specifically for feeding children of this age group and provides the fullest possible growth of the children's organism with all the nutrients, vitamins, micro and macro elements and minerals that are necessary for it in this period. The mixture is additionally enriched with iron, calcium, zinc, selenium and magnesium, which are necessary for the children's body for the full functioning of the muscular, bone, endocrine and circulatory systems.

    • Agusha Milk Blend

    This mixture is classified as ready-made liquidmixtures and does not require cooking - it only needs to be heated to the desired temperature. The "Agusha" sour milk mixture remarkably regulates the work of the gastrointestinal tract of babies, and also stimulates the functioning of the immune system of crumbs. When buying a mixture, pay attention to what age category it is designed for. Milk mixture - which is better? It is impossible to answer this question unequivocally. For each baby it is necessary to select individually, taking into account the characteristics of his body and health.

    How to enter the mixture correctly?

    baby formula nann If you decide to introduce a new species into the diet of the childmilk mixture, do not forget that the new mixture should be introduced gradually, in small portions, for two to three days. And only if the child has no signs of intolerance of the mixture - skin allergic reactions, increased gas production, intestinal colic, you can completely translate crumbs into a new kind of mixture. In order to ensure that when the baby is fed with an artificial mixture, there are no complications, parents need to observe several simple rules:

    • Prepare the mixture just beforefeeding the baby. Do not prepare the mixture for future use - it can lead to intestinal disorders. If you need to go somewhere with a baby, take a boiled warm water in a thermos and prepare the mixture when it is needed.
    • Always use only clean dishes to prepare mixtures.
    • Spreading the mixture with water, try to strictly observe the recommended proportions on the package. This will help to avoid underfeeding, or, on the contrary, fattening the baby and problems with the weight of the baby.
    • Doctors recommend pediatricians for cookingchildren's mixture use special water intended for baby food, which does not contain any harmful substances that can in some way affect the health of the child.
    • Be sure before giving the mixture to the baby,check its temperature. This must be done even if you are sure that it is suitable. Remember that the optimum temperature for baby food is body temperature, that is, 36 and 6 degrees.
    • During feeding, make sure that the baby atecalmly and without hurrying, while not swallowing the air. Also, do not forget to constantly monitor the condition of the nipple, in time withdrawing from the use of damaged ones.
    • In any case, do not offer the baby a mixture left over from the last time.


    Feeding regimes for childrenand breastfed, are very different honey themselves. If the children who feed on mother's breast milk should receive breast on demand, then the situation with the children receiving artificial nutrition is somewhat different. Children receiving artificial feeding, it is necessary to feed on a strict schedule, which will be a doctor - a pediatrician. On average, it is 6 - 7 feedings per day, the gap between them is 3 hours and a six-hour night break. In no event can you independently, without the knowledge of the doctor, change the schedule of feeding the child. However, if a child, for some reason, does not eat a portion in one of the feedings, or refuses to eat at all, the parents should not be insisted, but it is necessary just to skip one feeding. Forced feeding of the baby can lead to occurrence of various complications from the gastrointestinal tract and disruption of normal metabolism.

    Nipple and bottle selection

    For successful feeding of children with artificialit is very important to choose the right nipple and bottle. And the nipple plays a much more important role. Some parents believe that the main guarantee of success is the purchase of expensive nipples from well-known brands. However, children do not always prefer expensive brands, often giving preference to very cheap domestic nipples. Often parents have to try more than one dozen nipples before they pick up for their baby the best option. Very important is also the aspect where the nipples and bottles are purchased. Try to buy them at pharmacies or specialized children's stores, and not in supermarkets and places of spontaneous trade. This measure will help you avoid buying a substandard product that can harm a baby's health. It is also very important to monitor the opening in the nipple from which the baby is eating the mixture. If your baby has breast milk in addition to the milk mixture, make sure that there is not too wide a hole in the nipple from which the milk will flow with a trickle. Otherwise, the child can give up at all. If you fill and turn the bottle upside down, with the right nipple, water will not flow and even drip from the nipple.

    Dopaivanie water baby - artificial

    Parents should remember that a child,who is on artificial feeding, must receive additional liquid. This can be ordinary children's drinking bottled water, or special children's teas produced for baby food. There are no special restrictions on the volume of liquids - it is necessary to give a child on demand, especially on hot summer days. We advise you to read: