the child is afraid of doctors Is your child afraid of doctors? A simple visit to a preventive check-up in a clinic turns into a real test for you, not to mention inoculations, blood tests and visits to the dentist? The child becomes uncontrollable, breaks free from hands, yells and tries to escape? This picture is probably painfully familiar to a large number of young parents. So how to be in a similar situation? Is it possible to humble yourself and go to polyclinics, as if to hard labor? However, this is also not an option - in fact, unfortunately, no one is immune from diseases. And there is no guarantee that the baby will not get to the hospital. Imagine how stressful it will be for him. It would seem that this is a real vicious circle, from which there is no way out. However, children's psychologists rush to calm parents - ways to eliminate this problem still exist.

How to cope with the fear of the child?

Of course, to eliminate this problem, as ifwaving a magic wand, is unlikely to succeed. However, if the parents want, a certain amount of patience and endurance, you can still cope with the panic fear of the child before the doctors. Below you will find more details on how to do it yourself:

  • A detailed story

It is very important before you go into the office tothe doctor, tell the child in great detail what will be done with him there. Do not lie to the child - for example, do not tell him that the doctor will only listen to him if you know that the baby is going to be vaccinated. Otherwise, the next time you really need to just take a certificate, you are unlikely to force the child to enter his office voluntarily.

  • Do not hide what might be hurting

The same applies to possible pain. It is not necessary to tell the child that he does not even feel a stab - after all, in fact, this is completely wrong. And as a result, the child can also lose all trust in you. Have you ever paid attention to the fact that a child often does not pay much attention to minor injuries such as cat scratches or knee-bends? And in the doctor's office at carrying out of this or that manipulation the same crumb desperately sobs. Have not thought, why such occurs or happens, in fact the pain on intensity is approximately identical? Child psychologists explain this feature by the fact that the child is most afraid of the unknown.

  • Control your words and emotions

Even if the child isa really complicated procedure, or, worse still, surgery, and you really are very worried about yourself, in no case do not give the slightest sign. The child in no case should not notice your excitement - otherwise he will also begin to worry and be capricious.

  • Do not go into colorful details

Despite the fact that the child needs enoughto tell in detail about what will happen to him in the doctor's office, do not go to extremes - the child does not need to know exactly how much blood is taken from him and what kind of needle will be vaccinated. After such details, the child will only get excited - so do not go into these details, unless, of course, the child himself is interested - in that case it is still necessary to tell in the language that is available to him.

  • Beat the process

If the child's fear of doctors is too strong,children's psychologists advise parents before every trip to the doctor to beat with the child this situation. Allow the child to be not only a patient, but also a doctor. Let the kid, of course, with your help, take the blood from the doll or vaccinate it - in this way, the child will get an idea of ​​why the doctor is doing this or that manipulation.

  • Never frighten a child by doctors

The biggest mistake that only possibleto admit is to frighten the child with doctors. A child should know for sure that doctors will never hurt him for no reason. And all actions performed by a doctor are necessary to ensure that the child does not fall ill. And if a child is afraid of doctors and does not trust them, the treatment process will be quite problematic for both the child and the doctors.

  • Promise a child a reward for courage

As a rule, children's psychologists do notrecommend that parents try to achieve the desired behavior from the child with sweets or toys. The only exception is going to the doctor. The child should know for sure that his boldness will be rewarded. This is a strong enough stimulus. if the child is afraid of a dentist

A child is afraid of a dentist

Sometimes the problem is much narrowerSpecification - the child is afraid of a certain doctor, most often a dentist. In the event that a child is afraid of a dentist, treatment and even just a routine checkup become practically impossible. And it's not surprising - if you can still keep the child in order to make an injection, then it's simply unreal to force forcibly to open your mouth. However, caries can not be left untreated without treatment - in fact, the sick teeth not only hurt, but also increase the risk that the permanent teeth will very quickly become corrupted. That is why parents should exert all conceivable and unthinkable efforts, so that the child still opens his mouth on the chair at the dentist. Child psychologists advise parents to very carefully approach the choice of a child's dentist - first of all, he should like the child. Be sure to introduce the child to the doctor in advance and observe their relationship. And it will be very useful for the child to learn in advance - then it will not be frightened by an unfamiliar situation. And, of course, parents should show miracles of ingenuity and diplomacy - the child must open his mouth. Also remember that the child is afraid of the doctor not eternally - very soon your baby will grow up, and you will not have any problems with visits to doctors! And you will remember today's fears with a smile. We advise you to read: